Selvage Mug Rugs

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Mugs Rugs are something I always enjoy making and Selvage Mug Rugs are fast and easy gifts to make. Try one!

Selvage Mug Rugs Tutorial

Do you save the selvage edges on your fabrics? I do! I have a huge box of them and I think it is about time that I start making something with them. See how many I have! I even save the ribbons from fabric bundles, sometimes I make label pillows with them. I could probably make about a gazillion mug rugs with my selvage stash!

Selvage mug rug fabric leftover for quilt projects

I was also very lucky to recently win this neat book that has 17 projects that you can make with your salvages! It is called Modern Selvage Quilting by Riel Nason. I can’t wait to make a couple of neat projects. You can see in the photo below that I have “created” some fabric using my selvage pieces which have a piece of muslin on the back of them for future projects.

Modern Selvage Quilting
Selvage Mug Rug Bindings

Here are a couple of close-up photos of them.  Most of the time you see projects that only use the part of the selvage with printing on it…..I save the whole edge for projects.

Fast and Easy Selvage Mug Rug
Fast and Easy Selvage Mug Rug

The two mug rugs I made are a typical size of 6″ x 9″. I also used 2″ binding on them. I used muslin for the backing and one layer of Warm & Natural batting. Notice how I made them go in different directions……am I a lefty or a righty?

Selvage Mug Rugs Tutorial

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Selvage Mug Rugs Fast and Easy to Make

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  1. Hello Connie, Your selvage mug rugs make me smile as do your other projects! Looks like I’ll be saving selvage edges in the future. Blessings!

  2. I hope your ducks aren’t expecting a fish dinner! 🐟🐟🐟
    I have been saving selvages for awhile, but my collection is nothing like yours! I’m thinking I will make a tote bag “one of these days”! 😊
    Hope sweet Rusty is doing well! ❤️

  3. Robyn Lidstone - Australia says:

    There is an old saying – “Waste not, want not.” Connie, your selvedge mug rugs are a testament to this saying. They look so interesting and attractive as do the larger items.
    No more throwing out the selvedge scraps for me. Thanks for sharing this cute idea.

  4. Karen Poole says:

    I love these! So cute! I once saw an apron made with Selvages, it was really pretty too!

  5. I seemed to have written before – and it’s STILL raining. No ducks though.
    I love the use of every little thing. My Mom always said “We use everything but the moo.” So I guess I should ask – what qualifies as a “scrap”? I have an entire chest of drawers of fabric in rainbow order – various sizes, all less than a yard. Some are really small. Are they “scraps”? Thanks for all the great photos!

  6. Hi Connie- It did get chilly – we had snow flake’s showing on our camera this morning. I’m sure it’ll be heating up faster than we want… Yes I save the selvage for the color key to match up to other fabrics. I trim a half inch to an inch of fabric to remember the pattern print. I had a pet Mallard growing up. Her name was “Squeaky” She lived to be 14 yrs along with her best friend my shepherd named “Daisy”. Sure do miss them. Have a great day.

  7. Cute mug rugs Connie, I love all the different ones you have. I have never made any and now you have motivated me to try. Thanks.

  8. So cute! I always love the color blocks where they show all the colors in the fabric so you can actually see them to match at the quilt shop. And a great way to use them! Thanks.
    p. s. Raining here now, Mon eve. Got all the leaves up so that’s good, they won’t be soggy!

    1. Love the selvage mug rug! I recently saw a selvage tote bag and fell in love with it immediately . Do you ever make tote bags? Would love a pattern and directions for making one. I was born and raised in Iowa- not far from where you live. My husband and I met at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames and were married in the Methodist Church on the Iowa state campus that we both attended . I’ve been following you for a couple of years and really enjoy reading about your moves( we’ve moved about as many times and most recently to be closer to our daughter as we age) so I can relate to that. Also love reading about Rusty and builder Bob! We live in Texas now, raised our kids here , and after nearly 30 years here plan to stay. Love your quilting tutorials and have made several of your quilted boxes( one of my favorite patterns) .🐾❤️🐾

  9. Robyn Lidstone says:

    This is a fascinating use of selvages. Each mug rug is so different and colourful.
    Why waste when selvages can be turned into pretty household items or gifts.

  10. Very cute way to use those selvages. I have saved selvages for years, and have actually used them in a couple of quilts and some small projects like bags and mug rugs. But currently my selvage bin is overflowing again.

  11. Love your mug rugs! I have a whole bucket of selvages waiting for me to do something with them.

  12. Anytime I cut fabric, I’ve been saving the selvages if I think of it. I have a very small collection so far. Love your mug rugs.

  13. I downloaded that free pattern too! I used to throw them away all the time, and only recently started saving them with the idea of giving them away somewhere down the road, LOL. I am not into selvages…however the mug rug idea, I LOVE!! Yours are super.

  14. I save selvages too! I have made needle books recently. A few friends are planning a real big project this year. They are real go-getters. I just mostly keep throwing them in the box!!! Gee whiz!

  15. Those mug rugs are so fun Connie and I noticed how well each one goes with its mug too. 🙂
    When I save selvages, I like to cut a wider strip so the fabric design is part of it too.

  16. Saving Selvages is all the rage it seams. I like your mug rugs and they will make excellent Father’s Day gifts with a nice mug and some coffee or gift card to his favorite place (Starbucks, Peets). Growing up I learned to use the selvage edge in my clothing as part of the seam so it wouldn’t ravel. Who knew you could actually cut them off and make great projects?!?!! Happy Selvage Sewing Dear…

  17. great mug rugs, but I don’t need another thing to save from quilting. LOL unless you want me to save salvages for you???

  18. I have a zippered pouch to contain my selvedges. It’s bursting at the seams, so I need to make something. Like you, I keep the whole selvedge. Lovely mug rugs.

    1. I love making and using mug rugs. I save all kinds of scraps including salvaged and batting and, this is a great way to use th e m up. I use mostly warm and n natural batting and the scraps are great for the center and flannel on the back keeps moisture from your surface.

  19. Great idea Connie. I have a collection as well but no idea what to do with them Thanks for sharing.

  20. The mug rug is my first project using salvages. I just love it. Can’t wait to make more projects. Diane

  21. Cute mug rugs. Connie. I think saving part of the fabric with the selvage makes sense although I don’t do either. 😀