The carpet is coming!

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Guess what is happening today in the new studio…….carpet!!
Carpet for my quilt studio
Yesterday we picked up the carpeting. It was supposed to take between 7 and 10 days to get here from the warehouse but it only took 3 days!  You are looking at 624 square feet of carpet. The width is 12 feet and we decided to have it installed professionally as there will be 2 seams. It is jute backed and will be glued down. We moved out everything but the cutting table as it won’t fit through the door…..Builder Bob still has his computer and TV in OUR room.

Carpet for my quilt studio
Then the floor had to be scrubbed which meant cleaning a section, letting it dry and then moving the table and carpet to the other side. The reason the carpet is in here is to keep it at room temperature so it is ready to be installed. I don’t remember if I have said anything….the new furnace is doing a great job of keeping my room nice and comfy. The wheels on the cutting table were filthy and I don’t think they had ever been cleaned….I mean ever! The other night we rolled the table over the carpet sample and yuck….there was dirt all over it. Builder Bob placed a wood box under the end of the table so 2 wheels were off the floor and I put a pan under them, sprayed with de-greaser and then scrubbed them with hot water until clean. Then we repeated this for the other 2 wheels.

I have had so much fun moving my cutting table around the room and trying to decide where it will go. Last night I put it in front of the windows turned the other way and I may try that. As I said before, it will be a while before Builder Bob builds me a permanent table for my sewing machine as I want to make sure where I want it. Right now I will have fun moving it around. I am also bringing down my big desk and TV and I think it will go in the left corner by that pole. There is a possibility (pretty good) that the table will have to be cut down a little. Thank goodness I have Builder Bob!! See the towel on the bottom of the cutting table? That is to keep Builder Bob’s foot prints off of the table.

So sometime this morning I’ll have new carpet, I guess it will only take a couple hours to install but…..Builder Bob said I won’t be able to haul stuff in for 24 hours. Darn.New carpet for my quilt studioI can’t wait to fill this beautiful room up with all of my sewing machines, fabric and other goodies!
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  1. Can't wait to see this carpet in. And, oh, my gosh…….aren't you glad you discovered those dirty casters before the table was rolled onto your lovely new carpet. That might have been a disaster! 🙁 And really…..what were you thinking??? lol A guy who cleans the casters on his roll around bench. Not likely!!! lol I was wondering if you will move your long arm machine into your new room. If you mentioned that I must have missed it.

  2. I see great storage space under that cutting table!!! Watch out – it will be full before you know it – LOL.

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who wants their computer area and of course the TV in my quilting Studio. Good noise maker.

    Enjoy the fun and joy of getting the room ready for fun and play! Where will you put your design wall? We made one with the stuff that they use in building houses – like a foam board with aluminum foil on one side. Then I covered it with batting. It is great to have that design board on a large wall.


  3. YAY! SO excited for you Connie! Very glad you noticed those wheels before the new carpet was laid and you had to figure out how to get the mess off that.

    Your room looks just huge, but of course, we all know how that goes. We always think a new room will be perfect…………and then we move all our cr*p into it and find we don't have a spot for a lot. Maybe hubby needs to build a few shelves up near the ceiling in there to store extras…….oh and a little corner in HIS room too. LOL (kidding! He is such a great guy giving you a new room like this while moving his stuff out)

  4. Your new studio is coming along nicely, I'm really enjoying taking the journey of its completion with you, you must be so very excited.
    I've signed up for Leah's Block Party too now all I have to do is find time to start it, she is such a talented young girl.

  5. Your studio is really coming together. Going to be such a delight to create in this room when it is finished. You are in the home stretch. I think the Block Party with Leah is going to be great fun and I'm sure your project will look beautiful in batiks too!


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