A Little Housing Block Oops

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Sometimes it is fun to work on something that I really had no intention or thought….of doing.  I actually was planning on working on a new post about my quilt and had all of the pictures taken and then…..I just wanted to cut some fabric and do a little quilting.

This block was part of the 2015 Designer Mystery Block of the Month from Fat Quarter Shop and I thought I would just whip it up real quick and then get back to work.

Cute quilted House block from Fat Quarter Shop

Do you know that there are over 60 pieces in this 12″ block!

When I write a pattern one of the first things I say is – Please read all of the directions first – did I do that with this pattern? Nope.

I knew I used the wrong dark blue for the inner roof of the house but I sure couldn’t figure out how I ran out of fabric for the background. I needed 2 – 1 1/2 x 12 1/2″ strips and had to piece fabric to make them. Hmmmmm

It wasn’t until I put the block up on my design wall that I realized the house was the same color as the background!

Oops! I have new, stronger glasses ordered which should be here next week….can I blame my oops on that? See the fabric next to the pattern….that was supposed to be for the house.

I might try and change the color a little with paint. It is a beautiful block but I can’t imagine making very many…..too many little pieces for me! I’m thinking pillow or a small wall-hanging.

Designer Block 2015

Here is something else that I know some of you can relate to.

Fat Quarter Shop Goodies

Fat Quarter Shop has a new Daily Deal every day and last week you could get this spool of Aurifil thread for only $2.62! What a bargain!

Of course, it would be silly to spend $5 for shipping for just that little spool of thread……so of course I had to put a few other goodies in my cart like a couple of charm packs.

At least they were all on sale! After working on the house block (which took longer than I thought it would), I decided to pull out some fabric for the backing of my Hopscotch UFO that I showed yesterday.

I had a piece of fabric that was long enough for my quilt. I cut the fabric in half and then sewed the two pieces together. It is a light grey print that I think will look great on the back of my batik quilt.

I usually use Painter’s tape to secure one end of my quilt backing, then I attach clamps to the other end to add a little weight and keep the backing a little taut.

This is actually the step in quilt-making that creates a UFO for me – getting it ready to quilt. I think my favorite part of the process is the piecing and once it is done I have a habit of folding it up and sticking it on the shelf unless it is something with a deadline.

Quilt backing on table with clamps to add weight to it

IF I can get the backing done, add the batting, and get it all pinned together…..there is a very, very good chance it will get finished.  Not today though.

Pinning the quilt UFO
Farmhouse Rolled up quilt

Notice the rolled-up quilt? That is for a post coming up soon and the quilt uses the new Farmhouse collection from Fig Tree Quilts.

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  1. Laurie Truesdell says:

    Love your block! I found your post on Pinterest. Im wondering if there is a source still available to get the pattern?

  2. Lourdes Harmon says:

    Loved the house… Saw the oops but didn’t care. Keep as is. Thanks!

  3. Terry Mawhorter says:

    Your table that you sandwich your quilts on is to die for! Did your hubby build it for you? You are truly blessed! 😊
    I thought your house quilt was adorable! Too bad it has so many pieces 😢
    Take care & quilt on! Terry M

  4. I’m very bad about reading a pattern through ahead of time too. To be fair, your block looks very much like the pattern picture, given that the background and house have nearly the same value. If I were determined to change it up, I’d swap out the background instead of making an entirely new block.Had I seen the thread deal, I wouldn’t have been able to resist either.

  5. Despite the fact that the house is of the same fabric as for the background, I love it. (I only noticed it when I looked at it again after you mentionned having to piece the background.) It has a lot of charms.
    Pinned and shared on G+

  6. I love your little blue house and would never have known you have an “oops”. I am glad you will add it to your “Works of HeArt”.

  7. OOPS are bound to happen. I’d like to know what solution you finally use. I have a friend who stains with tea or strong coffee when she has an oops, or doesn’t like the lightness of a fabric. Good Luck!

  8. The house is pretty even with the oops. I like the painting idea. Can’t wait to see that rolled up quilt.

  9. As I read your post about that house I kept thinking it looked familiar for some reason. I scooted my chair over to my sewing table where I’ve dropped stuff I have bought in the last 6-8 months until it’s washed and/or can find a home. Guess what I found sitting there on top? Yep, same house pattern. I had ordered during their anniversary sale a week or two ago and that was a bonus gift in with my order when I received it. I have never been too fond of houses for some reason, but thought this one looked kinda nice and thought maybe some day I will make it. Now I wonder what kind of mess I will make of mine some day. LOL Yours still looks good though. Is there a possibility you can do some sort of interesting quilting on that to outline the house to separate it from the matching fabric on the side?

    I’ve done that so many times with the deal of the day where the cost of shipping would be more than what I just tossed into the shopping cart. I’ve been a good girl a lot lately though and don’t add more to the cart to justify the small purchase. NOT always though since I just got a few of the magazines today and added a pattern I was going to buy in the next few days anyway. Nice bonus was they were selling the pattern a little less than others so I saved a little more, even if it was only a tiny savings over others selling the same pattern.

  10. I didn’t notice the house mistake at all. it’s cute!

  11. I like the house block exactly as it is!
    I once made a three inch block that had 52 pieces in it – pieced, not paper pieced. I had planned to make five blocks, but stopped after three.
    Sixty house blocks would have to be a labour of love!

  12. Brenda Hulsey says:

    So it’s snowing at your house! That’s why the light background! LOL!

    I like the flower blocks on your wall too!

  13. I didn’t even notice the same fabric was used until I read it. Do I need new glasses too??? It is a great looking house. 60 pieces??? Wow.

    Like you, I too often fold up a finished top and forget that it is even there. It’s smart to get it to the quilting stage.

  14. Ha! So many typos in my comment – that’s what I get for trying to type around a cat in my lap who wants to sit on the iPad LOL!!!!

  15. Your house is ADORABLE Connie! It looks cute even with the “wrong” fabric in the house, but if you wanted to make it a bit darker, my go-to solution is to lightly go over a fabric with the side of a colored pencil tip. You don’t get sharp lines that way, just a soft blush of color. Thanks for sharing you tip about using clamps to weight down the backing fabric! And I so relate to making myself go ahead a finish a top once it’s pieced. I have so many flimsies just waiting to be finished because I hate the sandwiching stage!

  16. I would not have noticed the problem with the house if you hadn’t pointed it out. Is that why you ran out of background? 🙂 Anyway, it is super cute, but 60 pieces!!!! Not for me. My cutting table is too small for basting larger quilts so I’m interested in how you weigh one side down. I can walk around mine so I might have to try your strategy.

  17. First, I like the block. I never really paid attention to the fact that the back ground and house fabric were the same. It is good to know everyone, even the best, make mistakes. Thanks for sharing the precious block.

  18. That house is adorable even with a little “oops” in there. So many pieces would scare me off, but I still love it!

  19. Ooops can turn into beauties, a little fabric paint or the use of Inktense watercolour pencils and your house will be fixed. It is a lovely house.

  20. Connie,
    Your mystery block oops is so funny. I couldn’t see what was wrong with it until you pointed out that you used the wrong fabric for the house. I completed the quilt top and it is waiting to be quilted. I think you should put the block in the quilt and finish it. No one will notice if you don’t point it out.