Spring Stars Quilt

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Spring Stars Quilt QAL

I finished up quilting my Fat Quarter Stars QAL quilt and it turned out just the way I thought it would. Perfect colors for Spring! When this Quilt A Long started 6 months ago I wanted to use fabric with lots of bright and beautiful color. I’m going to call this quilt Spring Stars.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

I took these pictures last night right after I finished the binding. The sun was setting but I made it in time.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

Builder Bob decided that my quilting assistant should be in the pictures.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

Can you tell Simon doesn’t get to go outside? I think he was in shock.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL back of quilt

I was lucky to have this large piece of blue cotton for the back. I know that fabric had been in my stash for at least 15 years…..waiting for just the right quilt.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

I always love beginning each new project but by the time I am stitching down the last side of the binding I am tired of it. Does anyone else get that way?

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

Then I take some pictures and throw it in the washer and dryer. When it comes out I fall in love with it all over again.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

I used Warm & Natural batting and 100% cotton thread on the creme background.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

I’m not one for big spaces in my quilting so on each block I used Bottom Line Oatmeal thread for the quilting.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

Here you can see the star before being quilted…….

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

and here it is quilted.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

I couldn’t resist showing one more photo of Simon just before he was taken back into the house.

Spring Stars Quilt QAL

I also had leftovers that I used to make a quilted Spring Star Pillow.

My next project is fixing poor little Piggy for my granddaughter…….

fix piggy

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  1. Denise :) says:

    CONNIE!!! I'm so glad I decided to scroll back through all of your posts this week — this is simple marvelous!! And don't you love it when something you've been holding onto for ages is suddenly the *perfect* fit for a project in the here and now?! That blue fabric was just made for this quilt!!! 🙂

  2. Hillbilly Tonya says:

    Oh it is marvelous! And that back is perfect for it.

  3. Super quilt Connie, sure looks like summer to me. Not sure which I enjoyed the most the river or the quilt. What a fab place to quilt and look out over. Cheers Glenda

  4. A beautiful quilt and great machine quilting! Congratulations on your finish!!

    Is your Singer 15 motorized or is it a treadle? I have a treadle 15 and another model 28(off the top of my head) I've yet to learn how to use them. 🙂
    Have a good weekend 🙂 Ellyx

  5. What a great quilt. Simon is definitly enjoying his time ouside – that last one looks like he has spotted something good or he is about to bolt 🙂
    Wish I had so many great places outside to take photos.

  6. What a great quilt. Simon is definitly enjoying his time ouside – that last one looks like he has spotted something good or he is about to bolt 🙂
    Wish I had so many great places outside to take photos.

  7. The Thompsons says:

    The quilting is ridiculously beautiful! Seriously – I love it!

  8. This a fabulous quilt – the colours are beautiful and your fmq is amazing 🙂

  9. Lovely quilt, the quilting is so nicely done!

  10. this is a lovely quilt, fantastic job. love your helper. i have one also only he is 23 lbs and gray and white.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  11. holy cow! that is just the taste of spring i've been yearning for!! I can jut image cuddling under a quilt, watching the sun come up over the water. aaahhh!

  12. If Toys Could Talk says:

    What a lovely quilt! Your FMQ is incredible! 🙂

  13. Beautiful quilt. Nice display too.

  14. Melissa Corry says:

    It is just beautiful!! Thanks for linking up 🙂

  15. Your Spring Stars are beautiful! Love the colors, and your quilting is great. Your Simon looks so cute! And he does look a little shocked, poor baby. Hope he recovered. 🙂

  16. Oh, my, what a beauty! And the quilt is nice too–LOL! Sorry–couldn't resist. I just LOVE the colors you used–so clear and happy. It looks like Simon's claimed the quilt for his own already!

  17. waggonswest says:

    Oh, Connie, this is beautiful. I love the colors and I love the turquoise back. Well done.

  18. Connie your quilt turned out beautiful! I really love it! The quilting is awesome! 🙂

  19. grammajudyb says:

    Awesome quilting. Absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Apple Avenue Quilts says:

    Your quilt is lovely. Congratulations!!!

  21. Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives says:

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. The backing color is gorgeous.
    Simon does look a little

  22. It's beautiful Connie!!!!

  23. Spring Stars is amazing. Thank you for sharing so many pics, especially of 'before/after' quilting. Wowzer, what a difference. Your quilting is really nice. The colors are exciting!
    Love the pics of Simon. He is so darling, but looks a bit stunned in the first pic, poor baby.

  24. Hi, i hopped over from WIP Wednesday, gorgeous quilt, i love your colour choices :o)

  25. Hi, i hopped over from WIP Wednesday, gorgeous quilt, i love your colour choices :o)

  26. I really love this quilt – gorgeous colours beautifully set off in the white – Simon seems to think so too – and poor poor piggy – hope you can save him!

  27. Dirt Road Quilter says:

    Yay! Such a gorgeous quilt! Tell Simon we appreciate his modeling skills. He's the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful quilt! The colors are wonderful and I especially love the frames around each star.

  28. It turned out just beautiful! Such bright and fun colors. The backing is even awesome!

  29. Just beautiful Connie ,I love the bright cheerful spring colors , great job!!

  30. It's gorgeous! Great photos!
    I go through the same stages of being in love/hate with my quilt like you do!

  31. Your quilt is really beautiful, and the quilting looks wonderful!

  32. Dresden Quilter says:

    It is beautiful. Perfect for spring!

  33. You did a beautiful job on this Connie…you always do though. The color is beautiful and your quilting is fantastic!!

  34. It turned out fabulous… congrats!

  35. Betty Lou says:

    Your quilt and quilting are marvelous.

  36. Crickets Corner says:

    So pretty! It's such a bright and happy quilt that you have to smile. Love the color combinations and the blue backing reminds me of a perfect spring day. The multicolor binding is the perfect finish and your quilting is amazing. Poor Simon looks so confused.

  37. Absolutely beautiful, I love your colours, and I love stars!! Your assistant is quite cute too. I am the same, get excited at the beginning, get it all pieced then take ages to pin it, then have to get in the mood for quilting, but when it is done..wow I am in love again! Hugs

  38. Wow what a beautiful SPRING quilt! You did a wonderful job of quilting.
    I love your view and Simon looks at home on the new quilt.
    Still need to try and do the free motion quilting. Did you do the binding by hand or machine?
    Thanks, Lynda

  39. REally nice quilt! Pretty helper as well!!

  40. It's beautiful! Great job. The quilting is amazing 🙂 I always hate my quilt during the quilting part of it, then I fall in love again when I'm stitching the binding 🙂

  41. Your quilt is amazing, as is the location! Simon is the perfect model as well!!

  42. This turned out so beautiful Connie and your quilting and the fabric for the back is perfect!!! Always enjoy seeing your adorable assistant!

  43. It's gorgeous Connie! Love the blue on the backing!

  44. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful and the colors are great! Spring Stars is perfect! Love your helper too – what would we do without them?

  45. Thank you so much for showing this quilt! I really appreciate the wonderful oictures which show so many special aspects of this quilt. Do you quilt it all at one time, or is it quilted in stages? How long would it take from start to finish? It s simply gorgeous!

  46. LOVE this quilt, truly love it. Simon has me cracking up. In the first picture the look on his face says (to me) "Am I gonna be in trouble?". The second says, "Who are you and what have you done with my mother?". The third says, "Ok, well, there is a quilt out here, so maybe it is ok?" LOL.Back to the quilt, I love everything from the colors right up to the quilting and the finished product. True love 🙂 Piggy is also quite adorable!

  47. Stand right up and take a bow!! This is absolutely gorgeous. Just look at that beautiful quilting job.

  48. Well done! It is beautiful! I like to do binding but when I get to the 4th side I am ready to be done.

  49. Oh, your FQ Stars quilt came out beautifully! Just a sparkle to it. Love the solid back, yes 15 yrs – it was time to find the perfect home. And the scrappy colorful binding just frames it wonderfully.

  50. Wow! I love it! The quilting looks great and really makes the stars pop.

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge