Quilt Studio Window

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The weather is warming up and it is time to do a few things outside. First thing was doing a little landscaping around the new windows in my quilt studio. Builder Bob is on the move! Last fall we had to dig out a section of the landscaping so we could have the new window installed. The weather got cold and there was plenty of things to work on inside so…….it stayed like this.

Builder Bob working on a new retaining wall
Every time it rained, mud would splatter on the window so we knew we needed to get mulch down before the spring showers. We headed to Menards and bought a bunch of little landscape bricks. We decided not to go with the bigger ones as…..we’re getting too old to haul them! We bought 128 bricks and the weight came to over 2 ton so we had to make 2 trips with Builder Bob’s truck. Ugh…..that was a  lot of loading and unloading!
Quilt Studio Window
We just want simple retaining walls to hold the mulch in and give me a place to plant a few flowers.Landscaping
Several hours later this is what we had! We still have to tie it into our original landscaping and also do some fill behind the walls…….that will happen another day, we were both exhausted. Guess we are out of shape!
Landscaping done
If I press my head up against the glass and look to the left I can still see the river. I lost my view but……I now have a much bigger studio.
Quilt Studio Window
I am so glad we had the mulch down before we got the hail storm two nights ago. We had some damage to our siding and windows, I don’t remember seeing/hearing hail like that before! Many people had broken windows and also wind damage.
Quilt Studio Window
There was so much hail on the ground that it looked like it had snowed!
Quilt Studio Window
View from my window.
Hail storm


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  1. How pretty that will be when you turn it into a flower bed! It's actually already pretty 🙂

  2. OOh that looks so nice, even if it's not a view of the water. Isn't it a bit depressing when you reach that age when you have no choice to admit that you HAVE indeed reached that age where you aren't Superman/woman any longer? I reached that age a long time ago, but not necessarily because of my age; mine was my body rebelling against me. My poor husband I think may be struggling with this very thing lately however. I feel bad for him because he's such a big guy and a Former Marine, so he thinks he's indestructible ya know. Nope. Not when the age factor rears its ugly head. Sadly we are all susceptible to that monster. LOL

    That hail was huge. Wow. We had some not long ago too, but not that large. A few nights ago we had bad storms around our area, including tornado warnings a few counties SW of us. When we went to bed, I was laying there trying to get to sleep and all of a sudden we heard stuff hitting the side of our house. Yep, time for hail but I wasn't hearing windows breaking so I just freaked a minute or so and then fell asleep hoping we wouldn't be woken up by the weather radio which is in the bedroom. Had that happened we both would have been shredded by our big scaredy cat who sleeps between us. She hates that radio and totally freaks out every Wed when it goes off for the weekly test. She comes flying into my sewing room and up onto my desk staring directly into my face with her eyes bugging out of her head. Of course, I just laugh at her because of all the stress she's given both of us since we bought her. LOL

  3. I wonder what the wild animals do when a hail like that comes down… it looks like it would hurt!
    You and Bob do such a great job with your landscaping. All your hard work was worth it!

  4. Chopin - A Passionate Quilter says:

    We were lucky last night when it the storm blew in – just rain – today nice 25MPH winds. Back to light winter. Nice work you too.

  5. Carole @ From My Carolina Home says:

    Those hail storms were really amazing, glad you didn't have any bad damage. The natural light into your studio will be great. What is the little sculpture you put in the flower bed? You both did a wonderful job on the little walls.

  6. Jacqueline Bonneau says:

    Wow, that was some nasty stuff. We just got 8 inches of new snow 2 days ago. Our hail usually comes in July and August.

  7. The hard labor has a wonderful outcome! That is a lot of manual labor. Wow!!! Those are big hailstones.

  8. Glad you got the bricks and mulch in place … and just in time! Had to laugh at your comment about the smaller bricks; that's the same reason I buy 10 pound bags of potting soil for my deck instead of 40 pound bags. Just can't handle it anymore. 😀

  9. Wow, that is some nasty looking hail. Glad you guys are ok. The landscaping looks nice, you can always finish things up when the weather gets warmer.

  10. Createology says:

    Hail is very damaging and so glad you are safe. Working on retaining walls and landscape is exhausting but always worth the efforts. Your new studio is so worth all the work you and Builder Bob have put into it.

  11. Wow! That is nasty hail and it seems so early in the year for that. One May morning about 4 years ago we got a big hail storm and most of the houses in town (about 15,000 people) had to replace roofs. It took a couple of years for some people to find a roofer available.

  12. window looks great, love the little doggie outside and that's some BIG hail!!

  13. That's some pretty good size hail. We barely dodged a hail storm this week. It moved just slightly north of us. Builder Bob did a great job with the space outside your studio window. Looks pretty, but still lets light in.

  14. They were talking about large hail as the storm headed our way from the Mississippi River but I didn't hear any reports about it later. I hope we never get hail that large. 1964 was when our town had its worst hailstorm with broken windows all over town.