AccuQuilt Blazing Stars Quilt

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The wind was blowing and it was freezing but I went outside to get a few pictures. I didn’t go down by the river as I was afraid my quilt might end up in the middle of the river and there would be no way I would go out on the ice.

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

I think the quilting shows up a little better outside on my Blazing Stars quilt that I made using the AccuQuilt Blazing Star die.

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

I had fun doing a feather in the green parts of the stars. I didn’t mark the top so my feathers are a little wobbly in some places…well maybe quite a few places. They have a very natural look.

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

I used a batik on the back and Warm & Natural for the batting. All of the fabrics on the front are batiks too.

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

The border isn’t the same batik that I used in the stars, this is another piece that I happened to have enough for the sashing and binding. I put a fold on two of the corner so this can be hung.

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

The quilt is about 29 inches square and I made it pretty much the way it looked on the AccuQuilt Blazing Star die package so it will be called……Blazing Stars.

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

I guess this is my first quilt finish for 2014!

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

I really like the way the back looks!

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

I thought this was a neat picture with the sun shining on part of the quilt so you could see the quilting on it.

AccuQuilt Blazing Stars

It is supposed to warm up just a little today so we might go meet some friends for lunch and I hope I can run in town and get some fabric for the back of Celtic Solstice before the bad weather hits on Monday.

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  1. You're so right Connie, quilting makes all the difference. Hope you can stay warm during this cold snap. It's unbelievably warm here in Nor. Cal and we're worried about it. No rain and no snow means we have a drought and no water when spring and summer come around.

  2. Quilting is neat. In mid Indiana we got a skiff of snow over night and more expected today. The cold is on the way. I love seeing the back as you can usually see the quilting. Congrats on 2014 finish.

  3. Wow Connie,
    That is one gorgeous quilt! I love how you quilted it. The colours are so peaceful.
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  4. Your Blazing Stars quilt really turned out beautiful. I just love your quilting. The back is almost as pretty as the front! It's a wonderful way to start the new year! Stay warm!

  5. Great Finish, Connie. I am hoping for an Accuquilt cutter one of these days. I have a birthday coming up, better get busy with the HINTS! LOL

  6. I made this quilt using the Accuquilt dies too, but I excluded the sashing and made 9 blocks for a baby quilt. I do have to say that my quilting is nothing like as spectacular as yours!!!! Beautiful!

  7. This looks fantastic. I am new to quilting and hope someday I can quilt as good as you do. Love the batiks you chose. Love your work!

  8. This looks fantastic. I am new to quilting and hope someday I can quilt as good as you do. Love the batiks you chose. Love your work!

  9. You amaze me! When you say you love batiks, I believe you. Apparently they love you in return, cause you sure do make them shine in all your gorgeous projects! Your quilting on this one is incredible, too!

  10. It looks really great! I still haven't made it to the studio to work on anything this year. I did get 10 churn dash blocks pieced at the Charity group Thursday.

  11. Looks fantastic. I love your color choice and really appreciate your feathers as I am fighting to make good ones myself.

  12. What great quilting, it sure makes it look different. You have done a fantastic job wish my wobbly sections turned out so well. Like you Celtic quilt also. Hope your weather isn't going to be as bad as they are calling for but with it that cold you can get a lot of sewing done by staying indoors. We are in the south and it is pretty cold down here as well.

  13. You really know how to work with batiks Connie! This is simply beautiful as usual! Stay safe with the impending weather!

  14. You have done a great quilt with amazing quilting. I have heard about the icy and cold weather coming to you over there. Here in southern Sweden the weather is like spring. We haven´t yet seen any snow this winter and it is very unusual.
    Have a great weekend
    Hugs from Malmö, Sweden

  15. Great job, Connie. I had to chuckle at your "wobbly" remark. Don't we just call that "organic"? 😀
    It is 12 degrees here this morning. We aren't used to that!! Even the dog didn't want to stay out but I think it's because he gets ice balls in his foot pads.

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