Trunk Show for Friendship Quilters Guild

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Trunk Show for Friendship Quilters Guild 

My car is all packed full of quilts and I forgot to take a picture of them…..Builder Bob didn’t go for the idea of bringing them all back in for a picture.

I will be heading to my daughter’s, switching cars and then we are driving to Galena, IL. I am doing a trunk show for the Friendship Guild in Elizabeth, IL and we are staying at the Hellman House B & B.

I am a nervous wreck…..but I keep telling myself “I’m excited!”. I read something somewhere that said this will help you do well at public speaking……..I will let you know! I am really hoping I do well! Gosh…..notice all the exclamation points…….

Trunk Show for Friendship Quilters Guild

I go bearing gifts……doesn’t that sound like a good idea? I also told my daughter if I choke up she has to do the presentation…….she doesn’t quilt……oh my!

This little fabric basket (tutorial here) will be a gift.

Trunk Show for Friendship Quilters Guild

I got out my AccuQuilt  EPP 1 Inch Hexagon die and put together some little gifts. I thought this would be a great way to show how neat the AccuQuilt is for English Paper Piecing.

Trunk Show for Friendship Quilters Guild

Of course I used my favorite fabrics…….batiks!

Trunk Show for Friendship Quilters Guild

I’m thinking a little giveaway of Island Batik Berry Christmas will keep them from throwing things at me. Now if they are going to throw fabric at me…….I’m happy with that!

Trunk Show for Friendship Quilters Guild

I’m doing the trunk show tonight and then Tuesday my daughter and I are going to spend some quality time together…….just the two of us. I have the Linky Party ready to post and I’m not sure about a Wednesday post. Wish me luck!!

I made it through the trunk show, you can read more about it!

Free pattern – Star Surprise Quilt PatternStar Surprise Throw

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  1. says:

    Wow I get distracted for a few days and you are off doing a trunk show. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. I adore your bedims mats! It's my favorite shape for small projects like table mats and coasters. Have a great time on your trip!

  3. The Quiltwhinny says:

    Hi Connie. Hope you and Kimberly slept well at the beautiful Hellman House Bed and Breakfast in Galena, and will soon be enjoying one of Rita's lovely breakfasts before you head out to who knows where!
    Thank you again for your willingness to take a huge risk and share your beautiful quilts with a bunch of strangers! But, as the name of our guild reflects, we are a friendly group and you looked like you do this all the time. I hope that other groups will be able to enjoy your presentation in the future. I think you will be getting many new blog followers, even though many of them have never seen a blog, you have peaked their interest. Thanks too for the lovely gifts and door prize! Hi to Builder Bob!
    Barb Jansz, President of Friendship Quilters, Elizabeth, IL

  4. Josie McRazie says:

    You will do GREAT! have fun with it!

  5. You have lots to share….and such wonderful ideas. You will be a fabulous speaker. You will enjoy and love it. Now, go wow the socks off them!

  6. Kiera Vanella says:

    Oh have fun Connie!! You'll be just as wonderful as your work is! They'll love you!

  7. Good Luck Connie! I'm sure you will do great with your Trunk Show. I sure wish I could be there for it, but that's a little far away. Hope you have a real nice time with your daughter. I am looking forward to going out to Memphis to see my daughter and her family.

  8. You are a natural just enjoy your time with your daughter at the Trunk Show and after. Just chat like on your blog.

  9. You will do just wonderful, all of your quilts are beautiful and quilters are so friendly so you will do great. Have a fun day with your daughter.
    Those placemats are lovely are they easy? Blessings Sandra

  10. Createology says:

    Connie Dear with your smile and beautiful stitching projects you have absolutely nothing to worry about. They will love you and your trunk show! Gifts are always a nice addition. Sharing this with your daughter will be all the more special. Safe Travels and Trunk Show Bliss…

  11. Frog Quilter says:

    It's like talking to,your quilt buddies. Love it!

  12. Congrats on presenting a trunk show! You will do a great job! You get to talk about your lovely quilts with ladies who all love quilting! Have fun with it! Hexie gifties – nice idea! BTW – do you have a pattern for the fabric box? It looks great!

  13. You'll be fine! You're talking about something near and dear to your heart and that makes it so much better. Enjoy Galena! It's a neat place. Makes me want to go back and visit again soon.

  14. Sally Hurley says:

    Good luck! The anticipation is usually worse than the presentation.

  15. Denise Russell says:

    Connie, it will be wonderful! Just pretend you are showing your goodies to your daughter. The group will love to see all your beautiful work. BTW, I like batiks and hexies. Would you like my address? 🙂

  16. Jacqueline says:

    I am sure you will do great. Try to relax and just enjoy.

  17. Vicki in MN says:

    You will do just fine-after all you are talking about quilts and fabric what could be better!!! But I know what you mean speaking in front of a bunch of people-I have a hard time showing my quilts at guild and for the first 4 years I didn't!

  18. I just know you'll do well and will actually enjoy the presentation once you get started. This is your topic and your enthusiasm will carry you through! Good Luck!

  19. Good Luck! But I am sure you will not need it, you will do wonderful!

  20. You will be fine! I remember the first time I taught a class for my job. I was so nervous but it didn't take long to realize no one was going to bite me and within the first few minutes my nerves settled down and everything was okay. I think it is called stage fright. lol

  21. Kevin the Quilter says:

    I can't think of a presentation I would rather see! You will be WONDERFUL Connie! If you get nervous, just smile and wave like Miss America!

  22. i just gotta get using my baby go ….. I know I will enjoy it once i get started, and look at that yummy give away ;0)
    in stitches

  23. Cynthia Brunz Designs says:

    Have fun Connie! I know you will do just fine!

  24. Oh my goodness! You will be wonderful. I would love to see all your beautiful things in person. Just have fun. Hugs

  25. Libby in TN says:

    You will do just fine! I get most nervous among people I know — my voice quavers, I can't catch my breath. Once I get going, though, the time passes too fast. Bribes, uh I mean Gifts (and chocolate) will do wonders on winning over your audience.

  26. You will do great Connie. Just go and have fun. They all want to see new ideas and you have plenty of them. They'll love you.

  27. You will do great! Once you get going you will get caught up in the details and the love of the quilting.
    Just an FYI….LeClaire, IA shop Expressions in Thread is having sales with their ReGrand Opening. They doubled the size of the store. Monday-Marti Michell 25% off. Tuesday-Stabilizers/Fusibles Wed-Flannels

  28. You will find it is very easy to get up and talk about something you are passionate about.