Simple Half Square Triangle Quilt

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There are so many ways you can create a simple half-square triangle quilt and this is a fast and easy quilt project for you.

If you are a beginner quilter you’ll want to learn how to make half-square triangle quilt blocks. I use them in many of my quilts.

Simple Half Square Triangle Quilt

32″ x 40″

Simple Half Square Triangle Quilt
Simple Half Square Triangle Quilt



  • 24 – 5-inch squares of bright batiks
  • 24 – 5-inch squares of a neutral color fabric
  • 1 yard of the same neutral color fabric
  • 3/8 yard binding fabric
  • 1 1/4 yard backing
  • 1 piece of batting at least 42″ x 50″

How to make the half-square triangle blocks

There are several different ways to make half-square triangle blocks. For this quilt, I am using 5-inch squares of bright and colorful batiks and a neutral batik.

  • Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of (24) 5-inch squares of the neutral fabric
  • Place one bright batik square and one neutral square with right sides together and the neutral square on top
  • Stitch 1/4 inch from each side of the diagonal line you made
  • Cut on the center line
  • Press
  • Optional: trim your blocks to an exact 4½-inches
Half Square Triangle block assembly
Half Square Triangle block assembly

Layout for the simple half-square triangle quilt

Here is a diagram showing how to lay out your quilt blocks.

Diagram of how to layout the quilt blocks
Diagram of how to layout the quilt blocks


  • Cut the borders 3½’-inches by the width of your neutral fabric
  • Add the side borders first, measure your quilt top in the center (my measurement was 32 1/8 inches)
  • Fold the border in half and then half again and iron, do the same with the quilt top
  • Match up the border and quilt top
  • Repeat this for the top and bottom of the quilt (my measurement for the top and bottom was 32 1/8 inches again)
Adding the borders to the quilt top
Add the borders to the quilt

I did my piecing and quilting on my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine. I have a great light that clamps onto my sewing machine cabinet and really helps me see what I am doing.

quilting the simple half square triangle quilt on my vintage Singer sewing machine
Quilting the simple half-square triangle quilt on my vintage Singer sewing machine

Here is a close-up view of my free-motion quilting.

Closeup of the free-motion quilting
Closeup of the free-motion quilting

Finish quilting, trim your quilt, and add your binding. I cut my binding 2½-inches. That is Mr. Mickey in the background.

Once the quilting is done, trim the quilt
Once the quilting is done, trim the quilt

I like to complete my quilt binding using my sewing machine this way.

Binding on the quilt back
Binding on the quilt

Finished Simple Half Square Triangle Quilt

This makes a beautiful wall hanging or a small baby quilt. If you would like to make a quilt like this but bigger, be sure and look at my Sienna Arrows half-square triangle quilt.

Simple Half Square Triangle Quilt finished
Simple Half Square Triangle Quilt

It is always nice to have some company when quilting. Rusty is turning out to be just like Mr. Mickey and likes to lay on any fabric on the floor.

Dogs in my quilt studo
Dogs in the quilt studio guarding fabric

Download a PDF of this post

Simple Half Square Triangle Quilt

simple hst quilt pdf

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  1. This is such a cute quilt. I have some batiks (small pieces) that would be a great way to use up. My doxie always kept me company too. If I had a small bin of fabric on the floor, he’d dump it over and dig out the fabric to lay on. He’s gone now and I miss him so much. I’m glad Rusty has adjusted so well.

  2. This is so beautiful and so quick and easy to make. Tomorrow morning for sure I will go through my stash to find the charms in colors I’d like to use. Might even finish the piecing in one day. Practicing free motion quilting will take a bit longer, but I’ve been putting it off for far too long. Maybe now’s the time. Wish me luck.

  3. Thank you so much for this lovely tutorial which looks quick and easy. Definitely makes my to-do list. I really love the batik fabric that you used – it makes the quilt sparkle.

  4. Connie,

    Love your HST quilt. Your work is beautiful and love your free motion quilting. Thank you for sharing you talent with us.

  5. I really like your HST quilt! I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought I should make one. Somehow I’ve never done it. I guess I need to make it a priority.
    Don’t you love that light??!! I have one like that at my domestic machine. Liked it so much got two for my cutting table. One on each end. I’m in the loft with only an eastern facing window so afternoons my table was a bit dark. Not anymore! My overhead lighting is not the best so these lights are great.
    So happy to see Rusty is out of his cone and the good news earlier this week that his surgery is working. Hoping it continues to do it’s job. It’s nice to see the pups in your sewing room again and you, too, for that matter.

    1. Hi Dawn, yes I love that light! I usually only keep it on the first setting and love how bright it is. That is a good idea to have them on your cutting table. I have plenty of overhead light sockets and we bought those new bulbs that have wings that fold and wow…..the light! It is so good to have the cone off Rusty and we can really tell that he has settled in and it feels like we have had him forever!

  6. That’s such a nice layout for the HSTs. The colors are so much fun too. I love the idea of the dogs guarding your fabrics. Why is it that they have to lie on any fabric placed on the floor? It’s nice to see both of them down in the studio with you.

  7. I really like the look of this quilt. Thank you for the tutorial. Rusty and Mickey look like the best kind of “quilt helpers”.

  8. Such a pretty quilt – thank you for the free pattern. Your fur babies look like they are big helpers, well, sometimes sleeping is helping!

  9. Thank you for the HST free pattern. Your quilt is so bright and happy. I’m on a ‘use up my charm pack’ kick, so this tutorial came at just the right time.

  10. Thanks Connie for the free pdf on the HST!! Loved reading your tutorial on making the quilt up – easy to understand. It warms my heart to see your quilting buddies keeping up appearances on the job – it sure is hard work keeping up with their Mom 😉

    1. Thank you, Connie, for sharing this beautiful & easy quilt pattern! This would also make a beautiful baby quilt. A great way to use up your extra batik fabrics.

  11. Thank you Connie for all that you do. I just love the half sq triangle quilt and can’t wait to make. Your dogs are so sweet and I enjoy the pictures I have 2 long hair cats that keep me company in my sew room. I am a 77 yr grandma and I live in central New York State, USA, with all the mountains.
    Take care Mema

  12. Good morning from Gold Coast Australia Connie,
    Such contented looking darlings, and dissent Rusty’s eyes look great. Bless them so they are lucky to have such catering “parents” …🇦🇺🇦🇺🥰🥰

  13. Hi Connie,
    Thanks for posting your 1/2 sq. triangle quilt today. It’s lovely!
    I’m curious about and would like to machine quilt on my featherweight.
    I can’t see in the photo what kind of quilting foot you are using. Can
    you give the details, please? Thank sew much!

  14. Rusty and Mr. Mickey are the best additions to your quilt studio. They look like they provide lots of inspiration! Love seeing them and hearing about you all. Take care.

  15. Love this! I’m crazy about HST and was always afraid of triangles but this makes them so easy. Your boys are quite the team! Competitive Team Napping!

  16. Love the quilt & your “fabric guard dogs”. They’re doing a wonderful job. I have some leftover fabric from a previous project and have been looking for a smaller project. I think this quilt would be just perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Dear Connie, Your helpers look so content and happy helping you with your quilting. I’m so glad Rusty is doing so much better this time around after his surgery. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I’ve been in a slump while working on my Christmas quilt. Today is the day I get the pressing on all of the 37 strips I’ve already sewn together for my Ribbon Candy quilt. It’s so cold here and it’s supposed to get even colder tonight and tomorrow. Then, it’s supposed to warm up to 30 degrees over the weekend. My son Matt is driving right by Ankeny on the freeway going from Cedar Rapids, IA to Nebraska for his work as a service technician. Love the quilt and how you free-motion quilted on the Singer! It’s beautiful! Thanks again, and have a Super Fantastic day!
    Roxy in Hudson, WI

  18. What a great design full of colourful interest.
    Mr Mickey and Rusty seem to like being in your studio. So great that they get along so well together.
    Thanks for the tutorial with all the cutting tips etc.

  19. I can’t figure out how you have the time to do all your fantastic quilting. I love your fur babies and enjoy your updates on them.

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