Look what came to town

Look what came to townSometimes during the summer we get some excitement in our little river town along the Mississippi River. The US Army Corp of Engineers pull in to shore and switch some of the crew……..plus they get to grab a pizza from the Light House Marina. As you can see, everyone loves to see it.
Look what came to town

All the family had been working on things and all of a sudden………..break time.

Look what came to town

Here you can see the guys getting off the front.

Look what came to town

The large black stacks are actually the anchors, the large wall in the center is actually a gate that has been replaced at one of the locks. It will go to Lock & Dam #14 in Leclaire, Iowa to be repaired.

Look what came to town

While I was walking down to get pictures I snapped a picture of my brother’s houseboat (on the left),  the other one belongs to one of his close friends. They are all out on a island today.

Look what came to town

I thought you might enjoy seeing the Light House or as us old-timers call it…the Chart House. It is fun in the summer to have a marina with a restaurant right down the road. I took these pictures just as it was opening up for the evening. At night the parking lot is full.

Golf cart traffic jam

We even had a traffic jam…………………good thing I was walking.

Look what came to town

I had to walk down river a bit to be able to get a picture of the full length.

When the boat docks it is here for the night. I took this in the evening and love the reflection in the water. You can see the gates better too. The front one looked new but we’re not sure.

Look what came to town

6:00 am the next morning they pulled out and were on their way.

Look what came to town

I was able to get a better photo of the front.

Look what came to town

Here is a closer photo of the gates, you can also see that the back anchor is now all the way up too.

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  1. How fun! The barge gives us an idea of just how big your river is. Nice to hang out with your neighbors and friends to watch.

  2. Thank you for the tour of the riverboats. I love seeing and learning about the places that blogging friends have in their neighborhoods.

  3. Thanks for the pics. I worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers one summer when I was in college – just an office file clerk though. Never saw anything this interesting.

  4. Looks like you are serving sandwiches and burgers and fish rolls I bet..great shots Connie…it is sew bright in colour where you are…love riverbank stories of summer

  5. I love hearing about life on the river – thanks for all the pictures! One of my favorite things to do here in New Orleans is go to the riverfront and watch all the traffic on the river – you never know what you're going to see!

  6. Wow! That is totally awesome! I love all that you witness living right on the river. Thank you so much for sharing. I did have to laugh when I saw the very professional way they exited the boat. lmbo Oh, and a question for you….is it a boat or a barge? It looks like what we would call a barge here on the Pacific Coast. Just curious. Thanks again for sharing all that you do. Every day seems like something different and I always enjoy seeing what you have to share. It makes your blog a fun place to come to.

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