Creating a Stunning Four Square Quilt Block

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I always enjoy sharing a quilt block and I think you will like the Four Square quilt block I made using batik 10-inch layer cake squares.

I thought about calling it an Uneven Nine Patch quilt block but I have another quilt block that fits that better.

Four Square Quilt Block with buttons finished
Four Square Quilt Block

This is a tutorial just for the quilt block, I am working on the pattern which will have several sizes of quilts.

Last week I showed you the baby quilt covering Rusty that is finished. The block you see in this blog post is the new batik layer cake I am using.

Rusty the dog with the Four Square quilt covering him
Rusty the dog with the Four Square quilt covering him

Creating a Stunning Four Square Quilt Block

The block will be 11 inches unfinished and will make a finished 10½-inch quilt block.

Fabrics used

I am not afraid of mixing batiks with other fabrics. Most of the time I will use premium muslin as my neutral fabric to save money. You just have to make sure it is PREMIUM muslin. This has a tighter weave and comes in white or natural.

Cut the following:

  • Print – cut (4) 5-inch squares – use (1) 10-inch layer cake square
  • Cream – cut (4) 2-inch x 5-inch rectangles
  • Black – cut (1) 2-inch square for the center
Diagram of cutting the pieces for the Four Square quilt block
Diagram of cutting the pieces for the Four Square quilt block
Four Square Quilt Block Pieces
Four Square Quilt Block Pieces
Diagram of the piecing for the Four Square quilt block

Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and press your seams to the dark fabric.

Sew the quilt block pieces together in rows. Here is a photo showing the back of the pieces with the seams pressed to the dark fabric.

Four Square Quilt Block Back
Four Square Quilt Block Back

Next, sew the rows together.

Four Square quilt block rows
Four Square quilt block rows

Layer cakes are perfect for the four square quilt blocks

Layer Cakes usually have 40-42 – 10-inch squares with some duplication. I made two different quilt blocks that are from the same layer cake. The nice thing about using a layer cake is that the fabrics are coordinated and it makes it very easy to make a beautiful quilt.

The layer cake I am using has a combination of purple and greens, my daughter bought it for me several years ago. Another combination that I really like is purple and teal like this layer cake.

Four Square quilt block with a different fabric
Four Square quilt block

Scrap Four Square Quilt Blocks

If you have some scrap fabrics, make up a couple of Four Square quilt blocks to see how you like the block. I’ll be working on the pattern and have it ready soon.

Before you go…..

Making a Four Square quilt block is fun. Another neat quilt block to make is the 9 Patch Indiana Star quilt block, read the blog post and learn how to make it.

9 Patch Indiana Star Quilt block

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  1. Simple quilt block that is made special with lovely batiks. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love the updates on Rusty. Perhaps he’s a more serious kind of guy! Oh, yes, love your patterns too!

  3. It is a wonderful design and a great idea for a layer cake precut. I love that purple/green batik. Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Love your posts, Connie, as well as the photos and updates on Rusty. He’s obviously so much more relaxed these days and I’m grateful to you and Builder Bob for inviting this special senior dog to share your life!

  5. Rusty might not be posing, but he is letting you take his picture and that is huge. I think he will eventually get the hang of what you are doing and start letting you take more pictures and pose for you!!!
    He is so thrilled to be in a good home now. Thank you for loving him and all the animals you have had.
    Blessing upon you and yours.

  6. Denise Dobek says:

    Love this block. Nice and easy and quick to make. Will get the pattern for help with different size quilts when it is available.
    So happy to see Rusty. He looks like he is enjoying is new home and job modeling the quilts. Glad his eyes are looking good also.

  7. Vicki in MN says:

    Another cute quilt block, simple but so effective in a quilt. Thanks Connie!

  8. So happy to see how Rusty has settled in to his new home with lots of love. He is a handsome and cute quilt model! Happy belated birthday and thank you for the pattern.

  9. Robyn Lidstone says:

    This is a great block and a quilt of these will be so attractive.
    Great to see Rusty likes your quilts. He’s a cute little pup and is getting used to being a quilt model.
    Having the design and instructions when you get them made will be so helpful.

  10. I am really looking forward to getting this pattern in the many quilt sizes. I have the layer cakes. I want to make it in twin size for my daughter. Really like this pattern.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. I like your 4 square quilt a lot. Look forward to your pattern. Thank you for the tutorial.

  12. I love all the rich colors and patterns in the fabric. It gives it amazing depth. What a beautiful quilt!! Of course, Rusty makes a great quilt model. Looks like his eyes are doing well.