Spicy Spiral Table Runner Help

Spicy Spiral Table Runner help

Spicy Spiral Table Runner

After making the first Spicy Spiral yesterday in the wrong colors I went ahead and made it again…..sigh…..I don’t care for the way this one looks. I really like the first one….good thing I get to keep it.

Spicy Spiral Table Runner in two colors

Here is the strata I made, it uses 8 colors, my daughter wanted blue and pink added….she didn’t say anything about the red but it was in the print so I added it. I don’t think I like the pink in it. Now that I have made this pattern 2 times if when I make it again I think I will use 9 fabrics so the yellow print can be on the outsides and also in the center. What do you think?

What would you change??

Here was the main print that I showed yesterday…..I think I can get one more runner out of it.

I laid out the batting and one of my new fabrics for the backing. This isn’t my favorite way of quilting something……I prefer to add a binding but I’ll try this first. Enjoy your day!

Be sure and take a look at my quilted Spicy Spiral Table Runners.

Spicy Spiral TableRunner

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  1. You are right, Connie, that focus fabric could even be alternating with the solid ones! I miss seeing more of it.

  2. i like them both, but then I love bright colors. I made a patriotic spicy spiral runner last year and really enjoyed making it.

  3. I really like the first one much more Connie. The second one when I look at it, my eye is drawn to dead center and the pretty printed fabric is almost invisible if you know what I mean. My focus is on the center no matter how I try to force my eyes to look to the outer edges.

  4. I love bargello patterns and have seen this one before. They are both beautiful, but I really like the first one, too! Glad you get to keep it. 🙂

  5. I agree with you. Lucky you get to keep the one you like. I've made one, would like to make more.

  6. I love your table runners! ..and I would have to say that the first one is my favorite. Thank you for all that you share!

  7. What a fabulous and interesting table runner. It looks VERY complicated. I can imagine making it in a number of various colors and combinations and having one for every month or holiday or season. Creative Spiral Bliss…

  8. I made my first spiral table runner a few years ago and had sew much fun I made 5. After seeing different finishes I prefer them with binding. The colors in you second one don't flow through. Maybe if you had put them in rainbow order you would like it more. Warning! This pattern is highly addictive!

  9. This is just the neatest runner pattern. Your first one was my favorite too. I agree with Patrica, the red seems too strong….at least on my monitor. I think even a darker pink would blend a bit better. What does your daughter think? If she likes it, I'd keep it like it is. Good luck!

  10. I think what I like better about the first one is that you ended up with different colors on either side — not exactly sure how you accomplished that. Also, I think the progression of color is better in the first one.

  11. I actually think it's the red that's a little jarring in the second runner, maybe a bit too strong? I've never tried this pattern but I have seen quite a few of these made up. I'm sure both of them will be pwefect once they're quilted.

  12. This is such a fun pattern. Do you think it would be possible to make without the specialty ruler? Or would it be inaccurate and irksome?
    By the way, I much prefer the first table runner you made; lucky you to get to keep it!

  13. Love this runner – would love to make one but can't find a UK supplier- anyone know of an e-pattern ???

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