Update on Sadie and Dad

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Sadie on Aruba Sunset quilt

Sadie got a haircut and looks like a puppy again! The photo below was taken on her way to the groomer. She isn’t fond of brushing and had a few places where her fur was matted, much easier to take care of now!

Sadie going to groomer

Getting a haircut seemed to take years off of her…….hmmmm…..I wonder if that would work for me??

Sadie on quilt before haircut

My dad: It seems like one day he is getting better and then the next……it goes the other way. I think his recovery will be long and slow.

A week ago today he was moved to a Skilled Care facility, it is a good one but this has been our first experience with a place like this and we are still trying to figure out if it is better or worse than the hospital.

Dad’s bowel obstruction surgery got infected shortly after his surgery and he still has the wound vac on. It has done a great job and hopefully will be removed next week.

He was in the hospital since May 15th and developed a yeast infection in his blood which is a fungus and is receiving an antibiotic for it that is given by IV. It had to be taken for 16 days – hopefully, one week left. Having the wound vac and IV really limited where he could go for rehab.

He gained over 60 pounds of water weight and developed edema which had to be treated very carefully with Lasix as he has a heart condition. This resulted in him not being able to walk or use his hands which weakened him.

Fortunately, the weight is now gone and physical and occupational therapy is happening.  The skilled care facility is further away from the hospital and going up every day is exhausting. We are trying to figure out a way to make it easier on all of us while still being there when needed for dad.

I have had so many kind emails about my dad, thanks so much for taking the time to pray and think of him and all of us!

Quilting has been almost nonexistent

3 quilts Island Batik Fall Market

 I finished several quilt commitments that I had, these went to Island Batik for the fall market. I have a couple of other quilts that I am working on for AccuQuilt and trying to get finished.

I have never been a good one for working on a project for an hour here or there, I work best when I can spend hours in my quilt studio immersed in fabric and creating. I can’t wait to get back to a normal schedule but I don’t see that happening for a while.

Blogging and quilting have been very sparse and many times I have thought about giving up on it. Builder Bob has said, “If it isn’t fun anymore….quit.” I’ve been frustrated but I know things will get better and I truly love sharing on my blog. Thanks for being there for me.

Online Shopping for goodies

Lily Loom fabrics

One thing that I have been doing…….shopping online while sitting in the hospital.
I have bought new batteries for my camera, new graphic programs and……lots of fabric! (I’ll share more soon)Have you seen the new Lily & Loom fabric collection? The colors look perfect for quilts for my granddaughters. I bought the fat quarter bundle and then decided to also pick up the charm squares of both collections. What a great addition to my stash!

Lily Loom Fat Quarter Bundle

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Linda Nichols says:

    Dear Connie – Please know that love and prayers are being sent to you and your dear family.

  2. Susan Spiers says:

    Prayers for your Dad-quite the ordeal for him & your family-just know things will get better eventually-good thoughts headed your way-Susan in Mississippi

  3. Sending positive thoughts and prayers out to your Dad, as well as for you to find strength. I’ve also found it hard to know if post hospital care services are really bad, or just a change in service from the hospital. But I’ve now come to believe that your intuition tells you if something isn’t working or not. While I don’t want to add stress, it “might” be worthwhile to investigate options should you decide you need to change care providers for your Dad now, or in a future event. A nurse for his doctor/specialist may have a recommendation, but might also be a good start as a doctor can also provide feedback to a hospital, as appropriate.

    Big hug.


  4. Connie, I haven’t been around and didn’t know what your Dad and all of you had been going through. Sending a prayer for his full recovery and for getting back to a normal, happy life again!
    Take as much time off as you need. Everyone will still be here and eager to say hello whenever you can make appearances in blogland.

  5. Wishing you well as you care for your father, all that is involved with driving, time for you care for him and also time for you to recharge for time with your craft and family. Hope you have a stress free 4th.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences…..tough as they are! I’m sure you will follow your heart regarding quilting and blogging. We all understand. You know, taking a hiatus is not a bad idea…….

    Take good care, my dear!

  7. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    I’ll continue praying for your dad, you and your whole family…something like this really takes a toll on everyone, emotionally and physically! Take care of yourself and don’t concern yourself with all the less-important plates you juggle! You and your family are at the top of the list, everything else will always be waiting when you can come back to them.

  8. You and your dad must feel as though you have been through the wringer several times over. Sitting in a hospital room is one of the most stressful things that I can imagine. I hope you can figure out a schedule that will work for all of you so that you can get a bit of a break. Those wound vacs are noisy and tough to keep a good seal, but glad that it is doing some good for him.

    Sadie does look great with the new summer cut. If it worked as well in humans, I’d get one too! lol

    Although I would miss your blog terribly, I would completely understand a break. I have had to do it several times when my mom was hospitalized. It does take a bit of stress off and relieves the guilt. You will know when it needs to happen. Life throws all sorts of curveballs for us to make adjustments. Keeping all of you in my prayers.

  9. i had no idea that a hair cut for a dog could be that important…so adorable.
    AS for your dad…I am sorry…I have been that route with both my mother and my husband..nothing nice about it. When my husband was dying of ALS Oh, my did the sales go up online fabric stores…I hunted down sales and pre cuts etc until there was no room in the house. It was so worth it…cheaper than therapy and well…I loved doing it…xxoo good luck during a hard time. Diane

  10. Praying for a full recovery for your dad. I don’t comment very often, but read all of your blogs. Right now you’re running on fumes and can’t possibly get everything done. Do whatever you have to do for yourself so you stay strong and healthy. Stress really takes a toll on our bodies. Take all the time you need to get back to your old normal and then decide if you want to continue your blog or not. If not, you will be missed by many. Sadie is really stylin’ with her new cut.

  11. Sure hope you Dad’s recovery speeds up. That’s a long time to be in recovery….Prayers. Sadie looks so cute.

  12. Connie ~ I’m sorry your Dad is still having such trouble healing. And so sad that new place is even further from your house as well. ugh. I know that drive to and from a hospital or another place such as the one he’s in now can be exhausting mentally given the distance, daily drive there, and then the concern and so much worry for his recovery. I really do hope he can recover very soon and be home.

    Love the new haircut on your puppy but I have to admit, I kinda liked the shaggy look too. 🙂

    *fingers in ears* Lalalalalala *Do NOT see/ready anything about that fabric. lalalalalalala

    I hope you can take some time this weekend to relax and try to recover a bit for yourself also

  13. Carol Hydeman says:

    Sadie is a little doll. Hopefully, she brings smiles to you every day. I’m sending prayers for your dad, you and Builder Bob. OT and PT is hard work but vital. I wish it was closer but it seems to be a perfect match for his needs. Please know we will be here when you need us and understand that blogging just isn’t the main focus of your life now. Reach out when you can. Take time to care for yourself as well.

  14. Prayers your Dad will be home soon .. …..

  15. Connie hang in there as this time too shall pass. I have been in your shoes when caring for my dad plus add working a regular job everyday to my mix. I kept telling myself that no matter what I was going through, my father’s hill was higher than mine….. so I kept going. I came to see him everyday during his month long hospital stay and his month long rehab stay.

    The rehab facility ended up putting a recliner in his room for me to take a nap in and saving me a meal each day. They were so helpful and I appreciated them so much. They took good care of my father during his stay.

    I will keep you and your family lifted up in prayer.

  16. Pat Evans says:

    So glad the Sadie update was about her haircut and not something serious (as if you need anything else). It’s okay to take a break from the blog. Your followers know the reason. Hope your Dad is on the road to recovery. Losing the water weight has to be a relief. As others have said, take care of yourself.

  17. Connie dear Sadie is super cute with her Summer haircut. Prayers and HHealing Energy for your Dad and family. It is never easy to be in your position and I do know the exhaustion of trying to be in both places at all times. I hope you continue your blog…for selfish reasons (I would miss you too much!) so that you continue to be surrounded with love and caring by all of your loving friends. There will be time for quilting and enjoying what you enjoy. Sending hugs to you Sweet Connie…(((((<#3)))))

  18. Hope your dad will be coming home soon. caring for family can be so exhausting and longer distance can make it worse. Take some time for yourself though too. Sadie looks so cute with her haircut and those fabric colors are so cheerful.

  19. Vernagrace says:

    Take care of yourself, too, Connie. If you can take some handwork with you when you visit, it may just be what you need to settle your mind, and we will be here when you are ready to go full tilt again. I went through this with both my parents, and it is mentally and physically, and emotionally draining.
    Just love little Sadie, give her lots of hugs, she feels this too. Praying for your Dad and all of you,


  20. Sometimes a blogger just really needs a break when life gets in the way. Share with us when you feel like it; everyone will understand. Best wishes and prayers for your dad to heal and get back on his feet soon!

  21. Barb Jansz says:

    So sorry to hear about your dad. I remember going through a similar time with my dad, who finally pulled through. It was a special time that taught me so much about love and life. Quilting and other things become in-important. Love and prayers.

  22. Sadie looks adorable in her new summer ‘do’! Your dad sure has had more than his share of problems with all this, things like this can wear you down so much. Hang in there as we’d all miss seeing what you are making!! You can’t quit quilting-you have too much fabric to use, hehe.

  23. I am so sorry for your Dad and what the entire family is going through. I also had a situation like that with my Mom that was protracted. It is very draining. Remember to take care of yourself during this time. Even a half hour will be refreshing. When my grandmother was in a care facility she took handwork with her to fill her time. If it is like quilting it is very calming.

    I wish you and your family the very best and hoping your Dad can come home soon. I love your blog and if you need to take a break during this time many, many of your followers and me will be waiting till you are able to come back.

  24. I’ll be in prayer for your Dad and you and your family Connie. I’ve been away for a bit, but it’s good to see you and your lovely quilts again. Sadie is a doll!

  25. Connie, I know you must be totally exhausted. I agee with Caol S. – don’t worry if yuo blog a little less – we’ll wait for you! I’m sorry your dad’s care facility is even farther way than the hospital but going there is a step in the right direction for him. Sadie looks like a pup again with her haircut. She really is a winsome little thing.
    Here’s to dad coming home and Connie getting back to her studio!! Prayers and good wishes coming your way to make that happen ,.. soon!

  26. That pup is so cute with his haircut! As for your dad, I’m so sorry for all that he’s going through. I know how hard it is to try and be there and still take care of things at home. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to give up blogging when you’re so tired from the emotional and physical side of what your’re dealing with. Don’t give up! It’s okay if you blog a little less. We’ll wait for you. Hugs

  27. doggie looks cute!! and tough about your dad….. you’ll get back to quilting soon enough!! could you pack up some portable hand work?

  28. I can relate to having a parent making a slow recovery in a skilled care facility. Both my dad and my mother-in-law spent time in one. And my younger daughter is an OT and Director of Therapy for 4 small facilities. We learned the hard way with my dad that he was refusing therapy without our knowledge and so Medicare quit providing it. So with my MIL we made sure the facility knew she wasn’t “allowed” to refuse and they were so good about encouraging her to cooperate even when she really didn’t want to. Best wishes on his continued recovery.

    I definitely believe that this kind of situation is so hard on the family. Long distance hugs to you!!

    Lilly and Loom fabric is one I have never seen but it’s sure cute.

  29. I know the difficulties you describe.
    You will enjoy quilting again. In time.

  30. Prayers for your Dad and your family. Hope he can come home soon. Love.