Super Bowl Party and Income Report

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Are you ready for the Super Bowl game today? We’re having a Super Bowl party! Builder Bob finished the shuffleboard table and we have been having fun playing I am sure people will really enjoy it today.

ShuffleBoard Party

The tables are set up and ready for all of the food. We’re not sure how many people will show up as it is starting to snow but I’m sure we’ll have fun!
Little Sadie loves laying in her bed close to Builder Bob, we’ll have to move her bed out of the way when everyone gets here. With the garage/basement area all insulated it is amazing how warm it is.

sadie by table

Everything is cleaned up for the Super Bowl party, next week Builder Bob will probably start working on his new bar. This has really turned into a party room!

ShuffleBoard Party

This is the view when you walk in the door. The TV doesn’t look big but it is!

ShuffleBoard Party

One last picture, to the left of the stairs, is my quilt studio. We have plans to paint the floor this summer which will really make a difference! Are you going to watch the game?

2017 Blog Income Report

I am working on a post that I hope will interest you, I am going to share my blog income report for 2017. I love, love reading them from other bloggers and decided I want to start sharing mine.

I no longer do monthly reviews and I think doing a monthly income and expense report will be the accountability push I need. Does this sound interesting to you? I don’t make a ton of money but I make enough to make blogging worthwhile. I don’t see very many income reports from quilters and crafters so I am hoping this will encourage others to share.

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  1. That looks like a great setup for partying Connie. I read the post last week when you had shown the table as your hubby was working on it. I meant to post and say how awesome it looked. He really does beautiful woodwork. I also am not sure I’ve ever mentioned to you how hugely jealous I am of your table in that room. I had my Grandma and Grandpa’s table just like that other than theirs was a greenish color. I loved that table but when I moved I got rid of that one. I still regret that because replacing those things isn’t cheap unless you are super lucky and find one at a garage sale or something. I’ll never find one there however since I don’t do those sales any longer.

    I hope you had tons of fun and lots of friends came to party with you for the game.

  2. We watched too from here in NE WY. Were surprised but delighted with the outcome. How nice to have an extra kitchen in the party room/ garage. I could have used that yesterday. I must have made 100+ trips up and down the stairs!! hahah

  3. I hope your group enjoyed the game as much as we did. It was a nail biter! The party “place” looks like a great place for entertaining.

  4. What a fun party room! I’m curious what the bright rectangle is between the shuffle board and the garage door. Is it a window? I just wrote up my post for the Put A Little Love In Your Quilt blog hop too! It will go “live” on Wednesday! I hope your team wins!

  5. Have a wonderful party. I’ll be watching the game for the commercials and the half time show but for right now, I’m watching the Property Brothers and then I’ll switch over.

  6. Enjoy your Super Bowl party. We’ve enjoyed some in past years, but this year it’s just the 2 of us watching the game at home. Actually, my husband has fallen asleep on the couch and I’m making some party goodies to enjoy for supper before the game starts. Definitely a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  7. Connie, I love your new area. I must say Builder Bob is quite talented! I am fairly new to blogging and am very interested in your report and especially interested in the affiliate program. I hope that you will share how you set this up. Thanks – and enjoy the game!

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