Stacks quilt pattern and the Great Outdoors Blog Hop

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Stacks a beautiful batik quilt made with the Wild Things collection from Island Batik

Have you been enjoying all of the beautiful quilts made by the Island Batik ambassadors as they take part in the Great Outdoors Blog Hop?

Today I get to finally share the beautiful group of batiks called Wild Things that I used to make my Stacks quilt.

The collection of Island Batik fabrics that I am working with is called Wild Things, if you like batiks with animal designs you’ll really like this collection! This collection was available at Hancock’s of Paducah.

Grab the Stacks pattern!

Stacks a beautiful batik quilt made with fat quarters of Wild Things from Island Batik with Sadie sitting on it

Our weather has been hot here in Iowa and I took this photo yesterday of little Sadie sitting on the quilt. The poor little girl looks hot!

When I received the first box from Island Batik this year, it included half-yard pieces of the Wild Things collection and also threads from Aurifil that coordinated with the fabrics. My first thought was…..”Wow is this a wild collection!” (before I read that the collection was called Wild Things).

I wasn’t sure what kind of quilt I would make but I had made a sample baby quilt with a new design I was making and decided it would be fun to see how it turned out using these batiks.

I ended up using 18 of the Wild Things batiks in my quilt!

Stacks quilt made with the Wild Things collection of batiks from Island Batik

Last year I received this queen-size batting of Thermore from Hobbs Quilt Batting in my Island Batik ambassador box and decided to use it for my Stacks quilt. It is an ultra-thin polyester batting and it was wonderful to quilt. It makes a very thin quilt and I’ll be using the leftovers for some mugs rugs and wall hangings.

Thermore batting from Hobbs was used in my quilt

Look at how big the quilt is! I usually layout my backing, batting, and quilt top on my 4′ x 8′ cutting table and then pin it before quilting on my domestic vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine.

Stacks a beautiful batik quilt made with fat quarters of Wild Things from Island Batik getting ready to quilt it

You can’t see it but I put weights on the backing fabric to keep it taut. Many times I use nylon clamps that I have “borrowed” from Builder Bob. I also use these when I want to hang a quilt over a tree branch or desk rail so the quilt won’t blow away.

Stacks a beautiful batik quilt made with fat quarters of Wild Things from Island Batik getting ready to quilt it on my vintage sewing machine

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about my new quilt photography setup and I really like this photo!

The colors in this quilt would make it a great quilt for that special guy or as a throw for your den. I have it hanging on this neat white wood ladder against my fake brick wall. You can’t tell it is fake, can you?

Take a look at my Scattered quilt on the brick wall.

We were at the grocery store last week and believe it or not they had 5′ x 7′ rugs for only $40 and I grabbed a gray one to go with my brick wall. What do you think?

Stacks batik quilt hanging on a quilt ladder

This quilt was too big to hang on my new brick wall so I took it to our neighbor’s house. Builder Bob is helping him build a new deck on the other side of his house. It will be in the shade and I have a feeling I’ll be sneaking over there to take pictures of my quilts! 

Stacks a beautiful batik quilt  hanging on deck

For most of the spring and summer, I couldn’t show a quilt down by the river on our bell (which works great for displaying a quilt) because the river was over the wall but now the river is back to the level it should be.

Doesn’t the Mississippi river make a beautiful backdrop for the Stacks quilt? I am using a bell on a pole that my dad put down by the river. It is perfect for hanging a quilt over it.

Stacks a beautiful batik quilt hanging on bell by the river

The quilt is made up of rectangular blocks.

Here is a photo of the quilt that I took down by the river on the rocky shore.

Stacks a beautiful batik quilt made with fat quarters of Wild Things from Island Batik by the river shore

It is possible to free-motion quilt a quilt this size on a domestic sewing machine, it builds up arm muscles!

I should have taken a picture of it while I was quilting. You really need to have additional tables to the left and behind your machine to keep the quilt from hanging over the sides.

The weight of the quilt hanging is what makes it hard to quilt. I just keep it all bunched up on the table. I guess I should do a post showing this, right?

Stacks is a fun quilt to make and very easy and I am so happy to have the pattern finished! There are 7 sizes in the pattern!

You can read more about the Stacks quilt pattern and see it in some colorful fabrics that would be perfect for a children’s room.

Island Batik Great Outdoors Blog Hop

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Stacks quilt pattern and the Great Outdoors Blog Hop!

Here is a list of all of the Island Batik ambassadors.

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  1. Sylvia E Anderson says:

    Hi Connie. Beautiful quilt and the pictures are fantastic. The Wild Things fabrics really make for an attractive quilt and I loved all your photos. Looking forward to the pattern for it!!!!! Hopefully, it won’t be tooooooo long. lol Glad it’s warm by you, but we still have snow on the ground here in the Chicago burbs.

  2. Great shots of a great quilt Connie! I love the one of Sadie sitting on it, and then the one on the rocks – matching texture! Love the quilt ladder and brick wall; need to go read your post on photography!

  3. How conveinint to have a tall deck nearby for pictures of large quilts! I like smaller quilts, about 48″ or so. I do a lot of charity quilts for Project Linus and that’s a good size for my donation quilts. I think the run looks great with that wall!

  4. Hi Connie,
    You’re moving to your new site o I don’t know whether you’ll see this,,but I was curious about the weights you used to hold your backing down.
    You come up with some great ideas and designs,I would never have thought of using weights. Would you be able to include a photo or information on where to buy them the next time you use them please?

    1. I’m just changing my email provider, I’ll be here on this site forever 🙂 I can take a picture but actually what I use is my husbands plastic clamps. I put about 3 on each end and then 2 on the sides because the backing hangs over my table. If it doesn’t I use painters tape to secure it. If you don’t know what I mean, just search plastic clamps on Amazon where you can see them. I also use them as weight when I hang a quilt over the sides of the deck as shown in one of the photos. Good luck!

  5. My favorite size is lap to twin for the grandkids, but my kids and myself all have king size beds so I have to make larger ones every once in a while. Beautiful quilt, love those wild prints!! Thank you for a great giveaway.

  6. Just catching up with my blog visits. Really love how your design shows off these fabrics! Wonderful collection. Glad you could get a few photos by the river. Wish I had some great places to take photos of quilts!

  7. Love the wild things quilt. My favorite kind of quilt is scrappy mini or wall hanging for a quicker finish

  8. “Where the Wild Things Are” reminds me of your quilt. I love it! Sadie does look hot however she is doing a very good pose for the camera. I have been missing so much on your blog de to my continuing to unpack and organize and get settled into this new-to-me home. Love your creative photos dear. <3

  9. I like to make a quilt that’s just a little smaller than twin-sized for snuggling under on the couch, or on the floor with our pups and cats. I should get busy making new quilts for the beds, but I seem to keep making “lap quilts”.

  10. Pretty quilt! My favorite size quilt is a queen size since I have 3 guest queen beds.

  11. Linda Williamson says:

    Love these animal prints. I like making quilts that are no larger than 60×60 (or so) with 100% cotton batting. My machine doesn’t like anything that’s too heavy and it’s just more fun to quilt. Thanks for sharing these great new fabrics.

  12. Hi Connie! I’m finally getting around to all of the posts this past week! I think my favorite size of quilt to make now is lap size, wall hanging or table runners!! I used to enjoy the big ones, but now I kinda dread them! Beautiful job on your quilt and I was glad to see little Sadie sitting out though she did look rather hot.

  13. My favorite size quilt is a wall hanging as they are quick and easier to manage size-wise. However if you ask what size do I usually make, it would have to be twin or full…go figure! Love your quilt. Turned out great! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  14. Donna Cutting says:

    Lap quilts are my favorite ones to make now. Wild things is really stunning and your Stacks pattern is great. Thanks for giveaway.

  15. Jean McKinstry says:

    I like a quilt to hang over the sides of the bed, but a friend made her daughter one, that was just the top of the bed, and it showed off the design so beautifully.I struggle to quilt on my Bernina, and realise with tables set out to the left, it would be a lot easier,Beautiful colours in your fabrics.

  16. Most of my quilts are gifts so I tend to make a lot of throw and baby size but lately I’ve had requests for queen and king sizes. They are so much work and I know what you mean about building arm muscles!

  17. My favorite size quilt is 60″ x 72″. Great for quick finish of the top and also for quilting on my longarm machine.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this collection of fabric. I enjoy following your blog.

  18. Your quilt is gorgeous, and so is your photography! Thanks for all the eye candy, and all the continual inspiration on your blog. My favorite size quilt to make is a double size.

  19. Deborah B. says:

    Your quilt is lovely and looks great being photographed outdoors. I have mostly finished baby size quilts that have been given to my grandchildren as well as other relatives and friends. I have finished a few larger quilts, and have many more in various stages of completion. I think the smaller quilts are fun to make since I can complete them more timely. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  20. I love making big quilt. Full queen and king size. But I have to send them out to be quilted. I adore the fabrics in this quilt.

  21. I love this quilt. It uses the colors fabulously. Great job!

  22. TheQuiltedDog says:

    Love the Wild Things quilt! Very fun! My favorite size quilts are actually two: I make a lot of baby quilts for friends and family and my big projects are wedding quilts for nieces and nephews.

  23. A wild and beautiful quilt you made. And I really love your outdoor photoes.

  24. I prefer to make smaller quilts, lap size or small panels.

  25. My favorite size quilt to make is throw size–a little easier to handle–but I’ve actually probably finished more bed size quilts as they are so nice for gifts.

  26. Thanks for sharing your creation. I love batiks. I prefer to make throw and sofa size quilts. I can piece and quilt them in a reasonable time and do it all myself. Due to shoulder surgery, I struggle with quilting bigger quilts.

  27. My favorite size quilt to make is a throw size. They don’t take a long time to make and they make wonderful gifts. 🙂

  28. What a gorgeous quilt, and such great photos! My favorite is the one by the river.

    My favorite size quilt is a throw size.

  29. My favorite size quilt to make is a lap/throw size. Love your quilt.

  30. I absolutely adore your quilt. Tell me about your table with all the drawers? I honestly go for a large lap-twin size.

  31. I like making lap or full size quilts.

  32. Cindy Shelley says:

    I love making any and all sizes. It just depends on who it is for and what occasion it is for.

  33. Love your quilt, thanks for sharing. I like making lap quilts & baby quilts. Anything bigger is too daunting for me to quilt.

  34. Lois Hendrickson says:

    My favorite is lap size. Lois

  35. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Another terrific quilt! The pattern is simple, but works really well for displaying the fabrics. I love it and the new displays – the ladder and by the stream. PS. We did just buy a golf cart. She’ll be in the blog soon when we get her.

  36. Love your quilt and those prints. My favorite size quilt to make is about 65″ x 75″.

  37. Sharon Aurora says:

    That fabric is wild. What fun. Lap quilts are a good size to make.

  38. Stacks is the perfect way to show off all those fun fabrics. I’ve got a pattern that is just perfect for those prints. Hancocks of Paducah…here I come (again) LOL! Your new photo setup is great. Love your rug addition too!

  39. Julie Averill says:

    I love doing lap quilts.

  40. Jeanne Brown says:

    I like lap and twin size quilts . love the wild fabric.

  41. Sandy Allen says:

    I !I’ve making throw size quilts the most. They can be used for so many things and I usually don’t get tired of making them. bigger quilts I tend to get bored making the same blocks over and over. 😊

  42. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I make them at least a full size but mostly queen size now. Seems like all my family has queen or king size beds!

  43. Unless the quilt is for someone specific & I know their bed size, I make full size quilts. It can be used as a bedspread on a twin but is big enough to cover the mattress & snuggle up in if the bed is full size.

  44. I love your quilt and I love these prints. They would fit right in with 3 of my current projects. My favorite size is large lap quilts up to twin size approx. 66″ x 78″. I want my quilt recipients to be able to wrap themselves up in my quilts plus my siblings and some nephews are tall people, several over 6″.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  45. I really like that fabric and Sadie looks very tiny … and hot!

  46. Melody Lutz says:

    I make queen and king…95% of the time.

  47. Your quilt looks lovely, I love the prints and the colors! My favorite quilt size is twin or lap size.

  48. Wild Things is lovely! The pattern is fun and the fabrics are gorgeous! I like kind of large size lap quilts. 66″ish by 84″ish is good 🙂 I prefer them rectangular. Thank you for the inspiration!

  49. Lori Morton says:

    Your quilt is Awesome!! Simple but sooo Impressive!! Love it!! My favorite size quilts to make are large Throw size… Am currently working on a large quilt now..bigger than double..lil’ smaller than a queen size. Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way too 🙂

  50. Linda Cartwright says:

    I make a lot of twin size, to donate to kids in CPS custody, here in Texas.

  51. I like making any quilt over 60″. Anything smaller and it is hard to keep covered up. (Dog, hubby, kids keep trying to sneak some of it.)

  52. Tami Von Zalez says:

    You can quilt a bed sized quilt on a domestic machine but boy is it a workout. I have said quilting should be an Olympic sport! I use a table in front of my machine and my ironing board to the side to hold all of the bulk.

    I love the Hobbs batting, one of my fav lines.

  53. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie; I certainly am looking forward to one of your terrific tutorials on this Stacks Quilt Pattern! Right now my favorite size quilt to make is a lap quilt. Which is what I will create with your tutorial. I know that I have mentioned that I am a picky Batik user. Yet, Connie, the way that you designed the fabric layout for the detail in this quilt is absolutely spectacular! I am just ohing and awing over your beautiful Stacks Quilt! Thank you so much for sharing and have a lovely day!

  54. Carol Nelms says:

    Very pretty thanks for sharing

  55. Amy McBurnie says:

    Great quilt and the fabrics make it perfect for a guy’s quilt. I like to make oversized lap quilts – usually around 72″ x 72″. The quilt needs to be big enough for two people to cuddle under.

  56. Well I don’t know if queen is my favorite size, but it seems that that is the size everyone has. Sew I make them the most.
    Your quilt is great, my Mom would love these prints.

  57. Linda Schiffer says:

    My favorite size depends on my mood. 😉 For bed quilts, a queen. For ease of quilting, a baby.

    🙂 Linda

  58. A great use of this collection. Thanks for sharing. I will be watching for the pattern release. I really don’t have a favourite size of quilt to make. I like to do everything up to about 76″ x 88″ as I can manage quilting them on my domestic machine.. I am one of those quilters who enjoys the entire quilting process and really dislikes handing my quilt off to someone else to quilt. As a result I have taken a course so I can rent time on a long arm for bigger quilts. This makes me so happy as a mid arm or long arm are not in my future.

  59. Lynda Hermann says:

    I make a lot of lap size and/or twin size quilts – not counting those baby quilts that I keep making for family members (smile)

  60. Lisa Marie says:

    It’s hard to choose a favorite size! I like lap quilts, but I also like baby quilts, and oh, I sometimes go crazy making table runners, and on and on. So, no king size for me, but just about anything else and I’m good to go!

  61. Gorgeous and the river with its banks is the perfect back drop for this quilt. As for what size quilt I like to quilt? Any size as long as I snap a photo of sections where I will repeat a design from the top on the bottom. Otherwise, I will have forgotten a direction and have to unroll. Prior to getting my LA I didn’t much care for quilting my tops of any size.

  62. Kim from Calgary, Alberta, Canada says:

    Beautiful quilt, Connie!! I don’t have a favourite size of quilt. Anything from a coaster up to a king size quilt- I’ve done them all. As long as I’m in my happy place of quilting, size doesn’t matter. 🙂

  63. Quilting Tangent says:

    Nice pattern really shows off the prints. I like queen to king, better to have snuggle under.

  64. Patricia Evans says:

    Lovely as always. My favorite quilt size is a lap quilt. I also do a lot of kid’s sized quilts, slightly smaller than lap size. I can easily quilt both of these on my 30 year old mechani al Bernina. Thanks for a giveaway that doesn’t involve Facebook.

  65. Lori Smanski says:

    oh Connie your quilt is gorgeous. this really showcases the fabrics. It reminds me of a jungle full of animals that have all come together for a meeting of the minds. LOL thank you for sharing.

  66. Great quilt! Really shows the fabrics!

  67. My favorite quilt size is a lap quilt.

  68. Gorgeous quilt with wonderful prints! I enjoy having the larger quilts but tend to lean toward making the lap size to accomodate quilting them my self. I send the larger of to the LAQ. Looking forward to someday having that big old Bernina long arm sitting in my sewing space.

  69. Just so beautiful. The Wild Things batiks are a gorgeous collections.

  70. My favorite now is lap. Our guild does give a ways to VA hospitals and Crisis Shelters and bigger lap sizes seem to work best.

  71. Debbie Rhodes says:

    Love these prints. I like to make queen size quilts everything is fun but pin basting.

  72. I like to make children’s quilts. I usually make them as charity quilts for the guild. They are a good size to quilt on my machine. Your pictures by the water, then on the rocks really show off your quilt.

  73. My favorite size quilt to sew would be a children’s quilt. I usually make them as charity quilts for the guild. They are the perfect size to quilt on my machine. Your picture by the water, then on the rocks really shows off your quilt.

  74. Allison Evrard says:

    The muted colors of this collection are beautiful! I like to make lap-sized quilts best. I think they get the most use.