The Pelican

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The White Pelican saga continues and we had a scare this morning!!

This was Pelly last night resting with his decoy buddy.

The Pelican

Last night I talked my grandson Xander into helping me catch minnows, we didn’t get many but Pelly loved them.

The Pelican

Builder Bob got up at 5am and checked on Pelly…..he was still here.

When we all got up at 7am he was gone. We looked all over, looking for tracks to see if a coyote or cat got him and couldn’t see any but….we could see where Pelly went down the steep side of the sand towards the water.

Then we remembered that the trains (behind our house) started running again the morning and the first one went by around 6am.  It looked like Pelly got scared and swam away.

My brother and I got in his boat and started searching down river as we knew he couldn’t survive on his own. At the very end of our town we found him!

The Pelican

He is up on a pile of mud. There was a dog tied up about 25 feet from him, thankfully Pelly was okay.

The Pelican

I brought along a towel to cover his head (learned that from a bird rescue site) but he wasn’t scared at all.

The Pelican

Since he was all muddy we dropped him off and let him swim to shore for breakfast.  I fed him and he crawled back up on our sand pile, we’ll have to watch what happens when the next train goes by. Once I get this posted it will be time to see if we can find some place to take Pelly.

The Pelican


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  1. I am avidly following the Pelly story and am glad you are sharing it in addition to quilting. That last photo really shows how high the river is and how close the shore has come to your home. I hope the river starts going down soon!

  2. Hi Connie, So glad you found Pelly safe. He looks like he's getting bigger! Yay! Best of luck with finding a rescue center for him.

  3. Aww, isn't she lucky to have found you! Glad you could locate her with the boat 🙂

  4. Glad Pelly is still doing just fine! That picture with Pelly on your lap sure is a different picture from you running away to keep your toes in tact! Hope you find a place for Pelly to be safe. (I too think you're a little attached!)

  5. Honestly Connie, this pelican is lucky he found you the first time. Don't know if anyone else would have hunted him down after he lost you!

  6. Oh My Goodness Connie! How very brave you have been throughout your storm ordeals. Pelly is such a lucky guy to have you taking such good care of him. I am so happy to be home and able to read my favorite blogs. I shall now visit Island Batik. Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss…

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