Sienna Arrows Quilt

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Sienna Arrows quilt on porch with marigolds

Sienna Arrows 64 x 88

Sometimes the simplest quilt block can be used to make a quilt that looks very intricate like the Sienna Arrows quilt. Every quilt block is just a simple half-square triangle (HST).

Sienna Arrow quilt on porch

Sienna Arrows is a quilt I made several years ago. At the time, these weren’t my favorite colors which is funny because now this quilt fits perfectly in my house. My grandson really likes it so I have a feeling this will go to his place.

That is our new deck and gazebo, we love it!

Sienna Arrows quilt on deck by canopy

I used two charm packs of 5-inch squares for the half-square triangle blocks plus some background fabric. I added large borders to make it a full-size quilt.

Sienna Arrows quilt hanging on deck

For the backing, I used two different pieces of fabric. I took one piece and cut it down the middle so that both pieces were 22-inches wide and added them to both sides of the other piece. I like piecing a backing this way and then trimming off what I don’t need.

backing of the Sienna Arrows quilt

As I said before, I made this quilt several years ago when we lived down along the Mississippi river. I have to honestly say that was my favorite place to live, I miss the river. The quilt hadn’t been washed in this photo.

Sienna Arrows quilt by the Mississippi river

Here is my quilt that has now been washed several times. I used Warm & Natural batting in it and love the crinkly look it gets. I also used a Shout Color Catcher the first time I washed my quilt. Tip: never let your quilt sit in the washing machine – remove it as soon as the cycle ends.

Closeup of washed Sienna Arrow quilt

I had to share a photo of the quilt hanging on my Quilt Keeper. This quilt actually matches the colors in my rugs! Be sure to check out the post as I have a special discount code you can use.

Sienna Quilt hanging on my Quilt Keeper

Sienna Arrows 64 x 88

  • 2 – 5-inch charm packs of 42 fabrics
  • 1½ yards of background fabric
  • 1½ yards of border one fabric – for a 5-inch border
  • 2¼ yards of border two fabric – for a 7-inch border
  • Backing and batting

Make 160 half-square triangle blocks that measure 4½ inches unfinished.

diagram for hst blocks

Here are some variations of the quilt. In the last example, I added squares in addition to the half-square triangles.

Different layouts of the quilt

You could also use yardage or scraps for this type of quilt. Vary the width of the borders to make the quilt as big or small as you like.

Making the quilt in bright colors and batiks

I’m actually working on a baby quilt using bright batiks.

Batik blocks for a baby quilt

I have put together a pdf with a diagram of the quilt that you can download.

Sienna Arroows quilt tutorial PDF

Mr. Mickey has a neighbor that looks just like him. Lucy is younger and I think she would like Mr. Mickey to play once in a while but he just ignores her most of the time.

dogs in backyard

Window Covers to keep Mr. Mickey safe

We noticed several times that Mr. Mickey acted like he wanted to jump into the window wells which are very deep and this scared us. A neighbor’s dog was over and did the same thing! We checked on having covers installed (very expensive) and then Builder Bob decided to make his own. That is actually the window to my quilt studio.

Quilt hanging on deck and window cover

Builder Bob bought large sheets of plexiglass and cut out the window covers and installed them. Would you believe a sheet of plexiglass cost $250! We have two windows so he had to buy two sheets. He put hinges on the cover so it can be lifted up in case someone ever had to get out of the basement. This isn’t strong enough for an adult to stand on but it works for Mr. Mickey or a small child. We still need to put support in the center to make it sturdier but at least now we don’t have to worry about Mr. Mickey.

Window Well cover

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. I love all versions of this quilt. Thank you. You and Builder Bob are brilliant!

  2. Love the quilt. Are the fabrics Kansas Troubles? I just finished a quilt top with similar looking prints.
    BTW – Builder Bob is a genius:)

  3. Wow! LOVE this visual. Thanks so much for all you share, love taking a down day and seeing an inspiration. 🙂 I will be putting the kit together and working on this in the wee hours when sleep eludes me 😛
    Nice job on the plexiglass… wow… sticker shock right there, but I think the comment above about the barriers during covid are pretty accurate… or it might be the elusive supply chain. I never knew a chain could lift the price so high! <3 and pets to Mr. Mickey.
    Blessings to you and yours <3

  4. Rita Slade says:

    Connie, thank you so much for the Sienna Arrows pattern. I can’t wait to make it for my Husband. What a great mans quilt. Hope you had a great day.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful along with the variations. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Robyn Lidstone - Australia says:

    Thanks, Connie, for a beautiful and easy quilt design and for the PDF instructions.
    The additional borders enhance the effect of all the vibrant colours.
    Your back deck is amazing as are the window covers. Congrats to Builder Bob !!
    It is always a joy to see Mr Mickey posing for photos.

  7. Love your quilt and new deck. Love seeing Mr. Mickey too! Thank you!

  8. Thank you for the lovely quilt pattern and appreciated seeing other color renderings. Fun no matter what direction! And I enjoy your blog postings. Thank you!

  9. Good morning from Australia Connie,
    Your back deck looks amazing Bob the builder will be getting requests to do others..🤗🤗 thank you for all the patterns you send us. Noelene

  10. Sheila Wagner says:

    Connie, this is a beautiful quilt no matter which way it goes. Thank you so much for the free PDF. I cannot make it right now; but I do want to make this quilt. Your dog Mickey is so cute. Your porch and gazebo is beautiful. I am sure you get a lot of use
    and enjoyment from it.

  11. If you hadn’t said and showed this quilt was made with just half-square triangles, I would not have guessed. I think it is stunning in those fall colors. Thanks for the pattern. This could end up being a leader-ender project.

  12. As always Connie, I love this Sienna Arrows quilt just like all your others. Thank you.

    I did see you fixed the pdf problem, but I hadn’t looked at this until after so I had no problem at all. Hopefully others will see it was fixed.

  13. Thanks for sending the notice that the pdf is now working. This is definitely a quilt that I’d like to make. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love this quilt, Connie, and the complementing colors!! Gorgeous. Thanks for your generous sharing.

  15. Thank you, Connie, for being so generous with so many of your patterns! This one will be on my “to-do” list, for sure!

  16. Frances Graves says:

    This is a great pattern Thank you! But all those half square triangles!! Oh my. I hope I can get them pointed right. I found a square ruler for squaring up these triangles by accident. I bought it when I started quilting and didn’t know what is was for. Lol..saw it on a you tube post for squaring up half squares. Changed my points and accuracy. So I may give yours a try with scraps or I have some yardage I could use.
    Love seeing pics of Mr, Mickey. And your new deck is gorgeous. I see a fall day with a quilt and a cup of coffee in your future on it!
    Keep up your great emails and site. Love it.

  17. Same here. REALLY like Sienna Arrows.

  18. Beautiful quilt! The HSTs are so versatile. Love the colors and fabrics in this. Are they Kansas Troubles? It looks so pretty with the marigolds too. Smart window well treatment. I suppose plexiglass is so expensive because of all the plexiglass barriers that were needed for Covid. The temps have looked wintery. I hear you have a warmup coming this week.

  19. I love your pattern Sienna Arrows.

  20. Johanna Blakney says:

    Hi Connie, I like this quilt very much, but cannot seem to load the pdf of the pattern. When I try to use your link it sends me to Google Drive. This has never happened before with any of your downloads, so I need your help to solve this puzzle! Thanks. Always love your posts and the latest on Mr. Mickey!

  21. That Sienna quilt is absolutely gorgeous! It EXPLODES! The variations are nice too but really love the earth tones. The window covers are genius! Mind if I pass this on? This window seems to be very popular in our area too. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Joan! Yes please invite others to visit this post!

  22. The Sienna Arrows quilt is beautiful. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts. Hope you are having a wonderful day!