Stacks Fat Quarter Table Runner

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Table runners are always fun to make and a perfect quilt project for a new quilter. This is my Stacks fat quarter table runner in batiks.

When I did a post about my Stacks quilt pattern I mentioned that I had also made a couple of table runners with the pattern. Today I want to show you the Stacks table runner in wine and pink colors.

I always love the combinations of these colors and I used three batik fat quarters that I had in my stash.

Stacks Table Runner in wine colors

It takes just three fat quarters to make this large table runner!

Several of you have asked if this is an AccuQuilt friendly pattern and I’m sorry to say that it isn’t. You can see that each block is a different size.

Stacks table runner from 3 fat quarters

Fortunately, there aren’t a lot of cuts to make and with a new rotary blade, it should be pretty easy to cut.

I cut all 3 layers at once. I normally use a smaller rotary cutter, but when you are cutting multiple layers, the Olfa 45mm rotary cutter is a good one to use. I also use the O’lipfa ruler with a lip edge, the edge keeps your ruler from moving when you make your cuts. I have been using this ruler for years. If you only have one ruler, get this one! It is 5″ wide by 24″ and if perfect for cutting yardage. (I always get asked about this ruler so I thought I would go ahead and add the link as it can be a hard ruler to find.

I found a spool of bright pink thread in my stash that has been around for a long time while but was the perfect color to use for the quilting. I am using a cotton batting which gives a nice flat look to my table runner and quilting it with my 15-91 Singer sewing machine.

Quilting the Stacks tablerunner on my vintage 15-91 Singer

Closeup of the quilting

I never know how I am going to quilt something until I sit down and start. I thought it would be fun to make every other block a simple meander and then do some organic loops on the other blocks.

Many of you have said you are just getting started with free-motion quilting and table runners are a great beginner project.

I always, always practice my free-motion quilting before starting on my project. I have a drawer next to my sewing machine with small quilt sandwiches. Two layers of quilt fabric with a layer of batting in between are used to test my stitches.

closeup of the quilting on the table runner

Finishing your quilt

When it comes to choosing a backing for my quilt projects, I usually go through my stash and look for a fabric that I think will look good with it.


I used batiks for the table runner but choose a cotton print for the back. I think this has been in my stash for at least 8 years! I don’t do much with floral prints right now so it was the perfect backing.


I had to really search to find a fabric that would match for my binding. I completely forgot about that until it was time to add the binding. What I found was another fat quarter of batik that was very close to the colors I had used.

I really wouldn’t recommend using a fat quarter for the binding on a table runner this size. I cut my 2½-inch strips and sewed them together with a 1/8th inch seam. I didn’t have enough fabric for the usual angled seam but there will be virtually no stress on the seams in my binding.

The binding is completely machine stitched using my easy machine binding tutorial.

Backing fabric for the Stacks table runner

We went shopping yesterday! When we moved last summer, we had to sell our kitchen table as it was too big for our new kitchen and picked up a small round table but I’ve never really liked it. Well, I finally found a table that will work!

I took my Stacks table runner to the furniture store to see how it would look on the table, I love it! The table is ordered and we should get it in about two weeks. The salesperson thought I was a little strange taking photos but I just had to share the table with you!

You can find the Stacks quilt pattern in my shop.

Many of you have already purchased my Stacks quilt pattern and I hope you will share your quilt projects with me!

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Stacks quilt pattern as a table runner
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  1. You are such an inspiration with such beautiful work.

  2. Doreen Sherk says:

    That is a beautiful runner and your table will be perfect. Thanks for sharing

  3. Susie Parr says:

    Happy Easter Connie, I hope you have a lovely weekend despite Lockdown. Hugs & Love Susie xx

  4. Love your table runner. Looks simple to make and I lie the idea of different patterns in your quilting. I will definitely have to make this one.

  5. Dee Weston says:

    Love you table runner and the new table!!

  6. Nancy A Steinbacher says:

    Hi Connie! Your table runner is beautiful! I know how the animals are and how quick they learn. My dog would jump up and down when I got my keys out. I miss her.

  7. Monica Kostak says:

    Love the colors and quilting!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sara Fridley says:

    Very cute and simple runner. Perfect to showcase a great fabric. But I really love that table and the stools. The shelves on the side is a fun bonus.

  9. Karen McK says:

    Love the runner pattern and how you quilted it. What Singer machine were you using to quilt the table runner? Thanks, Karen

      1. Karen McK says:

        Just got a 99K and can’t wait to start sewing on it. Have a great day!