Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

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Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

I have a vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine, in fact I have two of them! I have this one setup with a longarm frame that I purchased with another sewing machine. This setup works but the harp doesn’t give you a lot of quilting room. 

I seem to spend more time loading and setting up the quilt than I do quilting it. 

Yesterday I decided to load a quilt on the frame…..I have no idea why I don’t always keep a quilt loaded. Once I get this done it seems like every time I walk into the living room I have to quilt just a little.

Do you recognize the quilt? That is my Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll that was Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt…..2 or 3 years ago!

I finally put the border on a month or two ago… why didn’t I get it ready to quilt right away? I was reading Bonnie’s blog and it sounds like she is working on the next mystery quilt that usually starts in November. Once I finish quilting this I’ll be all caught up on her mystery quilts.

Now remember, this is a regular sewing machine….not a long arm. It is my favorite 15-91 Singer sewing machine manufactured in 1951.

There isn’t much room for quilting and I stand behind the machine so I usually just do a medium stipple. When I want a small stipple I use my 15-91 Singer in the cabinet.

I also am using the Glide thread in the bobbin and the top and the tension looks great! I bought this thread when we went to Nolting in Cedar Rapids and I think I have gone through half of it already. Thank you Dora for recommending it!

Vintage S inger Sewing Machines

Now I don’t want to confuse you but…..this is also my favorite sewing machine. It is another 15-91 Singer in a cabinet and is in my quilt room. I do all of my piecing, free motion applique and quilting on this. I also have another one in the basement (exactly the same) that I keep forgetting to order a foot for.

I also started another baby quilt called Go Fish…..I love having more than one or wink….four projects going at the same time.
Vintage Singer Sewing Machines
The best thing about the quilt frame being in the living room……I can watch Builder Bob cook dinner and quilt at the same time!

I just noticed the roasting pan on the counter…..he makes a big batch of home-made popcorn and if you keep the lid on the pan the popcorn stays good for a couple days….unless we eat it faster than that.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

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  1. Gail Hafey says:

    Oh my, I have my mom’s 15-91 that was manufactured in 1954, 2 years before I was born. It was the only thing I wanted out of the house when she passed. I love it and it is my favorite machine to sew with; I haven’t found anything it can’t handle. When I was all in making masks it was the only machine that could handle the pleats. I moved it over next to my big Janome and did the basic piecing there and then pivoted to the Singer to do the top stitching and sewing the pleats.

  2. So cool to see this!! The frame she's using looks like an original handi-quilter. I have one and several vintage machine that I've been wanting to do this with.

  3. Hello! What is the name of the frame that you are using? I would love to see a demonstration of how the Singer and frame work.

  4. Cool! I have a new to me Singer 301a I'm going to try to fmq with. no frame yet, but I have a Juki that can go on one.

  5. Cool! I have a new to me Singer 301a I'm going to try to fmq with. no frame yet, but I have a Juki that can go on one.

  6. Cool! I have a new to me Singer 301a I'm going to try to fmq with. no frame yet, but I have a Juki that can go on one.

  7. Cool! I have a new to me Singer 301a I'm going to try to fmq with. no frame yet, but I have a Juki that can go on one.

  8. BarbaraShowell says:

    I would love video too! I sew and quilt with a singer 201-2 and a more 90.

  9. Chrissy O. says:

    I would love to see a short video of you operating the machine on the frame. I don't see handles so I'm confused as to how you manage the machine! Vintage Singers are my favorite, I sew machine with a 301 and my Featherweight.

  10. Missy Shay says:

    I agree with you, vintage machines are the best!

  11. This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  12. You are so funny with all your Singer machines. LOL! 🙂 I think that is great that you still have them and use them. Wish I had the room to have all those machines. 🙂

  13. Createology says:

    I love seeing your Singer machines and how you have hem set up for quilting. Not having to cook dinners would be quite the luxury. Creative Sewing Bliss Dear…..

  14. You are going to have to explain this set up more! I'm finding it interesting that you attached your Singer to a longarm frame!

  15. Having the machine and frame set up in the living room is perfect for being social while playing with your passion. I love seeing the Singer doing its job on the frame.

  16. Good for you Connie , great way to get those quilts quilted . I'd love to try quilting this way .

  17. Karin Vail says:

    what kind of frame do you have? I'd love to get one, but they are soooo expensive!

  18. Linda Wujcik says:

    Wish I still had my Singer…gave it to one of my daughters who begged me for it…meh! It's an ornament in her home! After seeing your frame, I feel better about my dining room takeover. I only have two machines set up…LOL! Love your blog and the awesome quilt!

  19. Another great blog today. Love seeing how you do all your sewing and quilting on your Old Singers. Now how does Builder Bob make the popcorn?

  20. Jacqueline says:

    Amazing to me that you do most of your quilting on a dsm. I need to start practicing. Of course I say that but don't do it.

  21. Just wondering what kind of frame you are using. I am thinking of getting one, but don't know anything about them.

  22. thats gorgeous,,,,,,,,,,,and love love that someone else uses up the house for their quilting,,,,lolol,,,,,

  23. Connie has had that frame for quite awhile. She just doesn't seem to use it much. What I really can't fathom is how she quilts all those beautiful and sometimes BIG quilts in that teensy little harp space. Color me green. 😀

  24. Vicki in MN says:

    Now wait a minute Connie-when did you get a frame??? I thought you did ALL your quilting sit down and push style? Now you just need to go back to Nolting and get a Funquilter!!

  25. says:

    I have a 15-91 which I got at a barn sale last year. I don't think it was ever used. She's a bit clanky, but at that age who isn't. She sews a beautiful seam. I just don't want to relegate her to my quilter. I am thinking of modifying an old new home for that since my fancy machine is being persnickety.

  26. Ohhh I didn't know the frame was in your living room, neat!! I think my frame is so naked if there isn't a quilt on it…. I have a donation quilt on there, it's been a few days since I quilted on it, just simple leaves but still I have MORE stops I should quilt too!

  27. I love these photos!
    So awesome to have natural light when quilting… and in the main part of the living space, so you can be where all the action is 🙂
    And love to see you quilting on a big frame with a little treasure of a sewing machine 🙂
    Also love that you have a personal chef!

  28. If I had the space for one, I would have a frame too (with my new Juki). Yes, I see Bonnie is gearing up, but sounds like another big one, which I'm not sure I want to tackle right now. You make it and I'll watch.