Spin Me Round Quilt Block

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I recently had someone ask me if I had a Spin Me Round quilt block tutorial and I had to do a search on Google to find out what the block was. I have a couple of tutorials for quilt blocks that are similar but not the same.

You may have seen my tutorial for the Strip Pieced Jewel table runner or the Bright Jewel table runner, these remind me of the Spin Me Round block other than I don’t have the center block.

During the move, I filled a box with quilt blocks that I had on the walls at my country house studio. I remembered there was a lone batik Rainbow Rail Fence quilt block and I thought it would be fun to turn it into a Spin Me Round quilt block.

Rainbow Rail Fence quilt block

The first thing I did was to press the quilt block and then fold and crease to find the center of the block.

Press the quilt block and crease the center

Next I used one of my square rulers to turn the quilt block into a Spin Me Around quilt block. This is a 10½-inch square Omnigrid ruler that I’m using. My next size was a 12-inch square. I could have drawn an 11-inch square template but this is just a quick tutorial so the 10½-inch ruler worked fine.

Place a square ruler on the quilt block

Trim off the sides of the quilt block with your rotary cutter.

Trim the quilt block

Continue until all four sides are trimmed.

Trim all four sides of quilt block

There is the Spin Me Round quilt block!

The sides of this block are all on the bias so you’ll want to be very careful handling it. I also sprayed some starch on it

Spin Me Round quilt block

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Now there is quite a bit of waste doing the quilt block this way but I will use the leftover pieces for another project. Maybe I’ll make a smaller center square and then add the pieces to it.

quilt block leftovers

I had fun taking a couple of photos of Mr. Mickey while we were playing with his rope. He still coughs a lot with his congestive heart failure but I think the walks three times a day are good for him……and me!

Mickey the miniature poodle

I think he is also losing a little bit of weight. I should be but we are still having fun trying out different restaurants in town. Would you believe there are 314 different ones just in Ankeny!

This is his stare when he decides it is walk time….or dinner time!

Dog giving me a look to say it is time to take a walk

We are also having fun shopping and recently bought this table for our hallway.

Table in the hallway

I have also been working on a bargello quilt project and here is a little peek at it. Once again I am working with leftovers from a past quilt.

bargello quilt project strips

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. You have so so much energy. I’m glad your enjoying your new home. Makes me want to move.

  2. Mr Mickey is looking a lot perkier, could it be his new friend is lifting his spirits?
    The new environment seems to agree with him.
    I like the colors in the broken herringbone quilt block, very pretty.

  3. That’s a fun looking block and I’m sure you can find a use for those left overs!! Mr. Mickey looks really good – glad he’s doing somewhat better and is enjoying going for walks and playing a little. I’m happy you are enjoying exploring your new area. Wow, 314 is a large number of restaurants to try out and I definitely would be enjoying that!! Have a great weekend, Connie. I’m getting ready to head off to our first guild show since 2018. I’m looking forward to seeing all the lovely “Covid” quilts!

  4. Sounds like you’re all settling well in your new abode! That’s a lovely new table, but it needs a pretty quilted table runner!! Lol! I’m thinking about making a narrow one for my piano top. Always appreciate your updates and seeing what’s happening in your life. Thank you, also, for sharing such a great variety of free patterns. They are very much appreciated! Mr. Mickey is adorable – he looks soft & cuddly!

  5. Love the colors and the “spinning block”! So happy to see spring finally come to Chicago and the flowers can bloom! Bargello is so fun! Great way to “de-stash” as well I can use the tiniest strips next to the big chunky ones. Big Hugs to Mr. M. – he’s looking very dapper!

  6. Love the picture of you and Mr. Mickey together. Best wishes on your new home.

  7. Priscilla Witwer says:

    Hi Connie!
    Looks like you are getting all settled in and making plans for new projects around your home. I love your new table in the hallway. Nice choice! You look happy, and I’m so glad for you. Please give Mr. Mickey a hug from me!

  8. Robyn Lidstone in Australia says:

    Another lovely design and great Mr Mickey photos. Thanks Connie.
    I now have my Brother Scan N Cut and my sewing shop provides free lessons so I can operate it effectively. It uses the Internet and Wi-Fi and I’m fascinated with its capabilities.
    Patchwork and applique piece cutting will now be so easy and should speed up production of all the lovely designs that I’ve acquired from Connie.

  9. Be sure those river birch are planted far away from water lines or a septic. The roots travel a long way and can be a problem. They are beautiful trees and can add a lot to a landscape.