Sharing Quilt Projects #9

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I don’t know about you, but I think piecing is my favorite part of quilting. I could also start new quilt projects every day! I was looking back through my old posts and in 2014 I think I originally posted a new quilt project almost every day.

That was back in the day when I just enjoyed sharing what I was working on and then I decided I wanted to share tutorials and patterns which…take a little longer to do.

My Quilt Project

The other day I shared some tiny quilt blocks that I had from a quilt project I started several years ago and never finished. Mary thought it was En Provence by Bonnie Hunter but it must be a different one as besides all of the 9-patch blocks I have tons of mini flying geese.

Flying geese and 9 patch blocks

Leftover quilt blocks

Once I opened the bag of blocks, I knew I had to make something with them! I pieced some of the flying geese pieces into blocks and then took some more and pieced them with the 9-patch blocks.

Flying geese and 9 patch blocks

I made nine of the blocks and decided they would be perfect for a small baby quilt. Of course, I have more left for another project.

I decided to add sashing to the blocks and then a wider border on the sides. I even came up with a name!

Flying 9 Patch baby quilt

Flying 9-patch baby quilt

I just finished piecing it, but thought I would share it with you. Anyone interested in a tutorial? I have another photo of it at the end with Mr. Mickey.

Flying 9 patch baby quilt on railing

Quilt Projects shared with me

Jewel Box

Terri shared a photo of her new quilt that is very similar to the block I used in my Coral Jewel table runner. Mine is a little different as I use a square in a square block for the center. I actually have a block done with the center done this way.

Hopefully, I can share that soon. I am also using the same block as Terri for the new quilt for our bedroom. Terri mentioned that she has seen this block called Buckeye Beauty and also Diamond Chain. I would imagine there are many other names for it.

Jewel Box

River Scraps

Take a look at the blocks on this design wall! Kay has really gone to town making blocks! I can’t wait to see what she does with them! Be sure and take a look at my River Scraps quilt.

Kay making River Scraps blocks

Sharing Pets

It is so much fun to see everyone’s pets and I couldn’t resist sharing several this time!

Sue’s Saluki

This sweet dog is a Saluki. I had never heard of the breed and Sue sent me this photo. They rescued her one year ago after being horribly abused and like our little Sadie, she adores Sue’s husband.

I have seen a few of the Salukis who have curls on their ears and have longer fur, somewhat like an afghan hound but much smaller.  Our smooth-coated one is of a much older strain of the breed and is pretty rare.

Sues dog

Phyllis’s Bichon Frise

The vet thinks that our little Sadie has some Bichon Frise in her and it was fun to see these photos of Buddy who is Phyllis’ dog. He sure looks happy!

Bichon Frise dog

Roxy’s Puppies

Roxy didn’t say what kind of puppies she has. She did say she isn’t getting much quilting done, gee I wonder why. LOL If you have two puppies is that twice the work or do they entertain each other? Look at that little one by her computer!

Mr. Mickey

This time Mr. Mickey was sleeping in his chair on the front porch and I couldn’t resist draping my new baby quilt top over him. Does he look happy?? Nope, right after I took this photo he jumped down. Naptime was over!

Mr Mickey under my Flying 9 patch baby quilt

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  1. Deborah Nalevanko says:

    Your tutorials are so easy to follow. That baby quilt is a great way to use up scraps. I’ll be adding it to my to-do list. 🙂

  2. I’d love a tutorial! Thanks.

    1. Lol. It looks like Mr. Mickey is speaking to you about the quilt. It’ such pretty colors and cool how 2 easier blocks make up another challenging? block. Enjoy the animal pics. At one time we had 5 cats-all different. Now we just have one little aging Persian, but we are aging too so know how he feels.

  3. I love the name you came up with for the “orphan” blocks. I saw you had posted some where else and I loved what you did with the “found” blocks.

  4. I would love a tutorial. This block really catches my eye.

  5. Joan Sheppard says:

    Quilts and Dogs my favorite combo! We have an enormous dog park by us and I have been known to stay there for 3 hours. Every dog – like every quilt – has a story and personality. And thank you for letting us share these with everyone.
    This Flying 9 Patch look like fun! The colors are wonderful. Thanks

  6. That is a sweet quilt. Sorry Mr. Mickey doesn’t seem to want to cuddle with it. Always enjoy seeing your canine followers. 🙂

  7. Antoinette Vitrano says:

    I love the colors of the baby quilt, so bright and cheerful. I would love a tutorial; yours are always so helpful and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Connie,
    Another sweet quilt. This one made me think of spring so fresh and clean.
    Thanks for sharing.