Sharing Quilt Projects #8

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The weather here in Iowa has been hot! I go up to my quilt rooms in the morning and work for a bit until it gets uncomfortable.

My Quilt Projects

Sometimes I can’t seem to concentrate on just one quilt projects so I get several of them going. I’m still working on the large Jewel Box quilt blocks but I also decided to pull out something I was working on in December of 2017. Where does the time go!

Fruit Slices

working on several quilt projects

We had just redone the walls and carpet in the spare bedroom for my granddaughters and I wanted to make matching quilts.

I had purchased two kits from Craftsy called Fruit Slices and finished one but then got busy with other things. I sure miss buying fabrics from Craftsy!

Small quilt room

Below you can see the one that was all pieced, the other once was in the box on my table. Fortunately I had all of the blocks already pieced and even the borders!

Working on the Fruit Slices quilt again

I am using the stair rail in the hallway between my two rooms upstairs while I piece the quilt. My design wall is full and….there may be one or two quilt projects underneath my second Fruit Slice quilt.

Piecing the second Fruit Slices quilt

My plan originally was to have both beds have the same quilt on them. Now that we have moved I will probably put each bed in a separate room so it won’t matter anymore. I’m still waiting for my first-floor quilt studio, we just have to sell the river house.

For accountability, I just went outside and took a photo of both Fruit Slices quilts.

Both Fruit Slices quilt hanging in a tree

Since I don’t have beds to put the quilts on right now, I have a feeling these won’t get quilted for a bit. They are beautiful! You can’t purchase the pattern right now but Angela Walters has a video where she makes it. I have a link for it in my first blog post.

Take a look at the first Fruit Slice quilt on the twin bed.

Update: Thank you Nola, for finding a link to purchase the Fruit Slices quilt pattern since Craftsy/Bluprint no longer has it. You can buy it from the designer.

Now I’ll work on finishing the last of my quilt blocks for our bedroom.

Our internet has been terrible that last few weeks and it is frustrating. I think that is why I’ve been spending more time upstairs quilting.

Bow Tie placemats

I finished up the tutorial on the Bow Tie quilt placemats and shared our new front doors. I love my new open front porch!

Yesterday Builder Bob and I worked in the basement finally removing a huge, ugly worktable. We had to cut into pieces just to be able to move it and get it up the stairs. This house is over 100 years old and the only thing we use the basement for is storage.

Quilt Projects shared with me

Here are some of the recent quilt projects made from my tutorials and patterns that have been shared with me.

Midnight Glow

Janis from New Zealand made two baby quilts using my Midnight Glow tutorial. Aren’t the colors and fabrics perfect for a baby!

Midnight Glow quilt by Janis

She actually made the quilt twice and you can see how each one looks different.

Midnight Glow baby quilt.

Jacob’s Ladder Box

Elizabeth sent this photo of her beautiful Jacob’s Ladder Box quilt. It was fun to read her email about the photo of her quilt. How neat that she is on a boat and I’m so glad the quilt didn’t come loose. Can you imagine it flying away over the water!

Photo of your baby quilt pattern that is now made up as we are on our boat sailing off the west coast of BC ( Canada) and the Bimini was the only place to hang it. Hence the black line in the middle – shadow of the boom.

Quilt hangin on boat

Fabric Basket

Patricia shared her cute little basket with me some time ago. Actually she made it as an Easter basket and I love the addition of the handle. Be sure and take a look at my fabric basket tutorial.

Fabric Basket with handle

Sharing Pets

We all love sharing photos of our pets on quilts.


Pat took this photo in 2017 and recently shared it with me again. I remember the first time she showed sweet Jack on her Petunia Strings quilt. Rest in peace Jack.

Jack on couch with the petunia strings quilt

Miss Sadie

Miss Sadie and Mr. Mickey have been spending most of their time taking it easy. Miss Sadie is 14 years old and this week we noticed she is having more trouble breathing and has been coughing.

She will be going to the veterinarian on Monday and hopefully, we can find out how she is doing. She has a heart murmur. We can’t go in with her so I don’t exactly know how this will work. Poor little girl.

Mr. Mickey and Miss Sadie on carpet

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have made any quilt projects with my tutorials or patterns please feel free to share them with me.

I also love seeing your pets!

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  1. Those twin quilts are so cheerful! My kind of colors! Thank you for sharing!

  2. LOVE the fruit slice quilts. The neutral string pillows are pretty cool, too!

  3. Vicki in MN says:

    Connie I think working on Fruit Slices was the perfect summer time quilt to do. I am like you and having a hard time concentrating on just one project so there are many in the works up here. Having a hard time being motivated the last week or two.

  4. Joan Sheppard says:

    Love the camaraderie of quilters from continent to continent and land to sea!!!!! (The “meander” quilting on the boat!) Got lost in all the wonderful colors of the quilts. The basket is timeless!! With so many people home, our internet is spotty at best and sometimes just weird. Hope they can resolve this soon. I put quilting aside for a day to help make a harness for dog with Cerebral Palsy. She is a lovely Husky (who enjoys some of Aunt Joan’s quilts) but loves to run. Sending your pups love and cool weather. Your Fruit Slices are just the thing for today! (Are the rumors true about Craftsy?) (And have you used Warm “Plush”?)

  5. Love the fruit slice quilts, so colorful.
    We have also had trouble with our cable which feeds TV and internet. More of a problem with TV.

  6. I really love the matching quilts. I remember when you did the first one and I though the colors so bright and pretty.

    It does sound like a humid, miserable heat back there. My energy gets completely zapped with the humidity. We’ve had a cool summer so far, but our high temps come in the fall anyway.

    I hope the call resolve Miss Sadie’s breathing issues. Poor girl with that hot weather.

    Good thing you had most things unplugged for that storm. That could have been an expensive surge.