Summer Memories Quilt Along Week 2

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I am taking part in the Summer Memories Quilt Along that Fat Quarter Shop is hosting and this is the second week of quilt blocks.

I just had to share this cute photo of Rusty! Right before I took a photo of my quilt blocks for week 2, he sat on them! He still doesn’t like to have his picture taken but he looks like he is grinning at me! Do you agree?

Dog sitting on quilt blocks for the QAL
Rusty grinning at me

Summer Memories Quilt Along Week 2

For the Summer Memories Quilt Along, you’ll need the Summer Memories Quilt & Cross Stitch Book by Susan Ache for the full pattern. The book is now in stock.

Summer Memories Quilt Along

During the next eight weeks, I’ll be sharing two blocks a week from the Summer Picnic quilt. The ninth week will be when I finish the quilt top and finish the quilt.

Photo of the Summer Picnic quilt courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop
Photo of the Summer Picnic quilt courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop

Summer Memories Quilt Book

The book Summer Memories by Susan Ache has beautiful red, white, and blue quilts and beautiful cross-stitch projects and we are making the Summer Picnic quilt. There are eight different beautiful basket quilt blocks in the quilt.

Summer Picnic Quilt

Summer Memories Quilt Along
Summer Memories Quilt Along

Tranquil Gardens Artisan Batiks

I was able to choose whatever fabrics I wanted and it shouldn’t surprise you that I picked batiks! The Tranquil Gardens Artisan Batiks have teals and purples that I thought would make a beautiful quilt. Read more about the fabrics I used in my Week 1 post.

Half Square Triangles

There are lots of tiny 1½-inch half-square triangles in each block and the book includes directions for traditional piecing. Fat Quarter Shop has 1.5″ HST paper Triangles on a roll which makes it very easy to make perfect HST blocks.

I actually used my Electric AccuQuilt cutter and the 1 1/2-inch finished HST die. It took me just minutes to cut out all of them.

half square triangles

Week 2 Quilt Blocks

Each block is made up of four small basket blocks. I am making mine half in purples and the other half in teals.

Week 2 of the Summer Memories QAL
Week 2 of the Summer Memories QAL

Here is one finished quilt block for week 2.

Summer Memories QAL week 2
Summer Picnic block 2

Litte Rusty is a character! He still doesn’t want his picture taken but he has no problem sitting on whatever I am working on.

Quilt blocks with dog sitting on then
Rusty sitting on the book and blocks

Blocks finished for week 2

There is very little variation in the blocks. Can you see the difference? I am using different fabrics in the baskets for each week. I think this is going to be beautiful!

4 quilt blocks for the QAL
4 quilt blocks

Take a look at my post from week one of the Summer Memories QAL

Join the Summer Memories Quilt Along

You should join the Summer Memories Quilt Along! Here is the blog post announcing it and a list of who will be making a quilt. You will find a list of fabric requirements.

To join the QAL is simple. Just post a picture of your blocks on Instagram and use the hashtag#SummerMemoriesQAL. I’ll be sharing on Instagram also.

Summer Memories Quilt Along Week 2

Before you go…..

Be sure and take a look at this beautiful quilt that I made using a free downloadable pattern from Fat Quarter Shop!

Dovetail Quilt – free pattern

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  1. That little rascal knew exactly what he was doing, and he loved every second of it! Great blocks, too, BTW. I can’t help smiling either.

    1. First picture definitely a grin.. second one a grimace…lol Love your posts.. gives me a smile every time I read them! Thank you!

  2. Judy of Anderson, SC says:

    I agree — Rusty is definitely grinning. I believe he likes those blocks.

  3. LOL, it looks as if he is smiling!! Too cute. I love your choice of batiks.

  4. Rusty is definitely grinning at you! 😁 He certainly has come along way! 😊♥️

    1. Agree…! I’d vote yes, Rusty is smiling, and he looks happy…!

  5. It’s either one or two things. Rusty really likes this quilt block or that he is about to pee on it in jealousy because you were spending more time on it then with him. LOL

  6. Oh yes, he is definitely grinning! I’m sure he know how fortunate he is to be with you. I like your colors and fabrics and, yes, I did see a variation in the blocks, so beautiful!

  7. He is most definitely grinning! His eyes look so good. He is a very happy boy thanks to you.

  8. Vicki Waldo says:

    Oh! He is definitely smiling! It’s great that he has become so comfortable and happy with you.

  9. Janice Long says:

    Rusty is definitely smiling at you. He may be giving you the stink eye in the other😂 Your blocks are amazing as usual. Those batiks are just perfect!
    Glad you had a great weekend with your sister.

    1. LOL Connie, He is definitely smiling at you! BTW I like the colorway of your OAL blocks!

  10. Love the purple & teal colors in your Summer Memories blocks!

  11. Karen Poole says:

    These blocks are so beautiful! I love batiks and love the colors you’ve selected! I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  12. Rusty is adorable! Love your batiks, too. Wonderful job, as usual. Sounds like you had a fun weekend with your sister.

  13. Patty Adams says:

    I believe that is a definite grin. I think he is a beautiful dog, and he feels beautiful now because he is loved. I think he is beginning to enjoy being a photo model. He is really a cutie!

  14. Faye Tronsgard says:

    He is definitely grinning at you! Too cute. Love the colours in your quilt.

  15. Rusty is definitely grinning at you. I think he’s saying, “Look what I just did!!” Such a cutie. Glad he is so comfortable with you now.

  16. Rusty is such a pretty dog!
    Love the blocks. Did you cut them with the Accuauilt or the Circuit? I have the BabyGo and love it.
    Glad you got to spend time with your sister.

    1. I cut them with the AccuQuilt and it took no time at all. I think using the Cricut would take forever to cut fabric but I haven’t tried it yet.

  17. He’s sure cute, and one lucky dog that he came Home to you. Those are such pretty blocks, and I love your colors.

  18. He is so cute in the pictures. I agree that he is giving you the eye! He has come a LONG way! You have done a great job with him. He is one lucky dog!

  19. Linda Jennings says:

    Yes, he sure is. He is so cute. Did you ever take him for ice cream? Maybe that’s what he’s thinking, haha. My Happy does, she grins when she gets a treat. When I tell her lets go for ice cream, she grins and starts dancing around, hurry up Mom!

  20. Rusty is definitely smiling so he can warm everyone’s heart. He is such a cutie. I also love the colors of your quilt along. Thank you for all the heartfelt posts and the terrific patterns. Central New York Finger Lakes Region

  21. He’s winking at you!!!!! Adorable! Love the soft blue in the picnic quilt instead of the dark flag blue, more inviting (and I’m tired of all the heavy winter colors!) Picnic basket pattern for a picnic. I always bring a quilt (with the shower curtain underneath) to the Fireworks and people stop and comment. My quilts aren’t icons, we love them to pieces, and then make more!

  22. Oh yes, he’s a grinning and giving you the eye! Does he know something you don’t? And the baskets look great, love the colors.