Wonky Star And Rat Rod Truck

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The Wonky Star has finally been quilted and turned into a table topper. I thought about making it into a pillow but decided it would drive me crazy to see just how wonky my star was. A table topper or center piece with a fabric basket or flowers will hide a little bit of it. Silly wonky paper pieced star table topper Wonky Star And Rat Rod TruckDuring the month of May the Island Batik ambassadors were asked to create and share paper pieced projects made with Island Batik fabrics. Follow me on Pinterest and you can see some of the other projects made by the ambassadors.

I used the Red Tide collection that I made my April Showers quilt tutorial from.
Silly Wonky Paper pieced Star
Once again I am using the Red Tide collection that I made my April Showers quilt tutorial from.

I also have a new quilt pattern called Confetti Steps that is the first project I created with the Red Tide collection of batiks. Can you guess how long it has been since I finished the quilt? Brrrrrr!Confetti Steps quilt pattern

Anyway, back to my paper pieced project. I saw a tutorial on Pinterest showing how to draw a paper pieced star and decided that I could do that in EQ7. Well…..this was the first time I tried to create a paper piecing pattern in EQ7 and of course I got in a big hurry. I wanted it to be a little crooked – which I did.

The real problem came when I printed out the pattern without numbers or letters on it so I could keep track of which piece went where.  My pattern didn’t look that bad on the computer – I have a feeling I mixed a couple of the pieces up and put them in the wrong spots.

Well you know how I am…..once I got the star all pieced there was no way I was going to tear it apart and I wasn’t ready to throw it in the trash. I decided I’d just call it a Silly, Wonky Star and “act” like I planned it to look that way! I think it is back to paper piecing 101 for me.

Here is the Wonky Star before I quilted it, at first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make a pillow or a wall hanging. The wall hanging won out.

Paper Pieced Wonky Batik Star

Island Batik Playful Paper Piecing

Our neighbors have a Rat Rod old truck and were going to a car show this weekend so I was able to get a few pictures with my quilt and the rat rod. My SIL Julie and neighbor Rhonda were happy to model for me. Rhonda’s yorkies Lea and Rose also were in the picture.

Rat Rod old Truck with quilt

I did a simple stipple quilting on my vintage Singer 15-91 on the cream part and then just a little wiggle stitch through the squares.

Wonky Paper pieced Star quiltHere is another photo of the wonky star and the rat rod old truck. Honestly….I don’t know why it is called a rat rod truck…..guess I’ll have to find out. I remember seeing my neighbor’s truck last year and I kept wondering when they were going to get it painted. This IS the way it is supposed to look.

Rat Rod old truck and wonky star

I decided to grab one of my Scattered quilts and see what it would look like on the rat rod truck. Pretty neat! Next time it would be fun to have the truck parked on the other side of the road so the river was in the background. Thanks Rhonda and Jeff for the great quilt prop!

Rat Rod old truck and Scattered quilt

I also got a beautiful picture of my Scattered quilt, can you see the barge in the background? You can read more about this quilt and see it in other colors.

Scattered quilt down by the river

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Rat Rod Truck with a Wonky Star Quilt


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I have owned the Electric Quilt software since version 3 or 4 and I am still always learning new things that can be done with this great program. Electric Quilt is celebrating their 25th anniversary and you can read more about it and possibly win some prizes by checking out their blog. There are also tutorials to help you learn how to use it.


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The Wonky Star paper pieced table topper was made with beautiful batik fabrics from Island Batik.
Christmas in July


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  1. Louise Franko says:

    Where can I get the pattern for the star table topper?Such a happy looking project.

  2. How wonderful your quilts look on that rat rod truck! The perfect juxtaposition! I love the whole idea of low brow hot rods and how it’s more accessible for people!

  3. What a fun little quilt! Always fun to see what props we can find isn’t it!

  4. Love your little wonky star, especially surrounded by that truck!

  5. That Rat Rod Truck is a great model for your Wonky Star Table Topper. How sweet of the ladies and pups to add to the photos.

  6. Being the wife of a rat rod-building husband, I can tell you why it is called a rat rod. “It’s because it doesn’t conform to the uppity, ultra-high-end-type people’s idea of what a hot rod should be, where the guy with the biggest wallet has the nicest car. It’s not painted like an Easter egg; rust is Mother Nature’s paint job. Guys home-build their hot rods, there’s no rules; it’s getting back to the grass roots of the past time.” btw he LOVES that truck! And I just might take a photo of my next finish on my husband’s rat rod!

    1. Thank you Sandra for all the info and now I understand the appeal of them! I can’t wait to see your next finish!

  7. how cool! btw do you use these pics for your patterns or a straight shot?