New quilt on the bed

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The other morning I walked into the bedroom after Builder Bob had gotten up and the bed was made but…..the quilt was lying on the floor. (he said it wasn’t put on the bed because he was getting too much help from the kitties….which I can believe). We have a deal that whoever gets up last has to make the bed.

New quilt on the bed

Anyway, I figured it was his way of saying it was time for a “Spring/Summer” quilt.

So my Kaleidoscope quilt is now on the bed and I need to see if I have any extra scraps to make a couple throw pillows.

New quilt on the bed

In the mean time Bella seems to be enjoying the new quilt.

New quilt on the bed

Simon had to join her, it is funny how they always sleep at the end of the bed even when we’re not in it.

New quilt on the bed

Last year I made quilted king size pillow shams in muslin – Quilted Pillow Shams

New quilt on the bed

Nothing new to show, I’m still working with my batiks but it has been in little spurts this week.
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  1. I've been behind on my blog reading but I just did a nice catch up on yours and I enjoyed seeing the bright summer quilt and the kitties snoozing at the bottom of the bed. Mine do the same – like they have assigned seats or something…

  2. Stephanie Davison says:

    Love the bright, cheerful colors in this quilt!

  3. Hello Connie, Your quilt is so lovely.It just looks like summer. The quilting you do is beautiful on your quilts. Simon and Bella love it also. We have the same bed arrangement but mostly we make it together. It's quicker to get the job done.

  4. That quilt is stunning and perfect for a summer time quilt! You must love walking into the room!

  5. Ivory Spring says:

    Thanks for stopping by to visit, Connie. I like the colors in your kaleidoscope quilt.

  6. Saltwater Quilts says:

    I love this quilt! It is so bright and colorful. Your cats are beautiful! This is what my bed usually looks like with two kitties snuggling on it. Mine are about the same size as yours. Yours are so cute!

  7. The bed is so inviting, how could the kitties not want to lounge there. They are like an accessory to the beautiful quilt. Almost like you planted them there.

  8. You quilt is so fresh looking. I love it. Love the fabric choices

  9. Your quilt is just beautiful, and the pillow shams are really lovely!

  10. As usual your quilt is gorgeous…but those kitties…grab my heart…I just want to hug them up. Thanks for making our day.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful quilt. I love colours and the quilting. And those kitties are so cute!

  12. your quilt just brightens up anything ,,,,so lovely

  13. Chatty Kathy says:

    What a cheerful quilt; love your shams….makes me anxious to get more work doen on my summer quilt (I've been goofing off).

  14. Wonderful quilt, and lovely kitties too!

  15. Teresa in Music City says:

    Very bright and cheerful spring/summer quilt! And the kitties are so cozy – I may have to take a nap now :*)

  16. Jamie Lee says:

    I'm so glad the kitties approve!

  17. that's a lovely quilt, did you use the GO! for that one? the blocks seem large and I have that DIE, just haven't made a kaleidoscope quilt with it yet….. Kitties sure love it….
    You make me feel guilty, I never make our bed, let alone put a quilt on it, I really should be more on top of that, it always looks so nice 🙂

  18. They are all so cute, but that third picture of Bella? OH So cute, I love when their little paws curl up. She looks like she is snuggling in…

  19. Your quilt is amazing ! your kitties are adorable ; but I am allergic so I kinda get a furball feeling in my throat seeing them lying on the bed ! 🙁

  20. Bright n cheery quilt, Connie. The kitties seem right at home on it.
    Love your quilting… so wonderful.
    Sorry I missed the LinkyParty yesterday; was gone all day. Gonna go have a looky now.

  21. Your quilt looks wonderful on the bed especially with the bed ornaments 😉

  22. I love your Kaleidoscope quilt, and I love the story of how it grew and grew.