AccuQuilt GO! Summer Hexie Florals

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It looks like summer with green leaves on the tree, baby geese and a cute little place-mat or table topper in my favorite colors!

AccuQuilt GO! Summer Hexie Florals


I made this using my AccuQuilt GO and dies.

Remember my Twirling Hexie Florals post…..same print but different solids.

AccuQuilt GO! Summer Hexie Florals

This is the last of the print and I have 3 more of the twirling hexies left……should I make 3 more place-mats or…..something different??

AccuQuilt GO! Summer Hexie Florals

We have 3 different groups of Canadian geese with babies that stop by every day. Notice our bell is still out in the river…..the Mississippi river is slowly going down. We are just happy that the flooding was very mild.

AccuQuilt GO! Summer Hexie Florals

Same photo cropped to show the geese on the left.

AccuQuilt GO! Summer Hexie Florals


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  1. Love your hexies, Connie! And what beautiful scenes of nature you always have. I invite you to share your hexies on Hexie Weekend. Love the flower touch.

  2. I love the colors in this. And of course you need the full set of placemats.

  3. I vote for 3 placemats, so colorful for out on the patio. It looks so beautiful where you live and the baby geese are so cute. Boy that one goose is keeping a guard on those babies.

  4. Denise Russell says:

    Love them: the quilt and the visitors!!!

  5. Very nice mat – I would use all three in one long runner. Love seeing the geese and wee fuzzies.

  6. MooseStashQuilting says:

    Oh Connie, that is just too cute. Love the bright colors and your photo shoot at the lake is perfect!

  7. Valerie Reynolds says:

    Ditto…three more! Perfect for a summer dinner on your patio! Thank you also sharing the pictures of the geese…I always get to see them flock over head in the spring and Fall…but never their babies! 🙂 Have a great weekend Connie!

  8. Libby in TN says:

    I've heard geese mate for life. They are such attentive parents. Just wish they didn't leave such a poopy mess. No geese on my hill, glad to report!

  9. Yes, more placemats; they are wonderful. Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Welcome Summer!!