Using the space you have for quilting and crafts

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We all love having a separate room or she-shed for our quilting and crafts but sometimes that isn’t possible and you should still try and create a space for yourself.

Working at the dining room table means putting things away after each use but that is better than never being able to sew or quilt at all. I have been guilty of complaining and whining about not having a big enough quilt studio and I know that I am very fortunate to have the space that I do have.

River quilt studio

I really do miss my river house quilt studio with my sliding design wall and all the awesome lighting that Builder Bob added. I hope to have one at my new house.

River quilt studio

My large cutting table has been in storage for over a year, every time we go to the storage unit I look at it and just sigh…..waiting to set it up again! I have several posts that show my quilt studio that I had at the river. even share photos of my setup and all of my AccuQuilt dies.

River house quilt studio cutting table

Maquoketa quilt room

When we moved here a year ago this is what my quilt studio looked like or at least one room. Lots of stuff! It was easy to get rid of furniture and Builder Bob’s stuff when we moved but my quilting/crafts goodies….most of them went with us.

Quilt room 2019 Maquokets

Basement craft area

About a month ago I decided to clean up the clutter in my quilt rooms (yes, I have two) so I hauled all of the craft supplies for painting, stamping, and scrapbooking that I don’t use that often to the basement.

Our basement is old but dry. I love using shelving units and some I have had for years. The white ones below are from my days of doing craft shows. Anything that could be broken down and moved easily was a plus then. Gosh, that was 22 years ago that I quit doing craft show!

I covered one section of the wall with flannel as the walls are over 100 years old and flake.

Crafting in the basment

I am so tickled to live close to the granddaughters and have them over to paint and work on crafts. I set up a folding table and covered it with a plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Store.

The previous owner left this old metal cabinet and we were going to get rid of it until I realized my paints fit perfectly on the doors.

The room isn’t pretty but it functions perfectly for our crafts. Do you have a spot like this you could use? At one time I had my sewing machine set up in a basement like this while we were remodeling.

Basement craft area

New Studio

We are still a month away from our move to our new house. I am very, very happy that we just bought a house with a room that is over 530 square feet and can’t wait to fill it up! I have started to pack things up and am realizing that I really, really have a lot of stuff!

I shared photos of the new house in my Moving to the Country post. The family room just off of my quilt studio had all of these beautiful bookcases! At first, I thought it would be a great place to store my quilts but the shelves aren’t very deep. I still love to read and have a stack of favorites that I’ll put on these shelves. I can also see fat quarter bundles and jelly rolls housed here!

Bookcases at new house

Blogging and quilting are my business and what I do every day so I can share quilt tutorials and patterns with you. I really enjoy what I do but it seems to take over our entire house all the time which actually makes me very happy. LOL If you have a small space you can still enjoy quilting or crafting!

I am so excited that I’ll be able to share our experience of moving once again! Hopefully this is the last move for a very long time.

Autumn Leaves

I spent a couple of hours packing yesterday after I took Mr. Mickey for his morning walk. The colors are still beautiful but the leaves are really starting to fall.

Autumn leaves on tree

Doesn’t he look cute in the leaves!

Mr. Mickey in the leaves

Look at the beautiful colors in these vines!

Beautiful fall colors

We always enjoy walking by this beautiful tree. A neighbor told me it is one of the oldest trees in Maquoketa.

Oldest tree in Maquoketa

Most of the summer flowers are gone but there is one house that has these beautiful flowers along her driveway, What vibrant colors!

Beautiful flowers


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  1. Connie Dear your new home will be so wonderful for you and your amazing quilting skills. Having more space is excellent. Since I downsized and moved I am making do with a tiny space after having the luxury of huge spaces and multiple rooms. I am grateful to have any space for my Creative Bliss. Blessings…and enjoying the Fall colors and weather.

  2. I love that you have Longaberger Baskets in both your sewing and crafting rooms!

  3. Wonderful fall colors you are enjoying now. We are beginning to get them, too. I love fall and the weather but do not look forward to the cold. Normally, I wouldn’t mind so much, but knowing it will curtail socializing makes me sad. With the pleasant weather, it’s been much easier to visit with others because we can be outside. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in your new studio. Smart move to keep the existing floors! Your new studio is just about exactly half the size of my apartment!!! Can I color that sentence green? I’m not really complaining. I live alone and could spread out everywhere if I decided I wanted to, but that would also mean cleaning up areas and I do prefer to just leave projects in place until I’m finished with them. So, have fun, Connie … and stay safe!!!

  4. You will have such fun setting up that new studio. The house looks wonderful.

  5. Linda Jennings says:

    Hi Connie, how beautiful. I like to know does Mr. Mickey like to roll in the leaves, my Happy does. She will be 10 yrs old in a couple of weeks and still does it, and loves to run with her frisbie in this cooler weather.

  6. I could take 10 months of October, then one July and a December. The colors are so beautiful, the air so crisp – perfect quilt weather! Thanks for sharing the walk – Indigo is happy as a clam for the Husky weather. Thanks for taking us along for the move!

  7. Rose M Post says:

    So happy you have grandchildren that are interested in crafting with you. Those will be important memories for them. I however have grandchildren that do not enjoying crafting however my 5 year old great nephew has an artistic eye and enjoys decorating for holidays so there is hope that I will be able to share crafting with him.

    Love the picture of the autumn leaves and the picture of Mr. Mickey in the leaves. I live in Alpine, CA and have lots of evergreens but very few trees that turn color. Thanks for sharing you pictures.

    1. Thank you Rose, I love the fall colors here in Iowa! By next week they will probably all be falling. Have fun creating with your great nephew!

      1. What a lovely walk! Congratulations on the new house, and condolences on fur baby Sadie. She was well loved, and loved well in return. As you know, I sew and quilt in my RV, so I have about 50 square feet, plus my king sized, horizontal “design wall.” Works for me! Just a little shy on storage space, but it just makes me a little more judicious in purchasing.

        May I ask where your cutting table is from? Does it have built in storage, or is it just loads of stand alone racks you’ve purchased elsewhere?

  8. Deborah Robinson says:

    I’m so excited for you guys! I can’t wait to see more pictures of everything coming together. I bet your brain never stops, lol. Thinking, planning, I know mine doesn’t! Lol The trees are absolutely Beautiful!

    1. LOL, Deborah, you are so right! I am always, always creating the next fun project!!

  9. Judy Stevens says:

    Love seeing your photos of your quilt studio, and hope the new place will offer the space you want and need for your creative work. the red flowers along that driveway are dahlias. They Bloom from wrinkly rhizomes you would never think could produce such beautiful flowers. In your area the rhizomes probably have to be dug up before winter, Watch for the rhizomes at garden centers in the spring and you can plant your own beautiful flowers for your yard.

  10. Karen Poole says:

    Hi, I don’t know if you already mentioned this in an earlier blog, but I’m wondering what made you decide to move and buy another house so soon after the last move?

    1. We planned on adding a quilt studio but now the cost of building materials has sky rocketed and no contractors are available for over a year. The new house has all I need.