Sharing Quilt Projects #7

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It is time for another Sharing Quilt Projects post and this is #7. Have you been working on anything new this week?

My Quilt Project

Jewel Box blocks

I have continued to make blocks for my Jewel Box quilt that I shared with you last week but it has been hot and humid here so working upstairs hasn’t been fun. I only finished six more blocks made this week. I thought it would be fun to lay a few out so you could see what the quilt will look like.

Jewel box blocks

I have been cutting the block pieces with my Accuquilt GO! cutter and the 8-inch Qube set and then storing them on the small table by my sewing machine so they are ready to go. I’ll share a tutorial soon.

Petunia Strings

An oldie but goodie, I first shared the Petunia Strings quilt in August of 2012! Gosh, where does the time go! I had someone ask about a tutorial for this quilt so I updated it a little and added a downloadable pdf for you.

Petunia Strings quilt tutorial

Summer Table Topper

Are you looking for a fast and easy table topper for the summer that will match the placemats I showed last week? Take a look at my Summer table topper tutorial.

Summer table topper

Front porch work

We continue to work on the house a little bit at a time. There has been blue carpeting on our front porch and finally, it was time to get rid of it! Our floor guy had the carpet off in no time at all and then installed floating vinyl plank flooring that is a very close match to the tile in the rest of our house.

It is so nice to finally have that done! Yesterday Bob the Builder picked up our new front door which he isn’t looking forward to installing. The vintage wood door will be removed and the new door will go where the storm door is. I’ll be able to keep have the front porch open all the time.

New front porch floor covering

Quilt projects shared with me

Here are a few quilt projects that have been shared with me. If you would like to share a photo of something you have made with one of my tutorials or patterns, please attach the photo to an email and send it to me.

Be sure to also check out the other shared quilt project posts that I have shown before, you will find links to them at the end of this post.

Fabric Basket

Jeanne shared this beautiful basket that she made using my Fabric Basket tutorial.

Jeanne made this fabric basket

Morning Glory

Suzanne shared these precious pillows created using my Morning Glory Pillow tutorial. They look so neat on her couch!

Morning Glory pillows

String Angles

The next beautiful teal pillow was made by Suzanne using my Breezee Pillow tutorial. String Angles tutorial. You can also see how a table runner looks that was made using my String Angle tutorial.

String block pillow

Midnight Glow

Patricia shared this beautiful quilt that she made with my Scattered quilt pattern. She said she was making it for one of her beds and a friend came over and loved it so she gifted it to her friend. She removed two rows and placed them on the back of the quilt for a really unique design.

Scattered quilt by Patricia

Coastal Seahorse

Juliana shared her Coastal Seahorses wall hanging with me some time ago right after she completed the applique. I bet it is now finished! You can read more about this wall hanging on my blog or get my Coastal Seahorses pattern!

Coastal Seahorses quilt pattern

Twirling Windmills

Paula shared her Desert Windmills quilt that she made using my Twirling Windmills tutorial. The fabrics are perfect for a desert quilt!

Twirling windmills

Sharing Pets


My dear friend Pat, first shared photos of her dog Jack a couple of years ago and when he passed away last year, she adopted Ziva. She is a poodle and Pat works tirelessly to keep her groomed the way a poodle should look. Pat even sent me a brush to use on Mr. Mickey but I’m not that good at keeping him brushed. He goes to the groomer every six weeks instead.

Ziva the poodle

Miss Sadie’s Haircut

Miss Sadie got a haircut the other day, she squirms so bad that Bob has to hold on to her while the groomer clips her. She looks a little raggedy but at least her nails are shorter. One ear is trimmed a little longer than the other but that is okay.

Once again she is sitting almost on top of Mr. Mickey so he can let her “hear” what is going on or when dad will get home. Any other time she will keep her distance from him and growl if he gets too close to Bob.

Sadie haircut

Looking for more quilt projects that have been shared with me?

Great deals for you

I want to share some of the sites that I personally like visiting for the quilting and craft things I buy.

Connie with her dogs

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Hi, I’m Connie Kresin Campbell, the quilter, writer, and photographer behind Freemotion By the River. I enjoy inspiring others with my quilt tutorials and patterns. You’ll also see my sweet adopted dogs from time to time.

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  1. Hi Connie. Don’t know why it’s happening but when I click on your e-mails it comes up says forbidden. I can still read them and see your pics but this is new. Never had this before except for the last few. Any ideas? I quite like the Desert Windmills. Maybe that be on my to do list next.

  2. I have just finished cutting out ALL the pieces for a Jewel box! Mine will be scrappier with a heavy dose of reproduction fabrics. Yours is very pretty. You sure have done a lot with your house!

  3. LOL, that vintage door looks exactly like the one in the house that I grew up in, vintage 1963. Those windows are a dead give away! Glad you are getting your house to your liking. We are doing a kitchen project this summer. Have things ordered; now hope it all comes together in a timely manner. It was fun to see all the various quilts made from your patterns. Stay cool!

  4. Always a pleasure to hear about the kids! Sadie is so cute! and Mr. Mickey is so patient! Love the pic of Ziva. She would look stunning modeling the Petunia Springs quilt! Love all the pictures and thanks to everyone for sharing these. The Windmills are so sharp and the “Scattered” is wonderful. I might steal the back idea for the front of a quilt. Always love the seahorses. Great colors!
    Thanks, j

  5. Thanks for sharing my basket…didn’t recognize it at first. Found some info for resizing. Love your site/blog/everything.

  6. Thank you for sharing people’s projects on your blog Connie. It was such a surprise seeing my desert windmills flimsy pictured. I’ve been busy making masks, but hope to get this quilted and gifted very soon.

  7. First, I have to say that I absolutely love the colors in your jewel box quilt. That is going to be just stunning. Second, those seahorses are really cute. I’m not an applique person, but they sure are pretty. And, as I kept scrolling, who do I see? Why Ziva!! She’s the only one in this household that has gotten a haircut since quarantine and I’m so jealous. I was looking at some older photos last week of quilts I’ve made and ran across one of sweet Jack taking a snooze on your Petunia Strings inspired quilt. I will send it to you. He was such a dear and I still miss him even though Ziva is a darling, too. This week, I’ve been catching up on my Summer Sampler and yesterday managed to make my way through a paper pieced block – NOT my favorite type of quilting, but it’s done. I hope the heat lets up a bit for you so you can comfortably get back into your sewing room. We need to see more of those beautiful blocks!

    1. Yes, Connie we have had a few hot humid days here and I did nothing. I can understand why you and hubbie would be tired. Your quilts and other items are gorgeous. Keep up the good work. I have not been quilting or sewing. More gardening as of late. We had sixteen new cases of the virus in Kingston On. It started at a nail salon. I do not get my nails done. Been there and done that a long time ago and my nails were an absolute mess when the artificial ones came off. Never again.

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