9 Patch Indiana Star Quilt Block

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Something I really enjoy doing is making a quilt block from my batik scraps. This Indiana Star quilt block can easily be broken down into 9 sections for the quilt block. Many times when you do this, it is so much easier to learn how to make a quilt block.

Indiana Star quilt block tutorial

Some time ago I was asked to make an Indiana Star quilt block and I searched in my EQ software and also online and this was the only one I could find. I decided to make it as a 12-inch quilt block.

Indiana star quilt block

Cutting the quilt block

I have a lot of batik scraps that are a fat quarter size or smaller and those are what I used to make the quilt block.

  • Cream – cut (1) 4 1/2-inch square
    • cut (4) 2 7/8-inch squares – then cut in half diagonally
  • Dark Teal – cut (2) 4 7/8-inch squares – then cut in half diagonally
    • cut (4) 2 1/2-inch squares
  • Light Teal – cut (2) 4 7/8-inch squares – then cut in half diagonally
    • cut (4) 2 1/2-inch squares
  • Purple – cut (4) 2 7/8-inch squares – then cut in half diagonally
Batiks used in the quilt block

Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance and press seams open.

Half Square Triangles

Sew the cream and purple half-square triangles (HSTs) together and then press. Cut off the dog ears. Each block should measure 2½-inches.

Small half square triangle blocks

Next, sew the larger dark teal and light teal half-square triangles (HSTs) together.

9 patch Indiana Star quilt block teal hsts

4-Patch Section

Layout one section of the small squares and small half-square triangles and sew them together. Make (4) of these.

4 sections of quilt block
sections sewn together

Rows of the quilt block

This is a 9-patch quilt block made with 3 rows. The center row of the quilt block uses the 4½-inch cream square in the center. Layout your pieces for each row as shown below. Each row will measure 4½-inches x 12½-inches.

Laying out the sections for the quilt block

I’m not sure yet what other block or blocks would go well with this block for a quilt, I’ll have to try out some designs in my Electric Quilt software. Do you like the 9-patch Indiana Star quilt block?

9 Patch Indiana Star quilt block

Would you like to make this quilt block in a different size?

Different sizes of the Indiana Star quilt block

Quilt Ideas Using the Indiana Star Quilt Block

I used Electric Quilt 8 to make up a couple of quilts using the Indiana Star quilt block to give you some ideas of what you can do.

Ideas for a quilt using the Indiana Star quilt block

Get a PDF of this quilt block tutorial in 4 different sizes. There are also black/white diagrams so you can choose your own colors.

Before you go…..

Making a 9 Patch Indiana Star Quilt Block is fun. Another neat quilt block to make is the Four Square quilt block, read the blog post and learn how to make it.

Four Square Quilt Block Tutorial

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  1. Lydia Ellis says:

    Thank you Connie! I think I just found my next project.
    Thanks for loving Rusty

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey with Rusty and your new home. I love to read about these and appreciate you taking the time to share with us.
    I wish you the best in 2024 and can’t wait to hear about your surprise.

  3. Thanks for your pattern for the Indiana Star block. I’m looking forward to the new year to start sewing again. We enjoyed the holiday and the weather. We are not snow people, so enjoyed our 50 degree weather. Wishing you a Happy, healthy New Year.

  4. Thanks for the different size patterns for the Indiana Star block, I appreciate your generosity!

  5. Good luck with Rusty. He’s so lucky to have a mommy and daddy like you two. I couldn’t look at the puppies because I would want them. Since I already have a dog and 2 cats.
    That Indiana Star block looks great. I love thzt last picture of Mr.Mickey, he looks like he is sticking his tougne out at you.

  6. Thanks for the fabulous Indiana Star nine patch quilt block and the welcomed additional sizes. The colors are mesmerizing. Also, thanks for the Quilt plannner and journal and the 2023 beautiful sewing theme calendar. They are both very useful and will certainly come in handy to make life and quilting easier. Thanks to you and Happy New Year and much success in the new year.

  7. Love the colors you used in the Indiana Star block. Happy, healthy and safe New Year to you and yours. Hope Rusty’s surgery is more successful this time.

  8. Thank you for an interesting block and such great instructions.

  9. Such a pretty block. You have picked such beautiful colors. This looks like something I must make. Just read more about Rusty. He is so fortunate to be adopted by you and your husband. He c couldn’t asked for better “parents.” He has quite the ordeal ahead of him and I hope all goes well.

  10. That is a really fun block! Once all my company goes home on Sunday I will have to play with this one too.

  11. Connie, you look great in this photo and the boys are adorable. A Happy and Healthy 2023….

  12. Pretty block, pretty colours! Happy New Year to you and Builder Bob and your 4 legged kids! 🥰🇨🇦

  13. Happy New Year! Love the Indiana Star block and am intrigued by the comment to add an Ohio Star as an alternate block. Am quilting my last 2022 UFO, so absolutely cannot add another project for a week. Thanks for keeping us challenged & creative!

  14. Judy Beeks says:

    What an interesting quilt block
    Thank you for the post.

  15. Dawn Nelson says:

    Glad to hear it has warmed up and the snow and ice is gone for now.
    Very nice block! Love the colors you chose also.
    Want to wish you, Bob, Mickey and Rusty a very Happy New Year!

  16. That’s a great looking block and such a nice size too. Perfect colors as well. I hope you have a wonderful, healthy and productive new year.

  17. Love this – It is a very “active” pattern! The colors are wonderful! Just what I need to get out of the winter doldrums! Everything melted today and now it’s a big slushy mess! But EVERYONE is out walking. Upside is I did a lot of sewing with the bad weather.
    Thanks. Hugs to the Fur Kids

  18. Sharron Johnson says:

    Happy New Year to you,Builder Bob, Mr. Mickey & Rusty. I enjoyed getting the Indiana Star pattern tonight. We’ve had 3.5 ft of snow in two days and now it is starting to rain so I will be staying in for the next couple of days. Always fun to have something new to try out.
    Have a safe holiday.

  19. Love those colors and it is a great pattern for using small pieces that seem to multiply after every project.

  20. So nice to see your letter in my box today. I love the colors in your Indiana Star block. Not sure I’ll try it right away, though. Still have so many WIP. Happy New Year to you, Builder Bob, Mr. Mickey, and Rusty.

  21. Susan MacLeod says:

    I like the block and your fabric choices. Rusty looks good.

  22. Hi Connie!
    Just finished an early dinner and dishes are done. What a nice surprise to find you in my Inbox. I love the block. It looks like a lot of fun. I think I’ll give it a try once I finish my current project. The last thing I need is one more UFO. LOL!!

    1. Indiana Star 9 patch + Ohio Star are the beginnings of a history quilt for my family. Now, just need something for Virginia and Tennessee.
      I’ve am a newbie reading your blog. Love your quilts and color blends. Thank you so much for giving me the idea for
      a family quilt.

  23. What a great block! I was born and raised in Indiana so will be making one of these for myself. I moved to Ohio as a teenager so I’ll have to see if I can sash the Indiana and Ohio Star blocks to make a table runner or something small. Thank you!

  24. Dolonne B says:

    Should the 2 1/2 inch squares be cut in half? It appears that they are sewn into the four patch whole.
    Also, for those of us who don’t have a cutting machine, can’t we just make the half square triangles the traditional way?

    1. Ruth Berry says:

      I think the 2 1/2 squares are not to be cut as they will be sewn with the completed 21/2 inch purple/cream squares

    2. Hi Dolonne, you don’t cut the 2 1/2-inch squares diagonally. I had copy/pasted to cut diagonally and have now deleted that. I am so sorry. The pieces were all cut by hand, not with a machine.

  25. Leslee Hooper says:

    Good Evening Connie!

    The Indiana Star block looks fun. Love your picture with Rusty and Mr. Mickey. Have a wonderful evening.