Wild Cat Den and Grandchildren

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Wild Cat Den and Grandchildren
Wild Cat Den and Grandchildren

I was gone all weekend so no quilting to show you. On Saturday we went to Wild Cat Den so Xander could get some more driving practice. I love this park which is close to our house and I was reminiscing about the times we came here when he was little.  There was talk about the caves so we stopped and did a little exploring. Now that is a tiny cave!

I let them both climb to the top for a photo and then I got a little scared about them getting back down……I was doing the “grandma” thing.

Everything is finally turning green. We didn’t find any mushrooms though.

Wild Cat Den and Grandchildren

I did get some photos of the wild violets, I might have to do something with this pic.

Wild Cat Den and Grandchildren
Wild Cat Den and Grandchildren

Someone was having fun.

I don’t know if you can tell but…….someone’s shoes are on wrong.

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  1. The children look like they are really enjoying themselves. That is one HIGH rock!!! I'd be doing the Grandma thing too.

    It looks so nice to see the green there. I know you are enjoying it.

    Congratulations to Gill.

  2. Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    don't you just love wandering around rocky pretty trails like that. I love the wild violets and have them all over the place here.