Stitching up a Storm My Quilting Plans for May

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I have a feeling that May is going to fly by for me! I have several quilt projects that I need to get finished before I start packing for our move to our new house so I am stitching up a storm! If you missed it, yes we are moving again!

May 2023 Quilt Calendar

I have my May 2023 quilt calendar printed and next to my laptop so I can see what I plan on working on this month.

My May quilt calendar Stitching up a Storm My Quilting Plans for May
Stitching up a Storm: My Quilting Plans for May

Have you downloaded your free quilt calendar for this month?

Closer photo of my quilt calendar
May 2023 quilt calendar

I shared the first set of quilt blocks I am working on for the Summer Memories QAL. It will take 9 weeks. 5 weeks will be in May and the rest in June. I am really hoping I can work ahead on this quilt and finish it before we move as I want to quilt it on my longarm before we take it apart. Who knows how long it will take to put it back together.

4 Square Quilt

I have finished all of the blocks for my second 4 Square quilt. This one uses an entire layer cake. Now I need to get it quilted and write the pattern for you. This post showed you how to make the 4 Square quilt block.

4 square quilt top finished
4 square quilt top finished

River Whirls

Like any crazy quilter….I also started another quilt. I was looking at everything I have to pack up and saw a beautiful charm pack and the next thing I knew….I started something else!

This is another River Whirls quilt. This is such a fun quilt project! You’ll want to take a look at my River Whirls quilt tutorial.

Look closely at the quilt blocks, two of them are made the wrong way.

River Whirls quilt blocks
River Whirls quilt blocks

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I really should read my own tutorials before I start working on something. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be, I’ll blame that on age. LOL

All of the blocks have to be cut exactly the same. Here is my template and I just added the note “This side up” – hopefully this will help me.

Correct way to cut the blocks
Correct way to cut the blocks

New table runner

I am also working on a new table runner. I have another one in different colors that I also need to finish quilting. I get a little bored working on just one quilt project.

Adding binding to a new table runner
Adding binding to a table runner


Sweet little Rusty can always be found near me. If I go downstairs even for a minute, he is right next to me. It has been 5 months since we adopted Rusty after seeing him on Jo’s Country Junction. Do you think he is happy here? He and Mr. Mickey only got to spend 2 months together. We still miss Mr. Mickey so much!

Rusty the dog relaxed
Relaxed dog

Before you go…..

Be sure and take a look at the River Whirls quilt tutorial, this makes a great baby quilt!

River Whirls Quilt Tutorial

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Hi Rusty, Connie, and Builder Bob! I’m following along to see how your move goes, and new set up for the studio. I hope your month has fun sewing, and not to stressful with packing. And maybe you will post photos of your yard and trees once you settle in?

  2. At least when you move that often, you purge any excess possessions! I can’t say I envy you doing that, but you are such an organized person your sewing room is always fantastic ! Please keep the last picture in the blog of you with both of your beloved dogs, I love looking at it.

  3. Linda Schmidt says:

    Connie, You are such a whiz. I’m happy for your new home. I don’t envy the moving part, but I’m excited to see pictures of your new sewing room. Rusty looks like he is enjoying your home. Love the new table runner your going to make. I am new at this, so I am doing runners and enjoying it. Hugs, Linda

  4. Oh gosh, Connie. Heading to the sewing room to avoid preparing to move (or most any other big chore) sounds exactly like something I would do. Love the River Swirl blocks…even the two wrong ones. It’s a shame Rusty and Mickey didn’t have more time together. They would have been such good friends. Isn’t it fun to have a house shadow???? Good luck in accomplishing all your projects before the move.

  5. Love the quits, Rusty is adorable, he reminds me of my little Chihuahua I lost year .

  6. Karen Poole says:

    I love the four square in batiks! I have a set of the ten inch blocks that I’ve been wanting to make something with and this looks perfect for that!

  7. Oh Rusty you are so adorable!!!!! So excited for the move. I remember when we moved NEXT DOOR! The movers were so surprised when they got there! Love the “creative” pinwheel. How many times have I done that! But the note on the pattern is genius! Looks like you are really going to town this week! Thanks!

  8. Connie, it is fun to see all of your works in progress, and I love to see sweet Rusty relaxing and enjoying his life with you. Thanks for sharing about him. Carol

  9. Lois Blue says:

    Connie, I love your blogs and all your beautiful quilts. I enjoy hearing about you and Builder Bob and Rusty. I pray your move goes well and can’t wait to see what you do with your new sewing studio. Best Wishes and Hugs, Lois