Life is all about change

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Life is all about change and being able to work change into your life. I admit that I like a routine and large sections of time to work on my quilting and business but I have learned that nothing ever stays the same and it is important to go with the flow.


We are settling into a new routine now that Bob’s mom has moved in with us. Mr. Mickey is very happy to have a new person that wants to spoil him. He even went to bed with her last night. He didn’t stay long but it made Bob’s mom very happy.

Bobs mom and Mickey the dog
Mother Campbell and Mr. Mickey

Clarice turned 100 last October and it amazes me watch her slowly get around. If you think your bones are stiff and sore…..image being her age! I hope I live as long as her.

Right now I am writing this post early in the morning before she wakes. So far there has been a window of time in the afternoon where she sleeps for a couple of hours and I slip down to my quilt studio. We have a monitor so I can listen for her. She always tries to be very quiet and not bother us so I really have to listen or run upstairs and check on her periodically. Okay, I don’t run up the stairs. LOL

Quilty Box Bargello Quilt

Did you buy the March 2021 Quilty Box Classic by Karen Gibbs? I love the batiks that were included and there are 2 different quilt patterns you can choose to use them for.

I decided to go with the bargello design. You will have to buy additional fabric for the background and border but I’ll worry about that when I get that far.

Batiks for bargello quilt
Batiks for the bargello quilt

I really enjoy bargello designs. So far I have made 2 of the strip sets. Hopefully today I’ll get a couple more of them done.

Strip sets for the bargello quilt
Strip sets for bargello quilt

Rail Fence Charm Pack

Another quilt project I am working on is a table runner made with charm packs. I actually had 3 charm packs of the same fabrics that I think I bought maybe 6 years ago. I guess they are finally ages enough and ready to be made into something.

I mentioned in my newsletter that I made the table runner with the dark pink setting triangles and then decided I didn’t care for the color so I made it again and added a batik fabric for the setting triangles.

I really wish I hadn’t added the light strips to the blocks but I don’t feel like tearing them all out. I am also using more of the blocks to make placemats to fit on our round glass table in the four season room.

Rail fence table runners
Rail Fence table runners and fabric for placemats

I have several tutorials on the Rail Fence block including my Dark Blue Rail Fence Runner. You can always do a search on my site and see what comes up. I love the search option that I have.

I mentioned that I am using charm squares which are 5 inches square. Here is how I am cutting the strips.

Cut 2 – 2-inch x 5-inch strips from each charm square.

Don’t throw away that narrow scrap! I am sewing them all together with a very narrow 1/8th seam allowance.

Cutting the fabric for the quilt blocks
Cutting charm pack squares for blocks

One idea would be to use the “new” fabric for applique like this little Patchwork Rabbit.

Using the leftover scraps

AccuQuilt Sale

AccuQuilt has some great sales going on right now! Many of the sales change daily so be sure and check them out.

Life is always changing for all of us but you can still work a little bit of quilting time into it. Take care.

Connie with her dogs

About Connie

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  1. Pearl Gaunce says:

    Hi Connie, my name is Pearl Gaunce and emailing you all the way from Saint John, New Brunswick , Canada. I am so enjoying your newsletters on your beautiful projects. I would also like to mention your lovely picture of your mother-in-law Claire. I worked in a nursing home for 32 years it was such a rewarding career. I love senior citizens. I never had a chance to look after my Mom. She was taken from us quickly. You are blessed to have the opportunity.
    I was wondering if you may have any ideas on how I may start a quilt on sailboats. It is being made for an adult man. I have no idea where to start. I would love to do a landscape theme with the sunset and water and the sailboat. I am thinking of a double size. I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you, Connie

  2. Connie Dear you are so amazing and giving and caring. Bob’s Mom will be well taken care of in your home with Bob and Mr. Mickey. I can see the comfort Mr. Mickey is already sharing with her. Blessings Dear and be sure to take care of yourself also.

  3. Robin Ebaugh says:

    Awh what an awesome picture of Bob’s mom. It’s so wonderful that you can take her in.

  4. How beautiful that you are able to take care of your mother-in-law! I love that picture! When my dad was ill, his little doggie was such a blessing and aiding so much in his recovery!
    Your table runner is really beautiful! I’m guessing you made the applique from those thin scraps.
    Goodness, you are such a great teacher!

  5. Oh My! what a lovely picture of this sweet lady, You can tell she is enjoying the company.

  6. You and Builder Bob are wonderful to bring in Clarice into your home. She will enjoy this being with family. And Mr. Mickey will make her happy & protect her for you. I see he has found a friend to be with.
    You do beautiful quilting & enjoy all your designs.. Keep being safe & healthy. You both have big heart full of kindness.

  7. Janie Owens says:

    Hi Connie, love the picture of you mother and Mr. Mickey .Take as many pictures of your mother as you can and cherish them .wish I had taken more of my mother , even though I have a lot it’s never enough now that she has gone to be Jesus since Thanksgiving. Blessings Janie O

  8. It’s a wonderful thing you and Builder Bob have done taking over the care of your MIL. Mr. Mickey will help with the transition for Mrs. Campbell. She looks well for 100 years old. God Bless you all.

    1. I love your blog. We had a Mickey V – named after one of our favorite hockey players. He passed away on /27. We also called him Bob the Builder because he would get so excited and thump his tail. I love your patterns. I always find inspiration thru your site. We are planning our move back to Tx from NY. Then maybe I’ll be able to try out some of your patterns. My mom will be 95 in a few weeks. Cherish your time. You’re fortunate to spend it together. She’s Blessed to have you as a daughter in law.

  9. What a sweet photo of your MIL and Mickey. I’m sure they do really enjoy each other’s company.

  10. Rose M Post says:

    Mr. Mickey looks like he is really enjoying have a new person to love and care for him. This is excellent therapy for both of them. Don’t know how often your mother-in-law goes out in the car, but perhaps this might be an excellent way to encourage Mr. Mickey to go for a ride!! Just sayin.

  11. Lots to smile about in today’s post. Bless you for welcoming your MIL into your home. Mr Micky does look happy sitting in her lap, and I’m sure he brings her joy.

    Love the projects you have going on. I have a bargello project on my 2021 list but I like the colors you have in yours.

  12. Isn’t it amazing how the weather affects our lives, our attitudes, and our work habits? Here in Western Pa. we finally have warm air during the day, some sunshine (which is rather rare here), and our trees are in bud and some flowers are blooming. It lifts my spirits and actually gives me an incentive to sew! Sadly, my sewing studio is in the basement, with no windows, but mine. I have just seen your charm pack rail fence, love it! Bringing Mrs. Campbell into your home will surely change your routines but it is that flexibility in the type of work that you do so well that accommodates that. I had a similar situation while caring for my MIl. She passed last year, at 96, and I know, beyond all measure, that she was placed in my care for reasons that taught me much. The quilt I made for her was on her bed at all times after we moved her into care. I still have it. You are a wonderful person, so talented, so giving, and little Mr. Mickey will help in this journey. Take care, be well, keep creating, you inspire.

  13. What a special time in everyone’s lives to have Builder Bob’s mother living with you. And I’m delighted sweet Mickey is doing such a good job ensuring she feels extra love and welcome. I can understand your life has certainly changed, but in what a wonderful way. I do like all your projects and thank you for the inspiration and tip for the applique’ bunny. Adorable.

  14. Kathleen Scargle McCormick says:

    So sweet that Mickey is so happy with his newfound attention. Our 13 year old stayed with our son the other night, something he hasn’t really done since he went to college. It is hard to imagine being 100 and so terrific she can be with you and Bob. Its a hard commitment, that doesn’t work for everyone, but when it can work, it is just amazing. Nice to see you are getting some quilting in as changes do make that hard!

  15. Yes, one thing about life is that change is a constant. Clarice looks very happy to have Mr. Mickey on her lap. They provide a warmth for them too. I’m sure she is enjoying your and Bob’s companionship.

    Your strip sets are looking so pretty. There is a lot you can do with strip sets.