Stacks Doggie Quilt

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If you are looking for a fast and easy baby quilt to make, then the Stacks quilt will be perfect for you!

I decided that Mr. Mickey needed a quilt of his own, he looks pretty happy on it, doesn’t he!

Stacks baby quilt with Mickey on it

Stacks Doggie Quilt
40″ x 40″

Doggie quilt or baby quilt, this would make a cute quilt for either a baby or a dog.

I had a bundle of fat quarters that had aged for a couple of years and I thought this would be a great time to use them up.

I had to add four more fabrics from my stash so I could make the quilt with nine different fat quarters.

Fabrics used for the Stacks baby quilt

The first thing I had to do was iron the fat quarters and then lay them on top of each other. If you use a large rotary cutter with a new blade you should be able to cut through all nine layers at once.

Cutting fat quarters

I used my Stacks quilt pattern and followed the directions in the pattern to cut up the fat quarters. I don’t remember where I got the fabrics from but isn’t this cute with all of the kitchen items on it!

Cutting the fat quarters into pieces

My original Stacks quilt was made for Island Batik when we lived down by the river…..too many moves!

Decided to make square quilt blocks

The quilt blocks in the Stacks pattern are rectangular but for some reason, I decided to trim the blocks to squares. Looking at this photo makes me think I was experimenting or something.

If you make the baby quilt following the pattern, your quilt will be 47″ x 56″.

Squaring up the quilt blocks

I actually cut out and pieced this quilt in April 2020 and have no idea why I never finished it. It may have been because I made a Stacks table runner.

Here are the quilt blocks sewn into rows and laid out on the floor. I actually had the whole quilt top pieced. I must have jumped to the next quilt project and forgotten it.

Piecing the Stacks quilt rows

Last week while cleaning my quilt studio, I came across a pile of quilt tops and decided to finish this one.

Baby quilt on fence outside

Polar Fleece as batting

I had a piece of polar fleece that I decided to use as batting. I wasn’t sure how it would work but I knew Mr. Mickey wouldn’t care. It was very easy to quilt through.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend using this as batting. I used it for a table runner and did straight line stitching on it. The table runner didn’t lay straight but I finished it anyway thinking maybe it would be better after getting washed. Of course that didn’t work, in fact, it looked worse.

At some point, that table runner will become a tote bag.

Stacks baby quilt outside on wall

Mr. Mickey is getting pretty good at posing! He is still coughing a lot and tires easily but he is a sweet little cuddle bug. Over the weekend we had lots of family staying with us and he loved seeing everyone.

Dog on quilt

So far he hasn’t been using the doggie quilt, he prefers his two soft pillows. In case you are wondering that is my Simple Flying Geese pillow.

Stacks baby quilt by fireplace

Are you done taking pictures yet??

Mickey the poodle on Stacks quilt

You can find the Stacks quilt pattern in my shop.

Stacks quilt on leather couch

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Cheryl Hoffmann says:

    I can’t thnk you enough Connie for all your email posts! You inspire all of us to go out of our comfort zone in quilting. Thank you! My 1st quilt was in 1983, a baby quilt. Life got busy with marriage kids, working, so I put my sewing machine away. Breast cancer brought it back out, I was diagnoised with Stage 2.5 BC. I wanted to leave my hubby, sister & parents, 3 grandkids & 13 great nieces & nephews something to remember me by. My girls already had a quilt, so I started in August & had 20 done by Christmas!! It was my therapy during Chemo & Surgeries. I am blessed and happy to be 10 years Cancer Free. I havent stopped sewing since then.
    So ladies please get those Mamograms done, it saved not only my life, but my sisters too, she was 43 when diagnosed, I was 52, and we do not carry the gene.

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you for your comment and I am so glad you are Cancer Free. You are right, everyone should get checked. I’m so glad you enjoy my site and quilting is something I love.

  2. My daughter has a diabetic cat that loves to ride in her stroller as my daughter goes on
    walks. Sometimes Paula walks and other times just rides. So Mr. Mickey would have
    a companion if we lived closer. Paula is the cats name. And she is a love bug.

  3. I seem to be off a couple weeks – missed this adorable quilt and fashion shots of Mr. M.
    Really love the simplicity of this – I need to make a couple “catch-up” quilts for our church group and you have a winner here. Thanks! Hope all is well out west!

    1. Ellen Hutchinson says:

      I am sure that Mr. Mickey loves being the center of attention, Especially when you have lots of company. I love the quilt. I made a turning 20 that looks very similar to that using all my ugly fat quarters. Somehow they didn’t seem ugly when it was finished. Lol

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Connie – I’m waiting for you to share information about your new home and your new quilting studio. I suspect you’ll soon have an offer on your house. It’s beautiful and the lower level is perfect for those who have a need for space to pursue their passions for quilting or any creative activity.

    Best wishes on a move that goes smoothly!

  5. So excited for you Connie.
    Good luck sure you’re going to love your new place.
    Can’t wait to see .
    I started sewing today after putting machine away two years ago.
    Sew in my tiny dining room.
    I am working on Hidden Wells table runner in blues. Hold thumbs.Have to figure out how to quilt the top as all I know is stitch in the ditch.
    Waiting to see new house and ofcourse most importantly your Studio.
    Good luck and take care.

  6. Hi Connie Dear. Mr. Mickey looks very sweet and content with his new quilt. My Grandma used old blankets for batting and they worked wonderfully. You look lovely in your new photo. Happy Spring.

  7. that is a nice, very colorful quilt. I might have to make it for my dog this fall. I love all the pictures of Mr. Mickey. I am not sure if my welsh corgi girl Sophia would love the quilt as much as Mr. Mickey, but, we will see, if I am able to get it done.
    Thank you for sharing your life with others.

    1. Thanks Donna, I’m sure your little Sophia would love her own quilt too!

  8. Brenda Sutterfield says:

    What are the measurements for the doggie quilt ? I want to try and make it for my Baby Girl . How do you cut them out? To the size you can make it. What size blocks do you need to do it?

    1. Hi Brenda, you can make it any size. Mine is 40 x 40. As far as squaring the blocks, I just made all the blocks the same square size.

  9. love your doggy quilt and your pup is cute…He definitely deserves a quilt of his own. I have a cat and she has two quilts of her own. They are not spoilt they just let us live there right?

  10. Monica Kostak says:

    How cute and a great idea! I need to do something small for my cats. I was actually going to make a scrappy quilt for the Bottom of the cats carrier cage with scrap strips ! Thanks for the thought !!

  11. Christina Bruner says:

    I like this quilt. Its cool how you made a baby size quilt into a dog quilt. Really good idea. My mom has a dog and this pattern looks easy to do. When im done my x2 baby quilts for family and friend and x2 table cover that, when others saw them, loved them and wanted one. I would have to make one for my moms dog.
    Thanks for the idea!!!!!

    1. I’m so glad you like it and yes, it is fast and easy to make!

  12. Love your Stacks quilt and if certainly looks like Mr Mickie does too. I am actually enjoying getting all my UFOs done this year. It feels good

  13. Awww, Mr. Mickey does appear to like his quilt…well, until that last pic. I think you nailed that caption perfectly! LOL He’s such a cutie.

  14. Dear Connie,
    Mr Mickey looks like he really likes the quilt you made for him.
    How is he doing? He looks like he is doing fine.

    1. Mr. Mickey is doing about the same. The meds he takes for his congestive heart failure seem to keep him stablized.

  15. Mary Bryan says:

    What a cute quilt! I’m sure Mr. Mickey will appreciate it. This would be a good pattern to use up some of my stash. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that experiments with different battings, etc. Sometimes these experiments work, sometimes they don’t. But as my mother used to say, you never know until you try. Anyways, thanks for sharing!!

  16. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Connie – this is a beautiful rug and Mr Mickey shows it off to perfection with his cuteness.
    I love the Stacks design as it is versatile and lends itself to a range of projects.
    The colours you’ve used are so attractive.
    Thanks for sharing this project.