Spring Batik Appliqued Flowers

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I was moving things around in my quilt studio the other day and came across a box…..a HUGE BOX of quilt blocks.

Can you guess how old these blocks are???

Spring Batik Appliqued Flowers

Spring Batik Appliqued Flowers

There are all kinds of sizes, colors, and fabrics. Most of them I had forgotten about and when I saw these four blocks I remembered that I had planned on writing up a pattern called Spring Batik Appliqued Flowers for this and…….for some reason I moved on to something new and forgot all about it.

Spring Flowers closeup

I think this is when I knew that batiks were my favorite fabric for free motion applique.

The applique was all done on my vintage Singer sewing machine using a darning foot and I used embroidery thread.

Spring Flowers leaves

Why did I never finish this quilt project? Do you have projects like this that you haven’t finished?

Applique Flower Blocks

I stuck the blocks up on my design wall and kind of liked this design.

Then I decided to add a narrow sash of a dark green batik. I’ll also use this same batik for my binding. I am going to work on this and hopefully sometime this month I’ll share it with you.

Batik Flower Wall Hanging

Were you wondering how old the blocks were??? Well, I found my blog post for the Flowers with Dots and a Lil’ Twister wall hanging from……2012!

It is definitely time to finish this!

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  1. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Applique brings another dimension to a project. Thanks, Connie, for sharing this “oldie but a goodie”. The colourful flowers compliment the subdued background perfectly.

  2. Marcia Craft says:

    I am so sorry about Sadie!!! Always love all your quilts!!!

  3. Love the flowers with dots quilt. It looks so cute on that hanger too.

  4. great blocks, don’t remember them at all, do remember some other flowers on a beige scrappy background, but not these!

  5. Ooh I really like those blocks and especially love the little one on the hanger near the river. Very nice. I think those were before my time as I’ve never seen them before.

    1. Now that surprises me Vicki! I thought you were one of my first followers LOL! Thanks!

  6. Sometimes old is new again. I really like your setting and end result as well as the original wall hanging.

    1. Thanks Miriam, some things never seem to go out of style 🙂

  7. I am always shocked at the amount of time when I look back at my UFOs too. I loved the flowers “back then” and still like them now!

    1. Thanks Mary, I think many of us have more UFOs than we realize!

  8. I do not remember seeing those before, I like them and I like where you are going with it!

    1. Thanks Darlene! I still can’t believe I forgot all about this! Now to get working on it.