Who’s Who Quilt Tutorial

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Learn how to make this easy quilted wall hanging that looks harder than it actually it.

Follow along to make this cute Who’s Who quilted wall hanging that starts out with one quilt block and then gets rows added around it.

Make this wall hanging with at least seven different fabrics!

Whos Who quilted wall hanging tutorial on deck rail

Who’s Who Quilt Tutorial
38″ x 38″

Today I have a small quilt tutorial to share with you. This would make a wonderful baby quilt. I really enjoyed working with the cute fabrics that are part of the Who’s Who group by Ro Gregg for Fabri-Quilt. Take a look at all the little owls in the fabric!

This is a small quilt finishing at approximately 38 inches square.

I am thinking it would be fun to remake it using just the center block duplicated several times for a quilt.

Whos Who quilted wall hanging tutorial peek at backing fabric

A couple of weeks ago I gave you a little sneak peek at the Who’s Who fabric group by Ro Gregg that I received from Fabri-Quilt. The fabrics are beautiful and the little owls……..adorable!

The fabrics make me think of spring and the little owls really look cute on the back of the quilt.

Here is a closeup of the center of the quilt.

quilted wall hanging tutorial closeup of center


Here are the fabrics and amounts used in the quilt. Your backing and batting should be large than the quilt top.

  • Main print – A – 2½ yards
  • Dark Teal – B – 1 yard
  • Brown – C – ¼ yard
  • Light Teal – D – ¼ yard
  • Cream – E – 1 yard
  • Light Green – F – ¼ yard
  • Dark Green – G – ¼ yard
  • Backing fabric – 1¼ yards
Who's Who Quilt Tutorial amount of fabric needed

Always sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

We start off with the center block in the quilt.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial making the blocks

Make some easy flying geese blocks

Teal and brown flying geese blocks

  • Cut 8 – 2½” squares of teal (b)
  • Cut 4 – 2½” x 4½” rectangles of brown (c)
  • Mark a diagonal line on each square
  • Place a 2½” teal square as shown below on top of the brown rectangle
  • Stitch on the line and then trim and press
  • Repeat with the other teal square
Who's Who Quilt Tutorial flying geese blocks

Brown and cream flying geese blocks

  • Cut 8 – 2½” squares of brown (c)
  • Cut 4 – 2½” x 4½” rectangles of cream (e)
  • Mark a diagonal line on each square
  • Place a 2½” brown square on top of the cream rectangle
  • Stitch on the line and then trim and press
  • Repeat with the other brown square

Sew the flying geese sections together

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial piecing the flying geese quilt blocks

Center of wall hanging

Stitch the 4 square blocks, the flying geese blocks, and the center together as shown below using the owl print in the center.

This could easily be used as a block in a quilt. Make nine blocks and sew them together!

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial center block

First border

Let’s continue on with a border around the block. Cut your pieces as listed below and lay them out as shown.

  • Cut 4 – 4¼” cream squares (e) cut diagonally twice as shown below for 4 quarter square triangles
  • Cut 12 – 2 3/8″ cream squares (e) cut in half diagonally for half-square triangles
  • Cut 4 – 3½” cream squares (e)
  • Cut 8 – 2 5/8″ light green squares (f)
  • Cut 8 – 2 5/8″ dark green squares (g)
Who's Who Quilt Tutorial adding borders


The 4¼” squares cut into quarter square triangles will be the corners of each section of the border.

The 2 3/8″ squares cut into half-square triangles will be used to make the rows.

Each section will use 4 – of the quarter squares triangles and 6 of the half-square triangles.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial continue adding borders

Piece the blocks together.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial piece the blocks

Here is the finished section, make four of these.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Each corner has a 3½ inch cream (E) square. Sew together as shown.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

18½” block

Here is the quilt with the first border added, it should measure 18½”.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Second border

Add a Teal (B) border – measure your block and make sure it is 18½”. If not adjust your border accordingly.

  • Cut 2 pieces – 1½” x 18½” – sew to the sides
  • Cut 2 pieces – 1½” x 20½” – sew to the top and bottom
Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Third border

The next border has some odd sizes in it. Sew the blocks together as shown. Make 4 of these.

  • Cut 8 – 2 1/8″ x 3½” pieces Brown (C)
  • Cut 8 – 3½” x 3 7/8″ pieces Light Blue (D)
  • Cut 8 – 3½” x 3 7/8″ pieces Green (F)
  • Cut 4 – 3½” x 3 7/8″ pieces Multi-print (G)
Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Add the corners to 2 sections.

  • Cut 4 – 3½” squares Cream (E)
Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Sew the 2 sections without the cream squares to the sides of your quilt. Then add the last 2 sections with the cream squares to the top and bottom.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

28½” block

Here is the quilt with the first border added, it should measure 28½”.

Fourth border

Add another Teal (B) border – measure your block and make sure it is 28½”. If not adjust your border accordingly.

  • Cut 2 – 1½” x 26½”
  • Cut 2 – 1½” x 28½”
Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Final border

The final border uses the Owl (A) fabric which is directional. Cut the sides first from the length of your fabric.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Remember to double-check the size of your quilt block before cutting the borders.

  • Cut 2 – 5½” x 28½”
  • Cut 2 – 5½” x 38½”
Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Finish your quilt

Add batting and a backing that is approximately 1¼ yard.

Quilt as desired.

Cut 4 – 2½ inch strips of Teal (b) for the binding. Use my easy machine binding tutorial to attaching and finish your binding.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you make this quilt I would really like to see it!

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

Get a printable ad-free PDF of the Who’s Who Wall Hanging

PDF of the tutorial

I also used these cute fabrics in my Fabric Basket Tutorial. This continues to be one of my most popular posts.

Who's Who Quilt Tutorial

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