The Best of 2022

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One of the best things about having a website is being able to go back and look at what I did in the past year. Let’s take a look at the best of 2022.

When I started in 2007, my blog was an online journal of my life. I was actually doing digital scrapbooking at the time. That type of blog isn’t seen as much now but I still enjoy sharing what has been going on in our lives while still sharing tutorials and quilt patterns.

The Best of 2022

Freemotion on the Move

When I say it was another crazy year, I mean that we moved again!

Since 2018, I have had 4 different quilt studios in 4 different houses! I never thought we would move this many times in such a short time after living in the same house on the river for 18 years!

Someone told me I should change the name of my blog from to Freemotion by the River to Freemotion on the Move. I agree!

Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is doing her 8th year of a linky party where everyone shares their best of the past year. You can find her Best of 2022 Linky Party here. I used to take part all the time but I think I have missed it for the last 4 years.

Best Posts from 2022

I don’t know for sure if the following posts are really the best or most popular this year but they are the ones I want to share with you. I think I only finished one large quilt this year and several baby quilts. I think I could say that 2022 was the year of table runners and small quilt projects. I have to admit that being able to finish something in a short time is what I really enjoy doing.

Diagonal Strip Blocks Baby Quilt

This is a tutorial for a quilt that is perfect for a baby or could be used as a lap quilt. It isn’t done in your normal baby colors but everyone has really enjoyed this tutorial. Most of the time you can find Mr. Mickey lying on the Diagonal Strip Blocks baby quilt.

Mr. Mickey the miniature poodle on the quilt

Mini Scattered Table Topper

My Scattered quilt pattern continues to be one of my most popular patterns and this year I finally finished the pattern for the Mini Scattered Table Topper. I have made this mini quilt several times and each time it is so much fun to make.

Mini Scattered Table Runner

Ankeny Quilt Studio

I am amazed at how many moves we have done in such a short time! One of the most important things for me when looking at homes is a place to quilt. It doesn’t have to be fancy……just plenty of space. This is the reveal of my Ankeny Quilt Studio. I wonder how long we will stay here LOL. I am thinking about finally buying a longarm and there is plenty of room here.

Ankeny quilt studio

Applique Patchwork Cat

I go in spurts where I really enjoy doing applique and I plan on doing a lot more this year. I designed the Applique Patchwork Cat to use up scraps of quilt fabrics. I’ve been asked and yes, dogs are coming soon!

Applique Patchwork Cats

Adopting Rusty

One of the best things that have happened to us this year is adopting little Rusty. Next to Mickey, he is the sweetest dog I have ever had. He follows Mickey everywhere. We have only had him for a little over one month but it feels like he has been part of our family for a long time. The poor little guy will have surgery in January to once again correct his cherry eyes and take care of some dental work.

Rusty with Mickey and me

2023 Quilt Calendar

This is the 4th year of sharing my Quilt Calendar and I am so happy that many of you have told me you really like it and use it. The 2023 Quilt Calendar is free and you can download the months individually or download the entire year.

2023 quilt calendar


Goals for 2023 – it is time to decide on what I hope to accomplish in 2023, I’ll share that in another post, right now we are just enjoying our two companions. Happy New Year to all of you!

Bob Connie Mickey and Rusty


I mentioned in my newsletter that I think it is time to finish up some of the unfinished quilts that I have. Hopefully, I will get some of them finished in 2023. I think you can tell that I really enjoy piecing more than actually quilting and finishing the quilt. Are you like that?

unfinished quilts in closet

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Connie with her dogs

About Connie

Hi, I’m Connie Kresin Campbell, the quilter, writer, and photographer behind Freemotion By the River. I enjoy inspiring others with my quilt tutorials and patterns. You’ll also see my sweet adopted dogs from time to time.

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  1. Happy New Year! May you get to quilting those tops this year! I also hang my pieced tops on hangers, with backs and binding if I got that far. You might have me bet on tops waiting to be quilted. 🙂
    I’m calling my unfinished projects PUPs now. Previously Unfinished Projects! And I have a list of what I want to finish this year. Here’s to a New Year of possibilities!

  2. Congrats on so many lovely finishes. I really love your UFO storage method too. Hanging them up keeps them so much more accessible – I might actually remember to finish them! All the best for 2023!

  3. Happy New Year to all of you, too. And, yes, like you I enjoy piecing rather than quilting and finishing. I’m already thinking about what I want to do next even though I have lots of WIP. I don’t feel guilty, though. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

  4. Robyn Lidstone - Australia says:

    Thanks Connie for a great year of lovely designs and tutorials for all sorts of patchwork projects. I have a large collection of them and aim to make as many as I can during 2023.
    As well as table runners and toppers and placemats, My major project is your Split Rail Fence quilt. I’d also like to make a couple of baby quilts.
    Your calendars will be useful to track my progress for each project.
    Have a great 2023 and I also send good wishes to your subscribers near and far.

  5. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Happy New Year! 4 times is a lot of moves! I love seeing your new family addition and the new studio. You always have such lovely quilts. Right now I am not guilty of too many tops, but that could easily happen. The applique cats are among my favorites this year!

  6. Happy New Year! Your posts are great! I can’t imagine moving so many times in such a short while. Moving takes so much out of me because I have too much stuff even though I get rid of lots with each move. You do have quite a few quilts ready to be finished. You will get them finished one of these days and be able to show them to us all quilted. Best wishes with your little family.

  7. You do more in a month then I do all year! Even with the move and reorganizing YOU ROCK! But I keep moving toward a NO STASH left behind. Even spent New Year’s eve cutting a quilt. NOTE to self: Don’t read a pattern for the first time and cut it at 9 pm. I cut double the number of pieces I need! Thanks for all the pics – Happy New Year to you and the Family.

    1. Happy New year to you all! I bought a longarm shortly after we bought this house and moved out of our RV. It has made the quilting part sooo enjoyable and easy! You’ll love it! But, like anything else, there’s a significant cost associated with it..fair warning!

  8. Happiest of New Years to you and your family, Connie. You have definitely had a busy year. It has been such fun following your adventures, especially the addition of Rusty to the family. I was just reading the other day that the big thing for buyers of homes now is that they have a craft room. There are obviously more people out there who want a good room than we imagined. I’ll be looking forward to seeing lots of those tops finished when you get that new longarm!!!

  9. Happy New Year and the best 2023 ever!

  10. Great post Connie. You guys have been quite busy this year and certainly have had many moves, but I’m impressed how you settled into your new home and created such a lovely sewing space. I wish you and your extended family a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

  11. Happy New Year Connie to you and your Family!
    Thank-you for your inspiration, sharing your beautiful patterns and projects and your days. I always enjoy your posts and newsletters and wish you All the Best.