Selvage Mug Rugs

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Selvage mug rugs sewn diagonally tutorialThis post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.Mugs Rugs – I always enjoy making them and they are wonderful fast and easy gifts for people.

Do you save the selvage edges on your fabrics? I do! I have a huge box of them and I think it is about time that I start making something with them. See how many I have! I even save the ribbons from fabric bundles, sometimes I make label pillows with them. I could probably make about a gazillion mug rugs with my selvage stash!Selvage mug rug fabric leftover for quilt projects

Craftsy has a free pattern available for the little mug rugs I have made for this post. You have to sign up with Craftsy which doesn’t cost anything and then you can download the Selvage Mug Rug pattern. You can always wing it and just sew your selvage pieces on to a background fabric diagonally to get this effect.

I was also very lucky to recently win this neat book that has 17 projects that you can make with your salvages! It is called Modern Selvage Quilting by Riel Nason. I can’t wait to make a couple of the neat projects. You can see in the photo below that I have “created” some fabric using my selvage pieces which have a piece of muslin on the back of them for future projects.

Modern Selvage Quilting

The two mug rugs I made are a typical size of 6″ x 9″. I also used 2″ binding on them. I used muslin for the backing and one layer of Warm & Natural batting. Notice how I made them going in different directions……am I a lefty or a righty?
Selvage Mug Rug BindingsHere are a couple closeup photos of them. Fast and Easy Selvage Mug Rug Fast and Easy Selvage Mug RugMost of the time you see projects that only use the part of the selvage with printing on it…..I save the whole edge for projects.

Selvage Mug Rugs Tutorial
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  1. Anytime I cut fabric, I’ve been saving the selvages if I think of it. I have a very small collection so far. Love your mug rugs.

  2. I downloaded that free pattern too! I used to throw them away all the time, and only recently started saving them with the idea of giving them away somewhere down the road, LOL. I am not into selvages…however the mug rug idea, I LOVE!! Yours are super.

  3. I save selvages too! I have made needle books recently. A few friends are planning a real big project this year. They are real go-getters. I just mostly keep throwing them in the box!!! Gee whiz!

  4. Those mug rugs are so fun Connie and I noticed how well each one goes with its mug too. 🙂
    When I save selvages, I like to cut a wider strip so the fabric design is part of it too.

  5. Saving Selvages is all the rage it seams. I like your mug rugs and they will make excellent Father’s Day gifts with a nice mug and some coffee or gift card to his favorite place (Starbucks, Peets). Growing up I learned to use the selvage edge in my clothing as part of the seam so it wouldn’t ravel. Who knew you could actually cut them off and make great projects?!?!! Happy Selvage Sewing Dear…

  6. great mug rugs, but I don’t need another thing to save from quilting. LOL unless you want me to save salvages for you???

    1. I love making and using mug rugs. I save all kinds of scraps including salvaged and batting and, this is a great way to use th e m up. I use mostly warm and n natural batting and the scraps are great for the center and flannel on the back keeps moisture from your surface.

  7. The mug rug is my first project using salvages. I just love it. Can’t wait to make more projects. Diane

  8. Cute mug rugs. Connie. I think saving part of the fabric with the selvage makes sense although I don’t do either. 😀

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