Viking Husqvarna 6020

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Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine

Today I went to Moline, IL to pick up my grandson and 2 dogs that will be visiting for 10 days…..guess what else came home with me!

I’m going to blame it on Michelle from Life with Lou, we were chatting back and forth and she told me about this sewing machine at Goodwill in Moline – which is where I was headed. I paid $50.38 for it.

She has a wonderful blog with lots of info on older machines!

Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine 6020

It is a Model 60 20 and Michelle just told me I have the A cam, the other 2 are missing. I never knew they made extension plates for the older machines! Michelle is finding out all kinds of info for me!

Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine 6020
Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine 6020

I should have gotten a better picture of this part of it. There was a broken needle in it, and it looks like the feed dogs are in the down position.

If I end up not using it I always know that Michelle will find a good home for it.

Goodwill Fabrics

I also found 4 pieces of fabric for .88 cents a piece. The 2 are fat quarter batiks and the other 2 are about 1/2 yard each.

Tomorrow I’ll share some doggie pictures with you, I’m not doing well with potty training a 13 week old puppy…………..



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  1. Kay Susan says:

    You have one of my favorite machines. I purchased my Viking 6020 in Marquette, MI when they first came out. I taught sewing classes at a shop featuring this model. The slow speed feature on the bottom right side was a bonus.
    Children could handle the machine with ease. The machine takes the standard 15 class needle and did a decent buttonhole. My little workhorse went to an overseas mission a few years ago. Happy Stitching!

  2. Richard Healey says:

    I love the batiks you got what a great price.

  3. Dora, the Quilter says:

    Oh, there is a great vintage Viking list run by Bill Holman, who used to train a lot of their technicians. It's called Viking Sewing Machine pre-1980 and is a yahoo list.

  4. Dora, the Quilter says:

    I bought a 6430 fresh out of college and a few years ago I bought a 6020 from a woman who was downsizing and moving. More often than not the internal cam stacks are cracked (and it can sometimes be hard to find an OSMG who truly knows how to fix them). They tend to freeze up if not used at least once a month or so (but once the gunk is out of them, they agre great, great machines). They were advertised as needing no oil, but that really is not true.

  5. It's a great machine. A friend had the next generation, and that's what convinced me to buy the computerized Viking instead of the Bernina, and I've never been sorry about that choice. They just sew forever! I'll bet you can pick up those cams somewhere, too. It would be worth a few dollars to find them and make it completely operational. I'm a little jealous!

  6. This looks great! My mom had the same and I guess with that we sew together cloths for my barbies! x Teje

  7. patchouli moon studio says:

    Great finds and great deals too. That Viking does look a lot like the Bernina 830 (old one), which I have and love too. Oh those batiks are great finds too. Score!

    I have a friend who can find about anythinig and everything at Goodwill and other thrift stores. She goes all the time though and that could be why she finds great stuff.

  8. It's so fun to find good deals! very exciting. Training puppies are time consuming; I'm glad we have a kitten this time around! Good Luck!

  9. lovely buys there Connie and real bargains as well.xx

  10. It looks like a good, sturdy, reliable sewing machine. Keep up posted. I'd like to know how it sews for you.
    If I see a sewing machine at the Goodwill, I always check it out. Usually they are in such poor shape, I'm not sure where to start with them.

  11. I just love bargains like that! Viking is a good, basic machine to have. You can purchase extra parts on-line. My favorite place to find parts for older machines is at My daughter has a machine just like yours.

  12. Looks like you had a great shopping day!

  13. I can't wait to hear more about it. Have Builder Bob cut you a circle from a pie tin, or something to fit inside the knob on the front…the knob that is missing that piece.

    Nice fabrics!!!

  14. Betty Lou says:

    I think you probably got a good sturdy machine, it looks a lot like my old 830 Bernina, circa 1976. It is my work horse, in fact my newer Bernina is in the shop now, the needle fell out while sewing and now more than likely the timing is out. Just routine service $99.99 plus the damage to the timing. You would think they were working on my Buick. For now I will be sewing on the 830.

  15. Wow you sure scored big time. Neat machine and the fabric! Oh my.

  16. I have read lots of great things about these machines , I am sure you will have lots of fun. Good buy !

  17. I had a Viking like that back in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I know I bought it between 1965 and 1972 because I remember which house we lived in. I bought a Berinina 830 in 1976 and they both had the extension tables.

  18. It looks like you got some great steals there. Good luck with the puppy!

    1. That looks like a good sturdy machine. Keep it. I have had a Husqvarna Viking since the 1980’s. Then bought a Husqvarna #1 plus. in 1997. Has been surviced once in 25 years. Only because there were some threads jamming it up. I didnt get an extention with it, my dear sweet husband made one and it fits perfect. Bonus, yes. It does say in the manuel to NOT oil your machine. The time it was serviced it got oiled, I could smell the oil for months after. I love the picture of the dogs meeting at the fence. They make a cute match. Bonus score on the fabric. first yard sale here last weekend, walking distance. Also scored big on a couple of wool quilts, look like they are from Europe. because they are very different. for Free. yessss! love your studio, to die for. have a great day.

  19. It looks like you found a treasure…have fun with it!