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Quilted basket tutorial and coasters

Several weeks ago I shared my Strippy Basket and I finally used the corners that I cut off to make some cute coasters.  I have several other posts about the baskets – Batik basketscoasters and the original basket post and pattern link.

We are going to have a cookout for the 4th of July and last weekend this new smoker/grill was bought by our neighbor. The company that makes this is in Alabama and they delivered it Friday night. Saturday was spent getting it ready to use and Sunday there were ribs and chickens cooked on it. This thing is huge! There are two separate places to grill/smoke, a warmer on the right side and on the back is a setup for a deep fryer. The guys were really having fun with it.Smoker Grill Cooker front

Here is the backside of it. Fish or my favorite……french fries can be fried here. We have also been working on our house which you can see in the background. Builder Bob removed 6 small windows that we really don’t need anymore. Three of them were bad and it would have been expensive to replace them. We are also getting ready to replace our roof and……..cover our deck! I am so excited to finally get this done! I’m not as crazy about the sun as I used to be and a roof will also allow us to use the deck (like our neighbors) when it rains.

The trusses have been ordered, new sky-lights will get ordered today and we also have a new front door to be installed. The middle of July will be busy! I can’t wait!

Smoker grill backYesterday we spent the day on the river but I didn’t take my camera or phone…..darn it!

Here is a pinnable photo if you would like pin the coasters on your Pinterest board.

Quilted Basket and coasters

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  1. Wow…that is a PARTY BBQ and it looks like there will be lots of fun times together with neighbors. Your home is really coming along and to be able to use your deck year-round will be fabulous. Great use of the corners from your pieced basket. No waste is how we like to use our fabrics. Safe and Joyful Fourth of July Dear…

  2. Love the coasters! Amazing smoker/cooker/grill! I am imagining all the goodies… yum!!!

  3. Wow…that is quite the trailer! Sounds like fun. I love the coasters.

  4. Wow July is going to be very busy!

  5. Lots of stuff happening! All good. I think i can smell the cooking from here 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the finished deck. The roof should preserve your hard work of staining it too.

  6. MMMmm…I can almost smell those ribs on the smoker! How lucky that your neighbors purchased one! Perhaps they’ll let you use a corner of it now and then for your fish and fries, especially if you gift them with a set of your perfect coasters! They look so pretty on the deck table. Lots of excitement coming for you this next month…I’ll be waiting for photos!