Snow Quilts Along the River

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We got about 15 inches of snow in our area so I did some shoveling and then thought it would be fun to show some quilts outside.

This quilt is on top of a snow pile from our driveway.

Snow Quilts Along the River

Snow Quilt along the river

Here I am shoveling snow!

Snow Quilts Along the River

I haven’t done the front steps yet……no one uses them in the winter anyway. That is my brother’s camper in the background. He won’t use it again until spring.

Snow Quilts Along the River

That is a lot of snow to shovel!

Snow Quilts Along the River

We have huge drifts by the front door. I went up the back steps to get up on the deck for the next pictures.

This quilt is about 12 years old and has been washed many times. The colors are still beautiful. This is a combination of 9-patch quilt blocks and a sashing with blocks the same size. I really should do a tutorial on this as it makes a perfect baby quilt.

Snow Quilts Along the River

Notice how the Mississippi River is open…..there are chunks of ice coming down and the temperature is supposed to really drop so it will freeze over again soon.

Snow Quilts Along the River

How about a Convergence quilt for a table topper? This is a fun quilt to make. All the patio furniture has been stored except this table.

Snow Quilts Along the River

I don’t plan on going anywhere so maybe I’ll quilt instead of shovel snow.

Snow Quilts Along the River

This is my brother and sister-in-law’s house next door and he spent all morning shoveling, looks perfect! Bob built their house and they were able to move in by Thanksgiving so this is their first winter shoveling. I remember doing that, now I prefer the natural look………snow.

Snow Quilts Along the River

Keep warm wherever you are!

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  1. Hiya thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment, I have just seen your convergence quilt and I love it the colours are gorgeous, I have the Rcky Tims book and hope to make my own convergence quilt soon with a bit of applique addeed to it.
    Happy quilting!

  2. It looks like you got plenty of snow too. The drifting was the worst part. Chicago put this storm at #3 of the worst snow storms on record. they had a little over 20" but I think we only got 14-16". It's hard to tell with all of the drifts.