Vintage Truck Applique Placemats

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After making the Christmas Truck table runner I decided it would be fun to a couple of vintage blue truck placemats. I didn’t put the Christmas tree in the bed of the trucks so I can use them at any time.

Vintage truck placemats and table runner

Vintage Truck Placemats

11″ x 15″

I heard that blue is coming back in decorating. Isn’t it fun how colors come back around.

We’re getting ready to move into our new house and the kitchen has dark blue counters. At first, I thought we would replace them right away but now I am starting to like them.

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Vintage truck placemats appliqued

I have most of my quilt stuff packed away but luckily I had some dark blue batiks and a neat background batiks with blues and browns in it that would work great for the placemat background.

I only had enough of the fabrics to make two placemats which work out fine as usually, it is just Builder Bob and me.

Materials for two placemats:

  • 1 yard of the background fabric – cut 4 layers of the background fabric 12″ x 16″
  • Cut 2 layers of batting 12″ x 16″
  • Scraps of dark blue, brown, black and white batiks
  • Templates from the Christmas truck
  • Heat n Bond Lite
Cutting out the applique pieces of the truck

Did you see the way I did my applique on the Christmas truck table runner? I did free-motion stitching around each applique piece three times.

This time I just stitched around the applique pieces one time. Batiks don’t fray that much so I’m not worried about washing and drying the placemats.

Closeup of applique on truck

I used the applique templates from the Christmas truck tablerunner. The trucks are the same size.

After quilting them, I trimmed each one to 11″ x 15″. Normally I cut my binding 2½-inches but for these, I was running short on the dark blue fabric so I cut the binding 2¼-inch and it works just fine. Each placemat needed two 2¼-inch by the width of fabric for the binding.

Here is a picture of the placemats with dishes on them. You can’t see the trucks at all. Once we get settled in the new kitchen, I’ll take some better photos for you.

Placemats with dishes on them
Blue truck placemats and Christmas truck tablerunner

I have a feeling I’ll be making more of these vintage trucks with other things in the back of the trucks. What would you like to see?

Vintage Tuck applique

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Vintage Truck applique placemats tablerunner

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  1. In awe of the pattern – and the quilting – it’s so even! I make big loops, then little, then another style! But love the All Season Truck! Thanks! Hope your weather is as good as ours! Very “Pumpkin” weather, cool, sunny, perfect. Thanks

  2. I love old trucks and especially now that my son and his wife own a ’63 Ford truck! In addition to some other readers suggestions, I would love to see any seasonal items- pumpkins, flowers, apples, puppies and quilts!

  3. Robyn Lidstone from Australia says:

    When I was about ten, my Dad bought a 1926 Dodge truck. It was a terrible yellow colour. He painted it navy blue and added a canopy on the back.

    In those days, seat belts didn’t exist. We would all pile in and go on amazing outings around our local area. We named the truck Tilly (short for utility). I have such fond memories of those times when every Sunday afternoon was a new adventure in Tilly.

  4. Miss Daisy says:

    Love the blue vintage truck placemats.

  5. Can’t decide between the table runner or placemats. Love them both! I’ve got both on my list of things to make this year, probably will put a tree in mine. And, well, actually, I’d love to see a cow in the back!

  6. Catherine B says:

    Of course you can fill the truck with dogs, cats or other animals. Quilts hanging over the side would be cute.

  7. Beth Burnett says:

    How about packing the truck with a couple quilters going either on a shop hop with lots of bags/boxes or a quilt retreat?

  8. Too cute! We have an old blue truck that has just been gifted to a young man who is learning to drive. I made a collage of it for memory sake. These would be perfect too. Thanks!

  9. Carole Cunningham says:

    Moving. What a big job. Good luck on possession and the fix up. Love these placemats. I think I will make them soon. Thank you for the ideas.

  10. The blue truck placemats are gorgeous!

  11. Those turned out so cute, Connie. I love them in the blues. Good luck with your key transfer today. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.