Studio Goodies and August UFO

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August Quilt UFO to finishOnce again I almost forgot to link up a UFO that I want to finish this month. Keep reading to find out what I have the quilt hanging off of!

In June I shared this small quilt in my post about hanging your quilts on a garage door with magnets. This really works well for taking photos of your quilts. I chose a small quilt this month…..hopefully I’ll get it done!

We did a little road trip on Saturday and spent a little time with this wild ape…..isn’t he cute!Bob-Connie-MonkeyFrom there we made a stop at the Sutliff bridge that goes over the Cedar River. It is in Lisbon, Iowa and it is just a “little” bigger than our little town of Fairport.  We visited this bridge last year for the first time… is amazing what is close by and we have never been too. Sutliff Bridge Cedar-River IowaWhat a neat walking bridge! In the next photo I am standing on the other side of the river looking across at the bar.Sutliff Bridge Cedar-River-Iowa-walking-bridgeWe were having a great time.Sutliff Bridge Cedar-River-Iowa-walking-bridgeI even saw this eagle that reminded me of Iggy…..Eagle by the riverWe also found a garage sale and look what we brought home….remember my quilt UFO….here is what was under it!Antique Sewing chairI have never seen a stool like that, have you? We couldn’t talk the guy down on the price so we paid $50 for it but I still think that was a good deal. We’ll need to clean it up but look at the detail, the feet have little glass balls in them. The height of the stool can also be adjusted.

I was using a automotive stool but….finally broke it so I am hoping this one will last a long time.

vintage Sewing machine stool closeupI also bought a bag of 16 vintage dresser scarves which were marked $12 but I got them for $8. They will need to be cleaned before I can do some quilting on them. I’m going to have to search for information on cleaning them as I know I have read about it before.Vintage Dresser scarvesThis one is really beautiful and old, there are a few holes and spots but look at the workmanship in it!Vintage Dresser scarf closeup

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  1. Lovely photos, Connie! I love the sitting areas on the bridge. I have never seen that before. It must be a pretty long bridge too. You even spotted an eagle! Great finds at the garage sale too. Looks like you had a fantastic day. Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.


  2. I am (or was) a longtime piano player, and I am pretty sure you got yourself a piano stool. I have sat on many similar to that, but those feet are exquisite! Love the UFO you have for this month, and the photos of the bridge and you and your husband are great. Lovely dresser scarf; makes me think I should see if there are any kicking around in our family of my grandma’s.

  3. I love those shots of the bridge and the river and how lucky to have been able to capture one of the eagle as well! Your bench is quite the find as are the vintage fabric pieces.

    The quilt is stunning! 🙂

  4. Picnic benches on a bridge! I love that idea. Looks like a fun place to visit!

  5. I think that you got a real deal on the stool. Which ever type it is, it is surely very old. Love it & the scarves as well. That bridge sure looks like it’s a nice one to walk on!

  6. Yes it is a piano stool. I used to have one and played the piano. I prefer a bench, but the stool is very unique and in such excellent condition.

  7. What a wonderful Piano stool. I would have paid $50 in a minute. We can’t find those in my part of the country very often. I used to have one but it gave up the battle with the kids years ago.

  8. P.S. I really like your quilt! I finished my July UFO on time and am working on August’s–some Christmas table runners I started two years ago! I’ve really enjoyed the One Monthly Goal and have finished several of my projects… not every month, but several… More than I would have without it!

  9. Connie–what a fabulous old piano stool! It reminds me of some that I used to see when I was a kid… wonder whatever happened to those!!! Super find along with the dresser scarves! I love looking at old linens and wondering what homes they lived in and the ladies who made them cared for them. The bridge is beautiful! You’d need a good watering hole at the end of it if your trip was as hot as it’s been here–fun trip with you!!!

  10. Christine Gibbons says:

    Beautiful dresser scarves. You can clean them by soaking them in Amaze or Oxi-clean. I usually use the Amaze. Place the linens in the Amaze and warm water and soak for a couple of hours. You may need to rinse and do repeat. If there are stains on the piece, use a laundry bar of Sunlight Soap. You don’t want rub the soap on the fabric, I usually rub it onto my hand and very gently rub into the fabric. Let it sit for awhile. If the stains are not coming out, lay the piece on a towel in the sun. Do not let the piece dry. Keep checking it and applying the Sunlight. This will remove staining. The Amaze will help with the whitening. I have done this with several items including my Mother’s 86 year old christening gown. It has been worn by all of the children in my family. It came out beautifully/

    1. Thanks so much for the info Christine! I have some Oxi-clean but I’m going to look for Amaze. I love the vintage pieces and wish I had kept my grandmothers!

  11. Great vintage finds for both the dress scarves and stool! I love that quilt too:-)

  12. Your stool is for an organ. Piano stools are wider to accommodate two people playing a duet. The old pipe organs could only be played by one person who had to push the two peddles while playing. Organs tend to be discarded while the stools survive.

  13. I’m with the others — probably a piano stool. My mother used to use a combination of Cascade powder and something else but I don’t remember what. I bet there’s a recipe on the internet somewhere.

  14. You scored on that stool, it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing your Modern Pinwheels with OMG so we can all look forward to the bright and cheery finish!

  15. I agree! It looks like an old piano stool. Wonderful old linens too! You definitely hit the “jackpot”. I look forward to seeming what you do with the linens. So many possibilities.

  16. I enjoyed seeing your road trip photos – what an interesting bridge. The stool may be an old piano stool. I’ve seen a couple like that.

  17. could be a piano stool….great steal I think. Vintage linens need a good soak in dawn dish detergent and dry in the sun. Personally I don’t mind the age and use stains, it gives them history and personality

    1. Thanks for the info on cleaning the vintage linens Debbie. I’m like you….the stains give them character. My grandmother used them all the time and I wish I would have kept hers.

  18. Donna Taylor says:

    Your stool is a piano stool! I think you got a great deal!

    1. You know I wondered about that! It sure is beautiful and will work! Thanks for the info.