Think Christmas Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Think Christmas blog hop! It was kind of hard to think Christmas with the 100 degree weather we’ve been having so I made some blocks using Jovial by BasicGrey for Moda that could be for Christmas…or anytime!

Think Christmas Blog Hop

Mini Quilt

Notice the boat in the background? On the weekends they go by all the time.

I’ve been experimenting with some different free motion stitches which is always fun on a small project. All of the quilting was done on my 1951 Singer sewing machine… favorite machine!

Here is another block that looks a little more like Christmas. I will have a tutorial tomorrow on how to make this fun and easy block. I am using the Ackfeldwire Hanger display.

I  also have a couple other tutorials using my Jovial prints that you can check out in case you missed them. Just click on the picture to go to the tutorial.

Jovial Mug Rug

Winter Snowflake

A BIG thank you to Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter for hosting this blog hop and Madame Samm from Sew We Quilt! You can click on the button above to see the who schedule.

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  1. It’s 11 am and it’s 92° and the humidity is swimmy so was looking for some Snowy patterns. Love this one Winter Snowflake Centerpiece, and the idea to use the ziggy stitch (aka darning stitch) is pure genius. As is the the idea for batting behind the snowflake!!!!! The kids’ quilts we make will look really great with this – might do this behind some Super Hero or animal prints to give them a lift! Thanks as always for the great tips!!!!!

  2. Maria Kievit says:

    Love these little blocks! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Quilt n Queen says:

    Connie, your Jovial blocks are gorgeous. I think I will have to get some of those precuts. My friend Cori still has some in her online shop…I just know I'm going shopping. Great FMQ…something I have not been able to master. Thanks for sharing…happy stitching!!

  4. Kimberly Cassie says:

    Stunning! Simply Stunning!

  5. That's a beautiful block! thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello! New follower here.

  7. Love both of your blocks! I do have to buy one of those tools! A friend comes for sew ins sometimes and she has hers and is always making something with it! It is time I spent some money!

  8. Scrapbook-ChickADoodle says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilting . It is inspiring to see such lovely work.
    Congrats on being one of the chosen.

  9. I really love this mini quilt Connie. It's such a beautiful one but then I can't honestly think of any you've made that I don't like.

    And since I'm way behind I see too that you've done the tutorial so thank you for that.

  10. Oh Connie! Those are just so darn cute! I love them and love your fabric choices. Fun and festive!

  11. ╰☆╮ Barb ╰☆╮ says:

    I really like this fabric line and used it to make some projects last Christmas. I love yours!

  12. Super little quilts, Connie. Love the pics by the River.

  13. Farm Quilter says:

    Your blocks are great! I am in awe of anyone who can quilt on a DSM!! Absolutely amazing!!! Looking forward to your tutorial tomorrow :o)

  14. Cherry's Prairie Primitives says:

    They are beautiful!! Love the free hand stitching!!

  15. Your quilt blocks are definitely gorgeous thank you for sharing them. I look forward to your tutorial tomorrow.

  16. Karen ~ Briarside Lane says:

    Hot temps here, too. It has been hard to Think Christmas.
    With the designers throwing in that 'blue' with their Christmas fabric lines, your minis are perfect anytime.
    The first one is very elegant. And your FMQ is looking good!

  17. Jodi - usairdoll says:

    Your two minis are darling. Like you said, they don't scream Christmas but can still be used for the holidays. Thanks for your two tutorials as well. Great job and thanks for sharing your projects with us.

  18. carla ( says:

    Your quilts are very pretty!!!! I love the green one!!!! Christmas and all that cold weather will be here too soon and you will have these already for Christmas!!!!!

  19. I love your christmas small quilts they are beautiful. I always enjoy coming to visit. It was almost 100 today but the humidity made it worse. Hang in their and play in the water. I am so jealous old singers are the best. Looking for an old treadle myself.

  20. I love your blocks!! Gorgeous!!!

  21. Your minis are beautiful! I like all your Jovial projects.

  22. Rhonda D. says:

    Love your blocks. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the tutorial!

  23. I love the blocks.I am also loving the new Christmas greens and reds a nice "today" look..Glad to here there will be a tutorial.

  24. Maria Celina says:

    hermosos trabajos, gracias


  25. Hi Connie love the blocks and they look great with the backdrop behind!!! Thanks for sharing. Susie x

  26. Cute blocks and fabric. Your quilting looks great. I love these little hangers. I always enjoy your tutorials! Thanks for participating in the hop!

  27. tink's mom says:

    Love them both and am looking forward to the tutorial. The first one reminds me of Christmas in Hawaii. Must be the heat and the boat.

  28. Your little quilts are so cute. I see that you have at least 2 feline helpers. I have three who have to check out every block, every quilt, every project even if it's hemming pants! I'm surprised at the water level in Iowa as there are so many places where the water levels are low. I'm in Northern California and we have been lucky so far as the weather has been mild compared to the rest of the country. We are hoping for a rainy winter as we didn't get our normal rain this last season and we are constantly watching all across America to see how everyone is doing. My sister is in St. Louis visiting grandchildren, so I have paid particular attention to the midwest and also have family in Indiana and Illinois. Thanks for sharing your work and best wishes for "normal" winter weather.

  29. Apple Avenue Quilts says:

    Great projects! I'll be back for your tutorial tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  30. sew.darn.quilt says:

    Your designs and quilting are fantastic, looks like alot of us are looking forward to your tutorial tomorrow ;o)

  31. ~ Julie ~ says:

    Your blocks are too cute!!! I can't wait for your tutorial!!! I love the lil' twister template!!! Hugs!!! 🙂

  32. I can't wait for your tutorial for the fun and easy block that you have shown us. This I can make for myself; just in time for Christmas. Thank you for making the Think Christmas so much fun for all of us. There is a lot of work involved and your participation just makes this so much more special.

    Sandi T.

  33. Gmama Jane says:

    I Knew It!!! You would make an outstanding Block as always!!! Your blocks seem to have that extra Pizaz…bright, colorful yet elegant, beautiful!! I have TWO charm packs of Jovial so now I have the perfect project and inspiration.
    You live my dream BTW!! Living by a river is my all time dream…the ONLY reason Hubby and I would ever consider selling the farmhouse. Enjoy your Life on the water.
    Blessings and Ho Ho Ho
    Gmama Jane

  34. These are real pretty. Thanks for sharing.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  35. JanesQuilting says:

    It is very hot here too, so it is lots of fun thinking of Christmas now. I love the boats in the background of your small quilts. They made it the perfect picture.

  36. pinsandneedles says:

    Love your cute pinwheel block! Then colors are so pretty! I'll be sure to stop back for your tutorial! Thanks!

  37. Jane's Fabrics and Quilts says:

    I agree 100+ hard to think cold, but you sure did!! Love that fabric, ;0)
    These are just beautiful as is all your work.and your photos, by the water so pretty! I look forward to your tutorial!

  38. Love your blocks and your fabric selections! So very pretty!

  39. I just love both of them! Can these be made with charm packs? Or do I need yardage? I want to make both.. Will be waiting for the tutorials. Thanks so much!!!!!!

  40. Pretty blocks and I love the colours!!! Thanks for sharing =)

  41. Thank you for sharing today. Your blocks are beautiful and are so well done.

  42. Just Carol says:

    Wow! Those are so beautiful! I want to learn free motion quilting even more after looking at your blocks. Maybe after all the hopping slows down….maybe. :O)

  43. Your blocks are really beautiful! Your quilting is too!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  44. Gorgeous! Love your blocks. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Mommarock says:

    I'm thinking I might need to get one of those quilt hangers like you have. I think it looks fantastic and it would likely look great in front of my un-used fireplace.. I could atleast have something that looks GOOD in front of it.

  46. Kathy Gordon says:

    Love the little quilts….so fun!

  47. MooseStash Quilting says:

    Love the blocks, and the background. It's so hot here, that a dip in the lake sounds fabulous.

  48. patchouli moon studio says:

    Beautiful blocks/quilts as always Connie. They look so great in the wire frame too.

  49. I really like the pinwheels!

  50. I love both blocks but especially the second one so I will be back for the tutorial . Thanks for sharing .

  51. beautiful projects, love the fabric those are so bright! thank's for the tutorial too. have a nice blog hop and come and see me on sunday!

  52. Beautiful blocks, love the colors. Thanks for being part of the hop.

  53. Madame Samm says:

    Good Morning Connie…oh my….I can depend on you to always create gems…these are Christmas gems indeed..
    and your photos always perfect with the river behind it….ohhhh I think yes I do….someone, ohhh no I can't say ….

  54. Your quilts and fabrics are absolutely beautiful.Can´t wait to see the tutorial!!

  55. So creative and wonderful. Thank you for sharing today.

  56. What wonderful blocks. Thanks for showing them to us.

  57. Connie, love the flower centre. They are wonderful

  58. Beautiful Connie, as always! Thank you for sharing some gorgeous inspiration 🙂

  59. Yes, the boat was a dead giveaway that it is not Christmas, but the blocks are both lovely. Your FMQ is looking wonderful!

  60. Such beautiful photos as always Connie! It sure does make it hard to think about Christmas in this heat!

  61. Woot! Love both minis and went back and looked at the tutorials – really great inspiration. Thank you for sharing with all of us today.

  62. Sunshine Girl says:

    They are gorgeous – thanks for sharing.

  63. very nice Connie,love these mini quilts.xx

  64. Oh Connie! Those are great! And I'm looking forward to the tutorial. 🙂

  65. grandmarockton says:

    Love the blocks and I now how hard to think Christmas with this HOT summer, THANKS

  66. Connie, I just knew your blocks would be drop-dead gorgeous! Love your fabrics and the way you made those Christmas poinsettias! Your quilting is superb…everyone is going to be looking for their grandmother's sewing machines when they see what you can do with yours. Fabulous blocks. Thanks so much for participating and enjoy the rest of the hop!

  67. BEAUTIFUL Christmas blocks!

  68. Very nice indeed. And I just knew that you'd use the water view to highlight your projects. I always love that.

  69. Love your blocks. Look forward to seeing the tutorial for the pinwheel block. Thanks.

  70. Hi Connie your blocks are wonderful and I am a fan of the jovial line also. Your FMQ is just wonderful..thanks for hopping along.