Nyan Cat Quilt for my grandson

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I finished up my grandson’s Nyan Cat quilt and I was going to wait until I gave it to him to show the photos but that may be a week or two so here it is! He’ll have to look at it online for now.

The first Nyan Cat Quilt

Nyan Cat Quilt for my grandson

The body is a strawberry pop-tart and is actually pinker than what shows in the picture. I just took this photo this morning…….notice the leaves? The trees are stressed from all the hot weather even though we got over 2 inches of rain last weekend. Maybe we’ll have a early fall.

The first Nyan Cat Quilt

The quilt size is approximately 56 x 90 – it was made to fit my grandson’s twin-size bed running lengthwise and when he comes in the door he’ll have this big cat looking at him. With the dark colors, I don’t know how it will do with the “real” dogs and cats. I asked Builder Bob if he wanted me to make one for our bed……………he thinks I am losing it!

The first Nyan Cat Quilt

I have to admit I had fun quilting this, I changed colors on the different areas, and by breaking it up that way the quilting seemed to go faster. The backing is a very old navy print with little tan dots. All the fabrics used in this came from my stash. When my grandson and I pieced it I ran out of a couple of fabrics and we just used others that matched pretty good.

The first Nyan Cat Quilt

Now guess what I am working on………..I have been commissioned to make another Nyan Cat quilt for the creator of……Nyan Cat! How fun! It is going to look a little different from this one. I am using all new fabrics and batiks in most of it.

The first Nyan Cat Quilt

I called my grandson and he is so excited, I have a feeling all he will be wearing anymore is T-shirts with Nyan Cat graphics.

Take a look at the  Batik Nyan Quilt.

The first Nyan Cat Quilt

I hung the quilt from our deck railing and decided to show you this photo……remember when I was in charge of power-washing the deck and sealing it…….early this summer….well I got the deck cleaned and then all the hot, hot weather started so I still don’t have it sealed. I should be working on it now but I have too many other projects going…good excuse.
See the little window next to the ground? That is for flooding, originally it had to have Styrofoam in it which could be easily removed if we had a flood. This is kind of crazy as we have 2 garage doors….but that is code. A couple of years ago we put a window in which looks a lot nicer.

Now I am going to get busy working in 23 minute increments – quilting, working on the tutorial for the Petunia Strings by the River that I said I would have up this week.

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  1. Shy didn't I think of that. That is absolutely adorable. Very talented! Thanks so much for sharing. Now I just have to see who I could sucker to make something similar for me.

  2. Oh wow. How awesome Connie. Congratulations for getting this one done and with your amazing news. How cool. Your grandson is going to be floating on air telling everyone how cool his Grandma is.

  3. The finished quilt looks wonderful! Congratulations on getting a commission to make one for the creator. That's great news.
    Is the window at ground level supposed to let the water out if you get flooded?

  4. I have to tell you that the first time I saw your Nyan Cat quilt I was sooo excited. My daughter LOVES Nyan Cat and I showed her your quilt and immediately she sketched out her own Nyan Cat quilt based on yours. We have it all cut out and now I will be piecing it all together. We keep checking your blog to see the finished quilt and to see how you quilted it. It looks great! I can't wait to tell her that you will be making one for the creator of Nyan Cat, she will be thrilled to hear that! Great job again and thank you for the inspiration!!

  5. Wow, all the bits and peices you have been showing did not do the quilt justice. This turned out fantastic. I (lol) love the pop tart body.

  6. That is one Cool Cat! and quilt! I remember your grandson placing the squares on the floor to make this cat : )

  7. I love this quilt!! So great. I don't know who Nyan Cat is either, but I am loving all the pixel quilts I keep seeing. This one is my favorite! Congrats on the commission too! 🙂

  8. Love, love, love and I totally get it! I am a cat person and I follow meme's so this is right up my alley!

  9. That is a stunning and adorable quilt – and so huge! Looks like a lot of work, but it definitely paid off: this one is a showstopper!

  10. So very creative girl ! Really neat !

    Congratulations on the commission — nice to actually get paid for doing something you love anyhow.


  11. Don' be surprised if you have request for a few more Nyan Cat quilts, I didn't realize it was so large. Are you going to be affected by Issac or do you think that the Mississippi will get the benefit of the rain?

  12. Wow, it turned out great. I'm sure Xander is really pleased with it. Now, mind you, I had never heard of a Nyan Cat, but big congrats on the commission …. quite the coup for you! And, okay, I just went and googled it so now I know. 😀

  13. I'm Glad that you got the commission Mon! I Can't wait too get the quilt! ( this weekend or maybe even today! XD )

  14. I didn't realize it was a poptart until you mentioned it but it clearly is! Congrats on the commission – how exciting. So…is the flood window for you to escape or to drain water? Just doesn't make sense to me when you live on an upper floor.

  15. And to think something so wonderful was just lurking in your stash, waiting to be created. How exciting to be able to make another one for the Nyan Cat originator!

  16. Love it!!! I am super stoked that you've been commisionned to make one for its creator, can't wait to see it come together.

  17. That cat will be so special to him since you both worked on it together, what a wonderful memory for ya'll to share. How exciting to be doing a quilt for the company! Will your grandson be your resource for asking questions! LOL

  18. Wow, Xander's quilt is amazing. He will be thrilled to get it. Congrats on the commission! How fabulously cool is that?!!! Can't wait to see what you will design.

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