We will miss you Pelly!

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Our adventure with Pelly has come to an end.

Yesterday morning I went out to feed Pelly and he didn’t come to me like usual. I went to him and tried to entice him with a fish so he would come to the fishing pool…..nope.

I went back in and did some quilting; came out later and the same thing which was strange. Then he tried to stand and fell over! Something is wrong with his foot. I couldn’t find an injury and he was fine last night.

I carried him over by his pool and dipped his fish in the water before I gave them to him so he would get some water to drink. There was so way he could walk so I started making calls to get him some help.

He was picked up this morning and is going to the Macbride Raptor Project. Since he is injured they will now take him. We packed up his food, put him in a large box and said goodbye. I hope he gets better.

We will miss you Pelly!

Sunday Bob and our neighbor Bill went fishing at a pond for Pelly and brought home a whole cooler of little fish. Pelly was right there to check it out and……started eating!

We will miss you Pelly!

Later we went to town and bought Pelly a pool so we could work on getting him to feed himself and try and keep the fish alive for awhile.

We will miss you Pelly!

He was really figuring it out!! Once he finished dinner we had to empty out the pool and move it closer to the sand pile to make it easier for him to get in and out.

We will miss you Pelly!

He had lots of “pretend” friends, 2 sand piles, a pool and a umbrella!

We will miss you Pelly!

He always liked sleeping by a sand bag. We will miss you Pelly!

We will miss you Pelly!

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  1. It has been fun watching your adventures with him. I'm sorry he was hurt but at the same time I'm glad he gets to leave and get help now. What a fun and sad event.

  2. How sad for you. I hope his foot gets better.

  3. Oh that is so sad but also good in a way because now he will be with folks that will see him through to his next journey. You were great Pelly parents.

  4. Mary Huey says:

    What a great adventure you've had — glad that you shared it with us, too!!

  5. Accroquilt says:

    I will miss Pelly too. You made a good job with him!

  6. Oh that is too bad, but the raptor center will take good care of him and make him all better. 🙂 You took good care of him and thank you for sharing the journey with us. 🙂

  7. Miss Jamee Quilts says:

    til we meet again, Pelly! godspeed

  8. The Adventures of Pelly is proof positive that quilters like to read about more than just quilting. Keep us posted on his healing journey with the raptor center.

  9. Ellis2Roam says:

    You guys were so lucky to of had a wonderful visitor. It is not everyday a wildlife creature visits and stays. You are great ambassador's and treat visitors to your home wonderfully. I have enjoyed watching your adventures with Pelly and thanks for sharing them. It will be interesting to see if he returns once he is well and released back to freedom.

  10. Dont know about you but Im now bereft!!
    I miss him already!
    But please assure me, if hes gone to a 'Raptor' Project………that doesnt mean they'll feed him since hes injured, to raptors (crocs or aligators Im assuming ) does it ???????

  11. Poor Pelly injuring himself .At least he will be in good hands that can see to his injury. I guess you will miss Pelly a lot but you may see him again .I think he liked getting fussed over and cared for by you both.Thanks for the posts on Pelly.

  12. We will all miss the Pelly stories. Hopefully he with thrive at the rehab center.

  13. Teresa in Music City says:

    Awwww – we will miss Pelly!!! Hope he's okay!

  14. I'm really going to miss your Pelly Adventures. My husband had started asking me each day if I had had an update on the pelican yet! lol I'm sorry to hear that he had hurt his foot, but at least they were willing to take him and care for him now. Best wishes for Pelly!

  15. Createology says:

    Oh Connie you have done all you could do for Pelly. What a wonderful adventure you have had with such an unusual pet. He will forever be grateful for all you have done. Be brave and know that Pelly will be just fine. Blessings Dear…

  16. LiteraryLadybug says:

    Best wishes to Pelly!

  17. Catskill Quilter says:

    Ohh, I am sorry that Pellie had to leave – I have been reading your posts about him with great interest! I will send Good Thoughts that he will make a good recovery. (He got SUCH good care with you; I am sure that will give him an "edge" on getting better.)

  18. I was really sad there for a moment, thinking your title meant the worst, but I am thrilled that he has someone to take care of him properly. Maybe they will be able to put him with other pelicans too. I have much hope that he will get better and stronger soon. Thank you, thank you for all the updates, I search for a Pelly post every time I open up Bloglovin now! Check in on him later and let us know if he does well. Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  19. Connie, I will miss Pelly, too. I've really enjoyed your updates on him and I think you have been so kind hearted to care for this little guy. I feel sure he is in good hands now and since he has already started learning to fish he will be just that much better off. I hope the rehab center will keep you abreast of his progress. I'm sure they will if you ask about him.

  20. What a saga….at least now he can be among other feathered creatures…but I am going to miss the updates on him. You proved to be a wonderful stand in Mom, so I know you will miss him.

  21. I've really enjoyed watching Pelly's progress. I'm so sorry he's been hurt. I hope the rehab folks will keep you updated as to his progress. You have gone above and beyond in helping him. I hope you know how terrific you are!!

  22. Siouxzq64@gmail.com says:

    Hmm I wonder how Pelly hurt his foot? Glad they finally took him though, but you provided such nice accommodations I wonder if you they imprint like some other birds and he will return to visit. I enjoyed your posts about him.

  23. Oh, I will miss Pelly, but it is good to see that he is getting help for his foot and hopefully will be back with his siblings soon. I just love what you did to care for him and it's so good to see that he was learning to feed himself

  24. I will miss all the Pelly posts. It has been so much fun watching your adventure. I hope Pelly's injury heals and he makes new friends in his new digs. He knew where to go for help. You did a wonderful job!

  25. Connie, you and builder Bob are a couple of good eggs! You were so awesome to do all that you could to help Pelly. You will always remember this fun time and have all these great photos…Thank you for helping him!

  26. So Sad! I hope he does well. I will miss the updates on his progress.

  27. Aunt Rita says:

    Just as in life, one has to be on their "last leg" before help will be available.
    Great job done by all!

  28. Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals says:

    Awh Connie — thankfully you have someplace safe and qualified to send him off to. I've been enjoying your posts from afar. Best of luck to your little guy and we'll look forward to updates as you get them. You're so sweet. Hugs, Karen

  29. Oh no, poor Pelly. I hope they don't find someone hurt him and that's the reason for the foot problem. 🙁 Hopefully they'll get him back in shape and help finish raising him. You all did a great job keeping him alive and very comfy at Camp Connie. Gosh, what in the world will you do with all your spare time now Connie? LOL

  30. Oh my. At first, I was thinking the worst….then found relief that it was an injury. Poor little guy, he sure has had a rough start but your kindness and love gave him a wonderful chance for survival and hope for a future. Bless your heart for the tender loving care that you gave this little guy, making your home his home, giving him love and comfort in this scary world. There's a special spot in Heaven for people like you!

  31. imquilternity says:

    What a lovely journey you had with Pelly. I so enjoyed reading about your daily adventures with him and will miss that, but am glad he'll be getting the care he needs for his injury. Thanks so much for caring for him and for sharing his story with us.

  32. HI!!!! I will miss Pelly to!!!! So fun to get to see so much about him!!!!! I hope he will be ok!!!! You all took such good care of him!!!!! You know….it was a wonderful and interesting story that probably reached further than you know….I know I was telling everyone about your adventures and had people asking me for updates….I am sure a lot of people were sharing!!!!! Touched a lot of people!!!! Thank You

  33. MooseStashQuilting says:

    Awwww, now hopefully they can get him up and ready to live life as a pelican should. What wonderful memories he left for not only you, but the rest of us, who enjoyed all his adventures! Some times the hardest thing to do in life is let go! 🙂

  34. Quilting Babcia says:

    I agree, Pelly's story would make a wonderful children's book, especially if you are able to keep in touch with the Raptor Project and follow his progress there. Amazing how quickly they take over our hearts! Love the wonderful photos and story of Pelly.

  35. I will miss your updates but I'm glad Pelly is getting the care he needs. This will be a big adjustment for you too, after all the care you gave. If the Raptor Project keeps you updated on Pelly, please let us know as well.

  36. andrea @ tideline quilts says:

    Hi Connie, I think Pelly will be fine, based on the photo you have of him holding the leg up it is likely a good pull on the socket or something embedded right in the bottom of the foot from walking around – but it isn't broken or disclocated from what can be seen in the pic. What you did is a wonderful thing, and clearly you have him well on the way to being self-sufficient and hunting for his own food. The pool photos are fantastic in showing how much he has learned. Just wanted to add that it is a privilege to "know", even just through blogging, such a truly good person as yourself. Take care, and all the best.

  37. Sally Hurley says:

    I had been hoping for first-flight videos. Bummer that he was hurt. I hope he heals quickly. I will miss your Pelly updates!

  38. always in the background, watching, we will miss your stories also,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  39. I think that it's a shame that Pelly had to get injured before an animal rescue would take him. Thank goodness he had Connie's Pelican Hilton to take care of him! Connie–sounds like your Pelly stories would make a great children's book!

  40. Libby in TN says:

    I'm sad, too. No more Pelican Brief……

  41. Karen - Quilts...etc. says:

    I bet you will always remember this experience! It was great of you to share it with us,I really got a kick out of reading about your adventures with Pelly

  42. Podunk Pretties says:

    The things our motherly instincts make us do! It's so nice to see you taking the time out for Pelly. He had it made in the shade staying at your place. I'm not sure he'll like his new accommodations after being spoiled rotten. Wonder if he'll find his way "home" after getting well?

  43. Aw, bye-bye Pelly! He had come so far in the time he spent with you, thanks to your TLC. I hope he gets better soon and can join his pelican chums. Will they let you know how he does?

  44. aww, sad to see him go, but also glad he's being taken care of now. keep us updated

  45. What an interesting adventure with Pelly. You did an amazing job taking care of him. I enjoyed the stories and will miss looking forward to what's next. I wonder if they will give him a sandbag to sleep near. He probably felt like it was another pelican, maybe his mom. I missed what happened to the adult that showed up. I was hoping they'd pair up and it would be a happy ending.

  46. Hi Cindy! I know you miss him and we do, too! I hope he will be well and fine in the NEW place. x Teje

  47. It's sad to see your adventures with Pelly come to an end, but I'm happy he will get the care that he needs. It sounds like you may need to put a pelican quilt on your to do list.

  48. Poor Pelly – I agree, a shame they wouldn't take him until he was hurt. I do hope he gets better and returns to his fellow feathered friends. You were a wonderful Mamma and the community really rallied to care for him – life on the river.