Twirling Stars Baby Quilt

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Do you have an extra quilt charm pack that you don’t know what to do with? Here is a sweet little Twirling Stars baby quilt that would be perfect to make!

Twirling Stars baby quilt

You could make a fast and easy baby quilt with one charm pack and a background fabric. The neat thing about this quilt is you don’t have to piece the pinwheel blocks!

Twirling Stars Baby Quilt

You simply cut the pieces from the charm squares and then stitch them to the background quilt block. Easy Peasey!

Twirling Stars baby quilt by the river

The quilt is 36″ x 40″ which is a perfect size for a baby.

 Our weather has been unbelievable for February and I was able to take photos down along the river……no ice!

I took a close-up photo of the back and a block before I put the binding on.  You can see the twirling stars a little better. The stars are raw bias-edge pieces.

Closeup on quilting and block

I had this cute flannel in my stash which has little kitties on it, this will make a sweet quilt for a little girl. I also used a striped fabric that I bought a couple of years ago for the binding.

I also made a fast and easy mini table topper with the same quilt fabrics that I think you’ll like.

Flannel on back of baby quilt

When I showed you this UFO at the beginning of the month I shared the info and a link to the video tutorial for this quilt.

The quilt is called Delainey’s Twirls & Swirls Quilt and Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Co. makes a 74″ x 97″ quilt using just one charm pack and 2 yards of fabric for the 6 1/2″ background squares.

Here is the video tutorial for the Delainey’s Twirls & Swirls Quilt.

I had a couple of people ask about the way the blocks were made as they have a hard time watching videos (that is also me sometimes) so I thought I would share a couple of photos.

Each 5-inch charm square is cut the same way, you end up with 2 large and 4 small sections. The video shows 2 different ways to cut them.

I like cutting the charm squares in half so you have 2 – 2 ½-inch x 5-inch pieces.

Cutting the charm squares

Place one 2½-inch x 5-inch piece on top of the other. Line up your ruler on the 2 ½-inch center and cut diagonally to each corner. You will have one large piece and two small pieces.

use a ruler to cut the pieces

Then all you do is lay the pieces on your 6 ½-inch squares and stitch them down. You will have raw edges.

Each block gets one large triangle and one small one. Make four blocks for each quilt block.

4 sections for each twirling block

I finished my UFO for this month, it was another easy one – just a Twirling Stars baby quilt. I have a feeling next month I won’t be so lucky! Are you finishing up your UFOs that have been sitting around? It really is a good feeling!

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  1. Dawn Nelson says:

    Such a sweet little baby quilt! Thank sor sharing it with us.

  2. This is wonderful! I live in a changing neighborhood – all the old folks (like me) are moving on and everyone else is young and having babies!!! So I try to have a couple in reserve Weather has been nice and everyone is out walking and showing off the new winter babies! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the Twirling Stars baby quilt. Pretty and easy, especially if you need a baby gift unexpectedly.
    Lovely photo of you and Mr Mickey, with that pretty top. 💕

  4. Very sweet baby quilt. It could also be a lap quilt out of other fabrics. Connie I adore your new photo.

  5. Robyn Lidstone says:

    I have some pretty pink flannel for the backing but no soft coloured charm squares. Can I cut pieces from my baby quilt collection to the required sizes? Also, I have polar fleece and would like to use this as the batting. Am I on the right track for this gorgous baby quilt, Connie?
    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

  6. What a great way to make pinwheels. I LOVE this quilt but have TOO much going on in my life to make right now. How do I save this to my Pinterest file?

  7. Is the a pdf pattern for this one
    I can’t make it yet no babies coming along but I am thinking of making some for great grandbabies so they will have them even if I am not around lol

    1. Connie Campbell says:

      No there isn’t Janice, sorry.

  8. This is so cute I think I will make it for my Great niece as she is having her first baby. Thank You so much! 😊 ♥️. Barb

  9. Karen Memhardt says:

    Such a cute idea!!!

  10. As usual, this is awesome! I Love the front and the backing you used just pops! Love it!

    1. Gail Murphy says:

      I love this quilt but I was wondering, if you are cutting the 5” squares in half, could you just use 2 1/2 strips for the this quilt? Also
      you mentioned that you used flannel for the back, is flannel on the front or is that just 100% cotton?

      Thank you,
      Gail Murphy

      1. Connie Campbell says:

        2 1/2 inch strips would work perfectly for this Gail. I only used flannel on the back of my quilt.

  11. Laura Manning says:

    So pretty. Has been fun looking at the OMG finishes.

  12. How cool! I love those raw edge stars! Very Shabby Chic goes Baby. I must put this on my to try list. Thank you for sharing!

  13. This is a sweet quil–thanks for showing how to easily cut the charm packs. Nothing is easier than raw edge applique. I’m not getting to my February UFOS. Maybe it will get worked on later in the year if I finish another one early.

    1. Miriam, it really is a fun way to cut a charm pack! UFOs can always wait another month……or two!

  14. Love pinwheel quilts. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  15. Super cute baby quilt with fun colors and fabrics. It must feel so good to finish a UFO. I don’t even know how many UFO’s I have…let alone ever work on them. I admire your work ethic dear.. <3

    1. Thanks Sherry! We will always have UFOs……there are just way too many beautiful things we want to start!!

  16. Definitely a cute and cozy baby quilt!

    I’ve gotten my UFO completed both months so far, but I know there are some harder ones coming up. I also got 2 baby quilt tops done this week and off to be quilted. Those were more WIPs however. But done is done, right?

    1. Congrats Sara and like you……I have harder ones coming up! Done is done!

  17. marcy cady says:

    I made this quilt several years ago. It’s so easy and a great way to use up those extra charm packs. Yours looks great. Love the colors. Tried to upload a photo and it didn’t work. Thanks.

    1. How fun Marcy and you’re right….a perfect project for all those charm packs we have :). You could upload a photo to Linky Tuesday.

  18. Soooo…..If you finish a UFO Easy and Early! (congrats on that by the way) dose not mean you can start on the next one or do you have to wait until someone else picks the magic number?

    1. I’ll wait until the number gets picked by the 2017 UFO Challenge at AllPeopleQuilt. I should check…..they may have posted it already!.

  19. I love this pattern. Perfect for a child without any specific theme it can be designated by colors and the white background makes it sweet and fresh. You are doing so much better with the UFO’s than I am!

    1. Thanks Corinne, it is easy to finish a UFO if they aren’t too big……next month will probably be tougher. This would be a cute quilt with a black background also!

  20. Yeah, a finish!! And a cute one too! So we had brown ground yesterday, this morning- 10″ of white all over and man is it ever wet and heavy!

    1. Thanks Vicki, oh my……winter is back! We don’t have any snow but……there is talk we might get it this weekend. We really can’t complain as it has been a mild winter.

  21. This is such a cute and simple quilt. I love it. One question though. When you lay the triangles on the square are you lining the triangle side points to the edge of the square or should you line the triangles up 1/4 inch in from the side point so the tips are not cut off.
    I really enjoy your blog and love your cute little dog.

    1. Thanks Susan, you line up the triangles with the edge of the square.

    1. Thanks Jan, it is hard to believe you can make a 72″ x 72″ quilt with one charm pack!

  22. It looks great, such a cute small quilt. Thanks for the details on the cutting, you made it easy to understand.

    1. Thanks Debbie, I would have liked to share more info but didn’t think I should. At least if I want to make another one I can look at the post and figure it out. You never know when a link or tutorial will disappear!