Sparkles Quilt in Sunny Side Up Batiks

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If you love a collection of fabrics created with blues and yellows, you’ll love the Sunny Side Up batik collection that I used to make my Sparkles quilt with.

Sparkles Quilt in Sunny Side Up Batiks

Sparkles quilt pattern on deck rail made with Sunny Side Up batik collection

Today is the last day of the Beat the Heat blog hop from Island Batik

There have been all kinds of neat quilts made for the blog hop and today, Joan and I will share our quilts.

We are working with the beautiful collection called Sunny Side Up which is part of the Spring 2019 batiks from Island Batik. Just look at all of the neat fabrics!

Sunny Side Up fabric collection from Island BatikI used eleven different batiks from the Sunny Side Up collection in my quilt.

The batting I used was a twin size Hobbs Heirloom 80/2 0 batting and I used Muslin Aurifil thread for the piecing and quilting.

Sparkles quilt pattern in tree made with Sunny Side Up batik collection

I lucked out with this beautiful tree in our yard! I may not have river views in the background anymore, but this works!

Sparkles quilt pattern in tree made with Sunny Side Up batik collection

Thank you Island Batik, Hobbs, and Aurifil for the products used in this blog hop!
Island Batik Beat the Heat blog hop


53½” x 63″

Sparkles quilt pattern on the grass made with Sunny Side Up batik collection

I no longer have my huge brick backdrop setup as there just isn’t room so I am back to using a garage door to hangs my quilts. I did a post showing how to use magnets on your garage door.

Last year I bought some polymer packing tape that works great for temporarily holding my quilts on different surfaces like the garage door and that is what I used to hang up this quilt.

The Sparkles quilt pattern available in my shop.

Be sure to check out the Sparkles quilt made with the Petal Pushers collection.

Sparkles quilt pattern on garage door made with Sunny Side Up batik

Here is the full list of Ambassadors’ names, collections they will be using in their projects, and the date that they will post their quilt projects.

Monday, August 5
Leanne Parsons
Sherry Shish

Tuesday, August 6
Bill Locke
Lisa Nielsen

Wednesday, August 7
Sandra Walker
Terri Vanden Bosch

Thursday, August 8
Pamela Boatright
Kathleen McCormick

Monday, August 12
Karen Neary
Carol Moellers

Tuesday, August 13
Michelle Roberts
Laticia “Tish” Stemple

Wednesday, August 14
(Debora) Anne Wiens
Gene Black

Thursday, August 15
Tina D Dillard
Bea Lee

Monday, August 19
Joanne Hart
Carla Henton

Tuesday, August 20
Connie Kauffman
Vasudha Govindan

Wednesday, August 21
Vicki Schlimmer
Mania Hatziioannidi

Thursday, August 22
Gail Sheppard

Monday, August 26
Maryellen McAuliffe
Jennifer Strauser

Island Batik Sunny Side Up fabric collection
Tuesday, August 27
Connie K Campbell
Joan Kawano

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  1. Yellow and Blue are timeless color combinations and these Island Batik fabrics are gorgeous the way you have showcased them in your “Sunny Side Up” quilt. Your tree and garage door backdrops are very clever dear.

  2. “Sunny Side Up” because I love yellows and blues together. Love Connie’s quilt and the giveaway. Thanks you!

  3. I just love the Sunny Side Up collection and the pattern you used is great. You really have a chance to see all the fabrics. I too have always wanted to make a blue and yellow quilt, maybe now I will. Thanks……..hope I win!

  4. Your hanging ideas are very clever. I am in a rut in terms of where I photograph my quilts and may need to come up with some new ideas. Love those yellows and blues!!

  5. Sunny Side Up is so cheerful. It just makes you think of warm summer days and reasons to smile.

  6. Love raw Island Batik fabric collections. And Connie’s projects bring those fabrics to life. Have created several that results in many positive comments.

  7. Love this quilt and the tree is perfect. I think the blues and yellows in this are spot on and you once again did a lovely job!

  8. Garden Party is a collection that really caught my eye. This sunnyside up collection is really gorgeous too.

  9. Love the Sunny Side up Batik collection! Yellows and blues are some of my favorite colors for a quilt!

  10. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt with blues and yellows. Never got around to it but this definitely makes me want to make one.
    So glad you are near your grandchildren. I remember all the times I used to pick my grandsons and grand daughter up after school. Now the grandsons are in college. We moved from Wisconsin to Tennessee so we don’t see our grand daughter very much. She is growing up fast. Miss them all.

  11. Blue & yellow go so well together – love the combination! Thanks for all your creativity as well as sharing it with fellow quilters.

  12. I love so many Island Batik collections it’s hard to choose one. My current favorite is Spirit Rhythm! It would look beautiful in your pattern.

  13. Beautiful quilt, Connie. I love it hanging on the tree. You are fortunate to have the tree for shade and beauty. We live in a beautiful forested area and we love trees. Your designs are really great. Keep up the good work!

  14. Love the Blues and Yellow of this collection but all batiks are so eye catching love any that are aqua, fuchsia or green.

  15. I have always been a big fan of Twilight Chic but this Sunny Side Up collection is growing on me. Blue & yellow is outside my usual colourway and comfort zone. Might be time to venture out and expand my colour palette!

  16. I am new to the brand of “Island Batiks” and I am loving what I am seeing! Gorgeous and rich colours!

  17. Blues and yellows make such a cheery quilt! I love it pictured in that tree! And, I’m so glad you are nearer your grandchildren.For the past six years I have picked mine up from school most every day and taken them a few times. However, this year, my daughter (who is an SLP with the school system) has her office at the boys’ school. They are in second grade. The sweet baby girl is in 5th, so she catches a transit but from her school to theirs and all ride home with mommy. Except today! She has a meeting after school so I get to pick them up and take them to swim team practice – well at least two of them. The other twin has asthma and does not swim, so he will sit with me until one of the parents show up to take over! I’ve missed them this year, but I’ve enjoyed being able to continue with my sewing, quilting, or whatever until I am ready to stop for the day! Enjoy!

  18. My mom and I discovered we love batiks and you can never have enough in your stash. I love the colors in almost every collection but the Sunny Side Up would be perfect for my mom’s front room, which is done in these colors.

  19. Your quilt is lovely, cute pattern. This is a pretty collection, but I love Enchanted Forest. I just ordered some Enchanted Forest precuts.

  20. I love this collection, the colors really do sparkle! Your quilt is perfect for showing off the individual prints. Thank you for sharing your quilt with us.

  21. I love your quilt Connie. My sis in law wants a yellow and blue quilt and this would be perfect. The fabrics are just perfect.

  22. So pretty in these cool colors. I will miss your river views, but what a great tree to look forward to seeing more of:)

  23. Looooove your Sparkles quilt!!! Pattern shows the fabrics soooo nicely too…. it’s definitely filled with sunshine & blue skies!! 🙂

  24. Thank you for sharing today. I love these fabrics. I also love the simplicity of the pattern to make the fabrics shine.

  25. There are too many fantastic selections to choose. Sunny Side Up is one of the favorites.
    Thank you for the give-a-way.

  26. Sunny side up! Who doesn’t love blue and yellow together? Actually though, any collection is beautiful. I have a closet full to suggest that!

  27. The quilt does sparkle! Looks great hanging from the tree and I am sure next Mississippi flood you will not miss the river. I hope you are able to sell the old house soon.

    1. Anything blue or green. Teal is my favorite color so that combination makes me happy. Love the blue yelow combination too. Thank you for this giveaway.

  28. I really love your quilt Connie. The name suits the quilt because those fabrics do seem to sparkle.Thanks for sharing today.
    (I miss the photos by the river, but these are great too.)

  29. Love the colors in this line but my favorite has to be the Geared Up. It is so hard to find “guy” fabrics and those are perfect!

  30. What a great design Connie! I’m going to have to go back and check out your garage door backdrop post again. That and your beautiful old tree are great new places to show off your beautiful quilts.

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