Summer Memories QAL Quilt Top Finished

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As many of you know, we are getting ready to move this week so I wanted to finish making my Summer Picnic quilt for the Summer Memories QAL that I’m taking part in.

Summer Picnic Quilt

Summer Memories QAL quilt top finished
Summer Memories QAL quilt top finished

I wanted to get an idea of how big to make the borders on the quilt, I think Rusty likes it!

Rusty laying on the Summer Picnic quilt top
Rusty laying on the Summer Picnic quilt top

Summer Memories QAL quilt top finished

The Summer Picnic quilt is beautiful in the batik fabrics!

Summer Memories QAL quilt top bordered added
Summer Memories QAL quilt top bordered added

You can read more about the Summer Memories QAL and the fabrics I used in my other posts, Summer Memories QAL Week 1 and Summer Memories QAL Week 2. I was supposed to continue making blocks for the next few weeks and finish the Summer Picnic quilt the last week of June but I knew that wouldn’t have because of our move.

Quilting on the long arm

I had fun quilting it on my Nolting long arm, this was the second quilt I have quilted on it. The tension isn’t perfect on the back but I figured out what I was doing wrong by the time I finished quilting the entire quilt. We are getting ready to take the long arm apart before we have the movers move it next week.

Quilting the Summer Picnic quilt on my long arm
Quilting the Summer Picnic quilt on my long arm

Moving my quilt studio

I have started tearing apart my quilt studio and packing things up. My granddaughters are going to help me move the small stuff to our new house. Lots of steps are involved!

Tearing apart my quilt studio
Quilt studio getting packed up
Quilt studio getting packed up

Poor Rusty knows something is going on! He is a nervous wreck while I’m down in the basement packing things. You would think he is doing the work!

Rusty on floor of studio
Rusty tired of the move
Connie with her dogs

About Connie

Hi, I’m Connie Kresin Campbell, the quilter, writer, and photographer behind Freemotion By the River. I enjoy inspiring others with my quilt tutorials and patterns. You’ll also see my sweet adopted dogs from time to time.

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  1. shirley Pendergraft says:

    I look forward to your mail. Love your remarks and Rusty looks satisfied. I adopded a cat, about 2 years old, and he is deaf, we are learning…
    I have a question, do you cut all your fabric with your Accuquilt? I have the
    GoBaby and there doesn’t seem any new projects in that 6″ size anymore.
    Enjoy the rain.

  2. Just beautiful, love those batik colors of purple and teal, the white really makes it stand out.
    You did a great job on the quilt and quilting.
    Rusty does seem to love this quilt!

  3. Carolyn in Tucson, Arizona, USA says:

    Love your Summer Memories quilt. The batiks are such a rich addition to the pattern. Hansom Rusty certainly has certified it a a perfect summer quilt. Looking forward to seeing your new studio and Rusty supervising giving his stamp of approval when it is fished. He will settle right in as long as he can be close to you and get a bit more attention. So nice to have your granddaughters helping. Hope your move goes smoothly and fast. Builder Bob probably has everything under control too.

  4. Moving oh my!!!
    Our closing is tomorrow. It was a major chore to pack up the sewing rooms. New space is much bigger, sew hopefully I will be able to have everything in one room now. I’m jealous of your help. Best wishes on your move.
    Cheers to new spaces.

  5. Beautiful quilt! It was smart to just get it finished! Glad your granddaughters are able to help out. I know you all must be looking forward to settling in to your new home.

  6. The Summer quilt was a nice finish for this studio. Looking forward to seeing the first one from your new studio. It sounds like you have a busy June. I know you will be happy to be settled once again. Rusty will be too! I’m sure the new buyers will love their new place as well. Wishing you a safe move.

  7. Linda Schmidt says:

    Connie, so glad you sold your home so quickly. Don’t envy all the packing, just take it slow and easy. Enjoy your new home and can’t wait to see pictures of your new place. God bless you.

  8. Linda W Matthews says:

    your new quilt is lovely! Congratulations on the long arm and best wishes on the move….missed the explanation but hope it proves worthwhile!

  9. Hi Connie, I don’t envy the packing but putting everything in the new home will be fun! I can’t wait to see your new studio! Rusty is very much at home! That’s wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing what this house looks like inside & out! 😃 Keep up the good work! I hope this new home is your forever home(this side of Heaven)! Take care & talk to you soon! 😊💕

  10. Big weekend, Connie. Hope all goes smoothly. Wonderful that your current house sold quickly. I certainly wish I could borrow your granddaughters for a few days. My move was done May 23rd and the move managers have done a good job, but there is more to it when you are downsizing. It hasn’t helped that I started getting sick Thursday – May 25th and am only barely back on my feet today – May 28th. Sitting at a laptop is about the most effort I can muster right now. When it looked like I might be hospital bound, I farmed Ziva off to a friend, but she’s back now and adjusting pretty well to the change of venue. In spite of the smaller size, I think I’m going to really like my new place and think it will work well. Just need some time and energy to tweak everything. Send those granddaughters! LOL Love your quilt. Purple and teal are always so beautiful together.

  11. Take care while moving and let others do the hard and or heavy stuff. I hope your new home is all you expect it to be.

  12. Joey Ritenour says:

    Rusty sure looks happy and settled into your family. Best wishes for an easy transition to your new home and studio. It will be easier knowing your current home has sold—but still lots of work. Remember to make it fun and create some memories.

  13. Congrats on your selling your current home. Enjoy your new home! your summer memories quilt is beautiful! Love the colors. Looks like Rusty is enjoying relaxing a bit. Hope the move goes smoothly.

  14. MaureenHP says:

    Connie, your Summer Memories quilt is beautiful. I love the purple and teal together!

  15. Love the new quilt! Moving is exciting but so exhausting. I’m sure little Rusty is anxious about all the commotion! We had a sweet Lab years ago for which moving was traumatic. He needed extra lovins’ when we got to our new place to assure him he was in the RIGHT place now.