Pelican and my first videos

Pelican and my first videos

Pelican and my first videos

The young White Pelican is still here and the Mississippi river is going down. We are really tickled about that. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and prayers that you have sent us!

I have uploaded a video which is pretty hilarious to us……it is the first time I am feeding the pelican – link below.

Pelican and my first videos
As far as we know, he slept on top of the sand pile last night, I think he liked having company.

Pelican and my first videos
He didn’t seem that hungry this morning, only ate a few pieces of fish and pretty soon he climbed up the sand and sat with his decoy buddies.

Pelican and my first videos
Here is a video of me the first time I was feeding the pelican.

Here is a very short video of me feeding him now.

Tomorrow I’ll find out what we can do with the pelican and……get back to quilting. 

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  1. I really enjoyed catching up on your adventure with the pelican. Loved the video of you trying to feed him (is it a him or a her?)!! I was laughing out loud watching you… so fun!

  2. fun videos! and GREAT to hear what you sound like… ha ha
    poor "Pelle"… there's a danish cartoon book series with a bear, a penguin and a pelican and the pelican is named Pelle ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. you're doing a great job, lol i used to breed and handfeed cockatiels, they used to chase me around too, but much much smaller, lol baby's are all the same, Feed Me!!. too funny about the decoys, he must really be missing his nestmates. i know this story will have a happy ending, good luck.

  4. Oh I'm glad to see he's still near you. I do hope Pelli hangs around until you can contact wildlife rescue. I wonder if anyone else would be as "nurturing" as you have been. Too cute with the decoys keeping him company overnight!

  5. Oh that was so cute. I can call you the mother of Pelicans since DH dubbed me the mother of chickens with my little flock. You are getting to be a pro at this you will soon be able to get a job with the Audubon.

  6. OH the newest video shows you're doing MUCH better. At least you're not climbing a ladder to safely and "squawking" more than the pelican. LOL Yea, Curt and I both were laughing since I had to share that one with him. You're too funny Connie. I see you've moved his little plastic buddy's to the sand pile to keep him company. It is so funny the little guy feel safe near them, but hey, whatever works, right?

  7. I think Pelly has you trained now, Connie! Still praying for a happy ending. Keep up the great pelican mommy duties!

  8. Hi!!!!! Glad the water is going down!!!!! I love the videos!!!!! How sweet!!!! He really likes you!!!! I think he is trying to adopt you all!!!!! Thanks so much for the fun!!!!!

  9. So glad to hear the water is receding a bit for you! I thought the video of you running from the pelican was just adorable! My husband enjoyed it too. I would be running as well if I were wearing sandals! I really liked seeing that Pelly has friends to play with.

  10. Your video is so entertaining! I think they are great….thanks for making your on camera debut so cute!

  11. I am so glad you're working to save this little guy – I noticed from your video he is not fully fledged so he will be unable to feed himself by hunting until his flight feathers are fully in. Hopefully, you'll be able to keep taking care of him for a couple more weeks, but if not, I hope you contact your local Wildlife Rescue to come get him as he will perish without being fed (he should still be with his mother, something must have happened to separate them). You're doing such a great, great thing,

  12. This made me laugh when you said " I did not mean to do that" I think Pelly likes his new home.

  13. LOL!! You have made my day! Looks like you both have grown to love each other! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So glad to hear the water is receeding a bit for you too!

  14. Well, I see you mastered the art of pelican feeding by the second video but the first one was a hoot to watch. We've been having our own excitement here. This morning a baby wren flew off the balcony above me and landed right on me. Three of his brothers (sisters?) left the nest yesterday and the rest are going today. They are so much fun to watch.

    I wonder if Pelicans have to be taught to fish by their parents. Hope the hatchery can help you tomorrow and I'm glad the river is going down, too.

  15. Too funny Connie!! Glad to hear the water is going down-did it actually come right up to the sand bags then?

  16. thanks for sharing! how fun to watch – I would have been afraid at first thinking it would bite my hand!

  17. That was fun Connie! Thank you for a laugh! I think after chasing you she got used to and ate nicely from you hand. I'm happy to hear you are fine with the water. x Teje

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