The Quilt Keeper

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Would you like an easy way to display the quilt you have made without putting holes in the wall? What about showing off that quilt made by your grandmother? You’ll want to get the Quilt Keeper.

The Quilt Keeper bar to display a quilt on a door

The Quilt Keeper

I was given The Quilt Keeper to review and I have to say that I love it! We recently moved into a new house and many of my walls are blank and I’m not in a hurry to put holes in the walls.

The Quilt Keeper is hung on the back of a door.

The Quilt Keeper gives you a way to display a quilt on a door! I have a laundry room door next to my kitchen and this is a perfect place to share my Scattered quilt.

Works on any standard door up to 1½-inch thick

It fits on any standard door up to 1½ inches thick and comes with a piece of adhesive foam that you can add to the inside end of the over-the-door part.

You’ll place the hooks about 25 inches apart on your door.

  • Place your quilt on a table and fold it in thirds making the width about the same as the bar.
  • Place the bar over your quilt with the loops on the table as shown.
  • Fold your quilt over the bar.
  • Lift and place the bar/quilt onto the hooks on the door.
Putting the quilt on the quilt keeper bar

Fold the quilt over the bar

Scattered quilt on bar

Antique Quilt Display

Here is a full-size antique quilt that I have. This is a great way to share a special quilt like this.

Antique quilt
Antique quilt displayed on the Quilt Keeper

Here is a smaller baby quilt that can be displayed on the Quilt Keeper. It isn’t a lot bigger than the bar and I just folded the sides back enough to fit on the bar.

Baby Quilt displayed

I placed it on the door to my computer room.

Small quilt displayed on the door

Here is the Quilt Keeper without a quilt on it. It is lightweight at only 2.4 pounds and it is easy to switch out your quilts if you like to change them for holidays and such. The door to my linen closet is only 24 inches wide and I couldn’t use it on that door as you have to place the hooks 25 inches apart.

Photo of the empty Quilt Keeper

Get your own Quilt Keeper!

You’ll want to check out the Quilt Keeper, you can buy one or a bundle of 3 which is a great deal and would make a wonderful gift for someone.

You can now buy cascading quilt bars so you can hang more than one quilt on your door!

Check out this video on the Quilt Keeper.

The Quilt Keeper pin

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  1. Robyn Lidstone says:

    I haven’t seen anything like this over door hanger where I live in Queensland, Australia.
    No worries – I bought a set of plastic over-door hangers and will use a length of plastic piping to improvise the rail. Where there’s a will there’s a way.
    I love this idea as doors can look very plain.

  2. I couldn’t find the price for the quilt door hanger???

  3. Sue Davies says:

    love the door quilt hanger – works perfectly,
    also love the quilt hanging on it – is that one that you have a pattern for?

    1. The idea is great but would it leave a wire mark on the quilt,I would suggest a foam doodle with a slide to apply over wire

    2. They’re about $40 each, or 3 for a group price, but then almost $40 shipping for 3!

  4. judith Halstead says:

    Hi Connie Love the quilt keeper idea, but I can’t find a page to order it. Thanks for any help Judy

  5. Dawn Nelson says:

    Hi Connie!
    I ordered three of the Quilt Keepers! Can’t wait for them to arrive tomorrow!
    Would love to share photos and a little review after I’ve hung my quilts. How would I go about doing that? I thought perhaps a photo could be added here but that doesn’t appear possible. When I tried to paste a copy, sadly, this form doesn’t give me that option. Thank you for telling us about the keepers.

  6. Helen Bowie says:

    Hi, I think that quilt keeper is a great idea for anyone with little or no empty wall space. Glad Mr. Mickey likes the stroller.

  7. The quilt keeper seems like a great idea! So does the stroller for your precious Mr. Mickey. He is so cute and will, of course, require a new quilt for the bottom of his new stroller ! Could you tell me the name of the pattern of the quilt on display for the quilt keeper? Is it one of your designs?

  8. Mr. Mickey looks absolutely delighted that he can spend more time with you on walks. How old is he? He’s so precious. The hanger is a great idea too. Always love your blog.

  9. Dawn Nelson says:

    I love this idea! I just emailed the manufacturer to ask the thickness of the part that goes over the door. Our doors fit pretty snug and don’t want to purchase these and have them not fit. Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely use your link if I purchase.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. That’s a great idea. How thick is the part that goes over the top of the door? I have tried to use a rack over the door in my laundry room and I can’t get the door to shut because of the thick metal on that top section. I have lots of doors and lots of quilts so it would be a great idea.

  11. Marcia in TX says:

    That stroller is a great idea. So is the quilt keeper. Thank you.

  12. Always looking for a way to store and display the quilts! So many are hidden around the house! The hanger I have in the dining room takes 3 people to change a quilt. Got it at a quilt show. This looks good.

  13. Love the quilt keeper! Mr. Mickey looks so cute and so happy in the stroller. Great idea!!