Valentine Heart Table Runner Tutorial

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Valentine Tablerunner Tutorial

Are you looking for a fast and easy table runner for Valentine’s Day? You’ll enjoy my Valentine Heart Table Runner tutorial that takes no time at all to make.

Valentine Heart Table Runner Tutorial

Valentine Tablerunner Tutorial closeup

My tutorial is a table runner made out of batiks and measures 16″ x 40″

If you don’t have a AccuQuilt GO! Baby don’t worry, you make this runner using any method you like that gives you 3 inch finished half-square triangle blocks. I used the #55009  AccuQuilt GO! 3 inch Half Square Triangle die.

I used 2 fat quarters for the hearts and had a yard of the background fabric but didn’t use it all.

If you don’t have the AccuQuilt GO!, you can also cut 3 7/8″ squares and then cut them on the diagonal

Let’s go make it!

AccuQuilt GO HSTs

I used my Accuquilt GO Baby and the half square 3″ finished triangle die. When I use this die I cut my strips of fabric a little less than 4 inches wide.

You can go to my AccuQuilt HST pillow tutorial to see how to lay the fabric on the die.

AccuQuilt GO HSTs dog eared corners

This is what I love the best about AccuQuilt’s dies – dog eared corners!

Stitch with a ¼-inch seam allowance and press.

HST Heart Tutorial

I made 3 quilt blocks using the follow for each block:

  • (2) 3½-inch squares of red batik (or pink)
  • (2) 3½-inch squares of background fabric
  • (12) – HST blocks
HST Heart Tutorial

Here is the way I sewed the blocks together, notice I forgot to take a picture of the step with the dark red…..oops.

Piecing 4 sections of block

Back to the dark red fabric.

complete heart batik block

I thought about the top arrangement but I went with the bottom one for my Valentine Heart table runner tutorial.

variations of blocks

Another oops….after stitching the 3 blocks together I added a 2 inch border on all sides and forgot to take a photo of that before I quilted the table runner.

I used muslin for the backing and Warm & Natural batting. Then I used a raspberry swirl thread to stipple quilt the pink heart. I also used this thread for the background quilting

freemotion quilting on pink heart

On the dark pink hearts, I decided to get out my tracing wheel and draw a line that I could free motion quilt along.

Marking quilting lines

I did a little loop de loop design. I used a eggshell colored thread to quilt my loops and curls and really liked the way it turned out.

Freemotion stitching

If I had thought of it sooner I would have done the pink heart with a dark red loop and curl. After quilting, I added a 2.5-inch binding.

Valentine Table runner Tutorial

Other block variations you could use

Variations of the quilt block

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  1. Love this table runner, Connie! If there is a pdf file available, please let me know. So sorry to hear about Mr. Mickey’s congestive heart failure.
    Best regards,
    Roxy in Hudson, WI

  2. Wow, such a cute table runner! I see comments going all the way back to 2012. It just shows the long lasting styles!

  3. Hi Connie, I have commented before because I really enjoy your blog (plus I love quilting, feeding the birds and caring for our 16 year old boykin spaniel)! I am so intrigued by the free motion quilting you did with the garland of loop de loops! How pretty is that?!

  4. Lovely block…I plan on orienting my blocks sideways so that I’ll have a 3 block wall hanging for my doorway for Valentine’s Day….that way I can hang it vertically. I’ll make another for a table runner…it’s too pretty NOT to have more than one! Thanks so much. Blessings from a chilly West Virginia.

  5. This is a darling Valentine table runner. I plan to hang it in the same place I hung a JOY runner for Christmas. I love starting the year out with one of your table runner patterns. Wishing you the best in 2021,

  6. Thanks for a great tutorial. I'm not brave enough to do the dark quilting thread on a light background, but your version looks great.

  7. I think it's great that your having a giveaway but my main goal with this post was just to let you know that I love the table runner you designed. It didn't make it on my table this year for Valentine's Day but I can guarantee it will be on my table next year!

  8. Happy Valentine’s day and thank you for sharing at my blog! Please be sure to visit my new "Learning Center" at quiltinggallery.com/learning-center/

  9. LOVE this tutorial. The shape of the hearts are awesome. Thanks for a great pattern, a simple way to do it, and cute cute ways to quilt it.

  10. Thanks for the suggestions about quilting the runner. Happy Valentine’s Day – thank you for sharing your tutorial!

  11. This is a cute table runner. At first, I thought you used some type of applique technique to get the inside of the hearts to be cut out. Very clever use of the HST blocks.

  12. I really like this table runner, Connie, and I particularly like the way you quilted it! You are such a creative lady! Happy Valentine's Day to you! 🙂

  13. That accuquilt go baby is fantastic! soo need one of those! the table runner is lovely 🙂 the colours are perfect.
    Take care

  14. that's really cute! Before the Accuquilt, I was afraid to make 1/2 squares, but not anymore. I love my half squares and LOVE my Go and studio cutters. I'm definately going to make some of these blocks and going to make a quilt out of them. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  15. Lovely table runner, I made my 1st Valentine table runner from a blog hop tut, last year. I think this will be my 2nd, I also made a few extra as gifts. Toni Anne

  16. LOVE your runner!! You made it look VERY easy!! Now I am off to JoAnn's in search of the 3" HST die!! Thanks for that…I think!! haha

  17. Beautiful runner Connie. Thank you. I’m still so jealous of that view of the river you have. The calm of the river is so wonderful to sit and watch with a morning cup of coffee. I really miss my childhood home that was on the river. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day Connie. I am sure you have something special planned for you and your hubby.

  18. Lovely tutorial. I don't own a Go, but I'm sure I could make it without and I adore batiks so that's got to be a plus point hasn't it?

  19. Connie that was a great tutorial, and I love the runner….will definitely be making this one…have a great Valentine’s Day.

  20. I love how you show the different settings for the heart centers for such sweet looks. Thank you for sharing your tutorial.

  21. I love the table runner – can't wait to give it a try. Just have had my Accuquilt for a while and love what I am finding I can do with it. thanks for posting the tutorial!

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