It is always fun to share a post once in a while that includes something I am working on or something shared with me that is a quilt project made with my tutorials and patterns.

Sharing my quilt project

This might be something new that will soon become a tutorial or pattern. It could also be an old UFO (unfinished quilt project) that I’m reviving!

Sharing your quilt project

Many times someone will share a photo of something that was made with my tutorials. This is always fun to see and share with others.

Sharing Pets

The Sharing Quilt Projects posts are also where I’ll share some of your pets and maybe I’ll share something new with our dog or the other critters that live in the country by us.

I have all of the posts listed on this page to make it easy for you to go back anytime and look at everything that has been shared. Enjoy!


Unfinished quilts to share
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Board Game teal blocks
Sharing Quilt Projects #11
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Quilt projects on my design wall
Sharing Quit Projects #1

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